Sweet Blood of Mine: Urban Fantasy (Overworld Chronicles Book 1)

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When a man with the ability to mind-control animals inexplicably tries to kill Conrad, the harrowing scrape with death gives him a new perspective on life. He discovers the man had a flying carpet and a talking phone and that the orphanage is only the front for an insidious slave ring. Determined to elude his cursed fate, Conrad decides to escape the orphanage once and for all. The phone leads him to a magical place called Queens Gate and for the first time in his life, he dares to hope for a better life.

But unless he can free himself from the curse, the terrible secret it guards could destroy him. Conrad's parents are seeking help from the Glimmer Queen so they can once again rule the Overworld. The Broken Relic, however, is highly sought after by collectors though nobody knows exactly what it is.

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Meanwhile, Elyssa is captured by her father. He hates Daemos and hates Justin and wants to put her through a ritual that will erase all memories of Justin. I really like the concept of this series and I enjoy reading teen books from time to time but there are a couple things that made me rate this below a 4.

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The narrator does a good job overall but slips on pronunciation occasionally which is a bit distracting. Some of his female voices are a bit odd too. Lastly, the teen romance aspects of the book are a bit overdone.

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That said it is a pretty good series with interesting ideas. I bought this because it sounded good and was a good deal. I couldn't put it down listened to the whole thing in 2 days. I am so hooked on this series! A friend recommended this series to me. Halfway through the second book I told my buddy man thank you. I loved this series and cant wait to see where this goes.

Urban fantasy and vampires and magic and all has been done before but the world that Mr Corwin has created is well developed and thought out, I like the different approach, what with the main character starting out as a nerdy gamer, then comeing into his power but keeping the nerdy smartass comments and train of thought. This series is a good one and I highly recommend you give it a try. A pretty good book.

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It is a bit too strangely skewed young adult for me though. They run around with swords and all sorts of deadly weapons and then won't kill. The main character is a teenage jerk. The narrator is very good except for the fact that he needs to learn to pronounce many words. The narrator was awesome even with a few mispronounced words. The story was fun and exciting and I loved the characters.

I highly recommend for teens and up. A terrific love story. I just bought the 4th book in the series. Votre titre Audible gratuit.

De : John Corwin. Lu par : Austin Rising.

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Description Hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Meet Justin Case.


Sweet Blood of Mine The origin story that started it all. Dark Light of Mine Hellhounds and demon spawn are out for blood.

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