A Home for Nickel: A Sea Turtles Story

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They can live over years.

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Most people have to make provisions for their pet turtles in their wills. Cramer had just finished making plans for one of her pets, Moses, a yellow-footed turtle that is a foot long, to spend the summer at the Long Island home of Suzanne Dohm, president of the society.

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Moses spent the summer there last year and had a wonderful time. Dohm, who teaches early childhood education at Queens College, also has 30 turtles. The turtle society, she said, has gone from "a hobbyist group to a conservation group. Dohm's mother loved animals but was allergic to fur and feathers, so "we've always had reptiles around the house," she said.

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She is currently baby sitting her mother's frogs. The subject of turtles as anything but pets upsets the members of the society. Dohm said. Traditionally, the soup was made from sea turtles, which are now endangered.

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We're always on the lookout. In some Asian cultures, she said, eating turtle meat is said to increase sexual prowess and increase longevity.

Sea Turtle with Straw up its Nostril - "NO" TO PLASTIC STRAWS

Tortoise shell, also made from sea turtles, is still sold in Japan but is confiscated if brought into the United States. Once they're that big, their owners get nervous and throw them in the nearest body of water. And because the cartoon turtles love pizza, children were feeding pizza to their new pets.

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Salzberg, who writes and lectures on turtles, admits that he is a bit compulsive when it comes to his turtles, especially Max, a box turtle that had free reign in his house in Queens, which also is home to two cats. Salzberg then acquired a custom-built turtle habitat, and Max now lives there with the other turtles. Salzberg's wife, Anita Baskin-Salzberg, a convert to turtle love, is writing a book called "Confessions of a Turtle Wife.

Among similar groups of hobbyists, like those for fans of herpetology reptiles and amphibians and entomology insects , turtle lovers are recognized for their loyalty and commitment. Salzberg said. Some species need more water than others, he said, while land turtles need dry but humid hiding places. The coin, which turned out to be a nickel, was removed using an endoscope and special "grabbers.

Green Sea Turtles are primarily herbivores as adults, and they get their name from the green color of their muscle tissue. They are found throughout the world's tropical oceans, where the Atlantic populations are larger and lighter in color than the Pacific populations.

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The Green Sea Turtle is a threatened species , with the exception of the Florida and Mexican breeding populations, which are endangered. Do you have any suggestions for incorporating your selection into a specific subject? Yes, Nickel is on display in our Caribbean Reef habitat. Students and teachers can visit Nickel in person or learn more about her on our website.

Click here to meet Nickel. Woolworth's Lunch Counter A. Gilbert Erector Set, Ferris Wheel. Chabo-hiba The Caldonian Boar Hunt. Do humans live in the same environment as Nickel sea turtles?

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How can we better share the environment? What would you do to protect sea turtles? Are there other resources to help us learn more about your selection?