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And they did it by themselves.

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They are cooler and better than you, and they will steal your girlfriend. That was just a really tough pill for a lot of people to swallow, including me.

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They dated for five years. Debbie Harry once gave advice to a very drunk Karen O about being a girl in a band. None of that shit matters. Enjoy it while it lasts. You know that after-party bar area upstairs? We were there, and Joe Strummer was there.

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He was going to be bigger than them and he was going to get a bigger advance and he was going to destroy them. We took a meeting with Britney Spears to do a song. It was a ghetto blaster, with a synthesizer on top of it… James locked himself in the studio.

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He wanted to do all his writing and recording in the studio overnight on his own. He just pressed record and played live drums over one of the beats on that synthesizer.

A Review of Lizzy Goodman’s “Meet Me in the Bathroom”

Another good one is the worksheet called "I Don't Get It" which helps teachers remember the experience of being confused in order to understand what students may be going through. The worksheets are helpful little homework assignments for teachers. The book's other strength lies in its use of actual student voices.

Most of the advice is given as quotes from the student co-authors. On the other hand, the use of quotes results in a format that is overly repetitive. Except for the worksheets and a few charts, the book is basically a bunch of lists. The authors give a bit of advice, "Care about us and our progress" and then a few student quotes, and then another bit of advice, "Help us keep on top of our workload" and more student quotes.

Finally, one glaring oversight is that a few student quotes are repeated word for word in different chapters. I do not see any value in using the quotes more than once.

Fires in the Bathroom does raise two questions. The whole premise of the book is that students have important ideas about their schooling. This makes me wonder how much control students should have over their education. Should they have input about what to learn, when to learn it, and how to learn it?

Second, there is a small section in the book on how to teach math. I'm so blessed in this book with the most incredible characters—awesome, complex, insecure, hyper-confident, beautiful creative geniuses. One of the things that the best characters have in common is that sense of vulnerability. James is a total god but he's also open.

The thing that impressed me the most about James and someone like Albert [Hammond, Jr. The willingness to get into those more complex emotions is connected to their brilliance.

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What was the key to getting those honest moments? I don't know. We did this event with James [Murphy] and [Nick] Zinner in conversation [at the Strand this week] and this came up. Why did you tell me all that shit? After they became famous, it's not like we hung out. These people knew me as a journalist. They didn't think I was the worst so I had that on my side, but you're still a journalist.

Rockstars don't like journalists. I have to thank the oral history form. They all knew other people were talking about them. They knew they were not the central character.

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  • They were a participant. It wasn't like any other interview they'd ever done because it was going to be about sounds, sights, smells, a sense memory experience. That frees people up. Julian [Casablancas] is in the book, which was a huge score—it took a long time. Julian is not a particularly expressive interview.

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    Just show up for 20 minutes for me and talk about your favorite bar in New York City. I can work with that. I'm not a secret rockstar whisperer.