The Next Million Years

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It won't be the first time the Sun has had its personal space invaded by a stellar tourist.

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Only 70, years ago, around the time early humans were suffering from major volcano-induced endangerment , a dwarf star checked out the scene in the Oort cloud. Some scientists have even suggested that repeated encounters with nearby "death stars" are responsible for the cycle of mass extinctions on Earth, though the theory is controversial. It goes to show that even the Sun has to deal with uninvited guests dropping by and causing mayhem. But now, thanks to Gaia, at least we can get an early heads-up to prepare for these otherworldly encounters.

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  • Earth to be battered by ‘dark matter hurricane’ for next million years.
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  • Next Million Years the by Darwin Charles Galton, First Edition - AbeBooks.

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The next million years by Charles Galton Darwin

Sir Francis Galton and the roots of eugenics. Liu, Y. Biological Reviews.

Eugenics: Some lessons from the past. Reproductive BioMedicine Online. Jeynes, W. Race, racism, and Darwinism.

In 250 million years Earth might only have one continent

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Nuclear waste: Planning for the next million years | China Dialogue

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