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In this blog post we will have a closer look at how to get the most out of you Search Engine Marketing budget , and how paid search needs to be aligned with your Search Engine Optimisation SEO strategy.

A winning Search Engine Marketing campaign always starts with a good account structure. Getting the structure correct is critical for performance, and allows more control over campaign optimization and reporting. This structural audit should cover the following areas:.

All these factors will have an impact on quality score and conversion rate. By getting the account structure right, as well as the activities above, it will give you both more efficient reporting and greater budget control. But the greatest advantage will be the long term effect of more effective use of account management time.

You can get a lot of valuable input from looking at your competitors Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Analyzing your competitors helps you to discover strengths and weaknesses with their campaign, and to identify opportunities for your own.

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A competitor analysis will give you a snapshot of the key competitors within each product segment, and the threat they pose. Once traffic comes through to a landing page, you need to maximise conversions. Not only will these landing pages improve SEO rankings, but the Quality Score and conversion rates will also improve. Check out Google Adwords help center for more information about landing page testing. Bid management technology always play an important part in managing PPC campaigns, regardless of size.

We have an agnostic view when it comes to bid management tools, and have experience with most tools on the market. Our preferred tool of choice for PPC bid management is Marin. Marin gives us the possibility to track multiple conversions, is easy to integrate and has from our experience the best customer service.

Most of these platform have web query reporting, giving the client access to auto-updated daily reports with the latest top line results. Using mobile Search Engine Marketing ads — along with Google Places mobile ads — You can become visible to an increasingly mobile audience. The mobile ads functionality can be used to target an audience when they are on the go, or close to the Point of Purchase.

Mobile Search Engine Marketing ads can also utilize click-to-call functionality making it very efficient for generating leads for you sales team. Mobile optimization will also include maximising performance of any Search Engine Marketing ad innovations such as Google Boost and Google Place ads if this becomes relevant. It surprises us, teaches us, and plays an important part in any marketing strategy. Every day the world watches more. And with Google AdWords for video, you can put the power of video to work for you.

Typically, these reports would include the following metrics:. Reporting and analytics underpins every online marketing activity and should be the communicated to all relevant stakeholders in the business. Adwords data often plays a key part in understanding your market and should be communicated to all relevant stakeholders in the company.

Lighthouse 8 , Business Engineering — Digital Marketing team. Ever thought about Instagram marketing for your business? Looking for ideas on what type of photos your business should post on this popular social media platform? We will give you some tips on content that will make your business look interesting on Instagram, and make your business more visible to the world! Instagram is a free photo-sharing app and social network, launched in October It has over million users and counting.

Instagram is definitely up-and-coming, and not to be ignored. So what can your brand do with it? Here are 8 ways to creative use of Instagram marketing for your business:. Give your followers some mobile window-shopping! Show off a collection of your products and share photos of new or lesser-known products.

Why not zoom in on some products and engage your Instagram followers by letting them guess what it is. Is your business more service-oriented? For example, hairdressers could show off their favorite hair styles, film production companies could reveal their most preferred camera tools and a SPA might give us a look at their new relax lounge.

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Instagram marketing from Audi, with over followers. Use Instagram to give your customers new ideas on how to use your products. This will be greatly appreciated by your followers, and can even help you to increase your sales numbers. Let your followers submit their own photos demonstrating creative use of your products too, and pick the best ones to post on Instagram. If you have a service business, like makeup or web design, renovating houses or landscaping, show your Instagram followers the impact of your work; a before and after-shot of your subject.

This will add a wow factor to your Instagram content and, again, maybe give you some new costumers.

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  8. Give your followers a glimpse of a-day-in-the-life at your office. Post photos of your work areas, the corporate gym, decked-out cubicles, brainstorming meetings in progress, training sessions, employees at lunch, employees at play—there are so many settings to choose from. Pics from a day at the office. Use Instagram to humanize your brand. Introduce your followers to the people who make your company what it is. Employees will enjoy being in the spotlight and Instagram followers will get a chance to see the people behind the brand.

    You can make this profile an ongoing campaign that takes followers around the office to meet staff serving a variety of roles within your company. You can punch up the post by sharing a little about each employee in the caption. Instagram marketing from The Australian Cosmopolitan magazine. Is a mechanical keyboard essential to your workflow?

    Probably not. You can get your typing tasks done with any old keyboard. If you have a job that demands a ton of time typing — web development, web design, IT, and journalism are some professions that fit the bill — investing in a high-quality keyboard can lead to a more productive and enjoyable work experience. A mechanical keyboard has been my preference for the past three years. Here are some reasons why:. Once you start using a mechanical keyboard, it will be hard to switch back to an ordinary keyboard. Also, after three years of hard use, my go-to mechanical keyboard still looks and feels exactly the same as the day I got it.

    Here are some reasons that might make you think twice about using one:. The technology in mechanical keyboards is old. It resurged in popularity because of computer gaming. Mechanical keyboards offer gamers better keystroke precision and speed, and the durability required to withstand the wear-and-tear that comes with marathon gaming sessions.

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    After a ton of research — hitting up review sites and tech publications, mechanical keyboard forums, articles, and so forth — I managed to find ten mechanical keyboards that are highly regarded by the Internet community. I figured I might as well share my findings, in the hopes that doing so might help someone out.

    My mechanical keyboard recommendations are elegantly simple, reflecting my personal preference for simple, functional aesthetics and my needs as a Web professional. Note: Some of the links below use our Amazon Associate links. Also, the prices stated below are based off the current prices around the time this article was published.

    Without further ado, here are what I consider to be the best mechanical keyboards for professionals:. Source of photo: daskeyboard.

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    The mechanical keyboards are designed by Metadot Corporation, a Texas-based open source software company. The creators of the keyboard claim that the gold-plated mechanical switches in the Das Keyboard can handle up to 50 million keystrokes! Source of photo: wasdkeyboards. The CODE keyboard is a series of mechanical keyboards designed with programmers and developers in mind.

    It sports a clean, minimalist design. The pleasant and adjustable white LED backlighting is great for those of us who often find ourselves in dark, low-light work environments such as server rooms. Source of photo: keyeduplabs. Many of us never use the number pad. Except for accountants, cashiers, statisticians, and those who frequently key-in numbers into their machine, most people can live without the number pad.

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    The advantage of removing the redundant keys found in the number pad is that it will create more room on your desk and it will reduce the distance your right hand needs to travel when reaching for your mouse. Source of photo: rapoo. Both research and hands on experience teach us that focused preparation of the family for a period of two to three months makes all the difference between a hard start and a soft landing.

    Proper preparation reduces anxieties most importantly, for children , increases confidence and the likelihood of a long-term stay and makes the process a lot easier for everyone during the first few weeks. Japan Knowledge specializes in training individuals and groups of business people in how to bridge the cultural gap successfully and how to conduct a fruitful meeting business meeting with the Japanese. To provide the best possible service, Japan Knowledge has developed a range of constantly updated teaching and implementation tools with a proven track record.

    These tools are the most efficient way to make the Japanese cultural codes understandable, even without understanding the language. The following is a partial list of the subjects you can select to study:. The Leisure and Enrichment Department at Japan Knowledge has vast experience working with the human resources departments in leading organizations and commercial enterprises. The department constructs a series of personalized courses and workshops for each employee in the organization, designed to provide them with a fascinating glimpse of Japanese culture through unforgettable cultural events.

    During its six years of activities, Japan Knowledge has worked with dozens of leading companies, including; BMC, Checkpoint, Teva and many more….

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    To their advantage and full satisfaction, Japan Knowledge has organized business practice workshops, translation services and interpreters and has designed cultural events based on Japanese themes. To view letters of recommendation, Hebrew press here. Japanese Business Services Address: P.