Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice

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Stock Status : Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery Please note, this is a print on demand title. Product Description An acknowledged classic in its field, Veterinary Anaesthesia 11 th edition has undergone a thorough revision to bring you the latest information in a more accessible format than ever before. Presents a range of new chapters from contributors of international repute. An introduction to anaesthesia And general considerations 2.

Patient monitoring and clinical measurement 3. An introduction to pharmacokinetics 4. Principles of sedation, anticholinergic agents, and principles of premedication 5. Analgesia Kate Borer-Weir 6. Injectable anaesthetic agents 7. General pharmacology of the inhalation anaesthetics 8.

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Relaxation of the skeletal muscles 9. Pulmonary gas exchange: artificial ventilation of the lungs Anaesthesia of the horse Anaesthesia of cattle Anaesthesia of sheep, goats and other herbivores Anaesthesia of the pig Anaesthesia of the dog Anaesthesia of the cat Anaesthesia of small mammals, exotic pets, aquatic and small wildlife Stephen J. Divers Chemical immobilization of wild animals Sonia M. Anaesthesia for obstetrics Like us on Facebook Follow via Twitter. Agriculture Books Aquaculture. Cattle and Ruminants.

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Crop Bioenergy. Dairy and Meat. Dairy Meat. General Farming.

Environmental sustainability in veterinary anaesthesia.

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Animal Science. Animal Nutrition Animal Reproduction. Food Science. Other Science. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information A comprehensive yet reader-friendly textbook covering the key principles of veterinary anaesthesia, for multiple species. Information is summarised in a simple format while providing the detail needed for those requiring advanced understanding.

The easy-reference structure is designed for quick identification of and access to topics of interest. Includes troubleshooting for common problems and useful canine, feline and equine emergency drug dose charts.

Ideal for veterinary students and those preparing to take advanced qualifications in veterinary anaesthesia. Also a useful reference for veterinarians in practice and advanced veterinary nurses and technicians. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Concepts of General Anaesthesia. Introduction to anaesthesia. Pre-operative patient assessment.

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  • Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice.

Injectable anaesthetic agents. Some useful doses for infusions. Intravascular catheters - some considerations and complications. Inhalation anaesthetic agents.

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Anaesthetic breathing systems 'circuits'. Anaesthetic machines, vaporisers and gas cylinders. Anaesthetic machine checks. Local anaesthetics. Local anaesthetic techniques for the head - small animals.


Local anaesthetic techniques for small animal limbs. Miscellaneous local anaesthetic techniques - small animals.

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Horse local anaesthetic techniques. Muscle relaxants.