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Jack chased them to the Tempest , passing an unconscious Kate , but Juliet arrived there first. He kissed her , though she warned him Ben had claimed her. When a body appeared in the water, Jack forced Daniel to contact the freighter. When Bernard discovered Daniel lied about their reply, Jack lost his temper and grabbed Daniel by the collar. Jack's stomach had been hurting - Kate had caught him sneaking pain pills - and he now collapsed with appendicitis.

Juliet offered to operate. Doubtful, Jack chose to stay awake during the surgery, but Bernard knocked him out with chloroform. He awoke to hear Juliet telling Kate that Jack loved her. He left the tent against Juliet's wishes and heard the helicopter return, dropping a phone. He concluded that they should follow the helicopter. Jack and Sawyer continued toward the chopper and found Frank hand-cuffed to it.

Frank agreed to fly immediately, but they first journeyed to the mercenaries ' destination to save Hurley. There, they also found Locke, who tried again to convince Jack to stay, but Jack refused. Locke then suggested that he lie to the world about what happened on the Island. Jack, Sawyer, and Hurley returned to the helicopter, and they took off with Kate , Sayid , and Frank. Though fuel was low, Jack refused to turn back, and they landed on the freighter, where a bomb was about to detonate. Jack prevented Kate from fetching Jin, and they left with Sun , Aaron , and Desmond right before the freighter blew up.

They flew toward the Island, but it had disappeared, and the chopper lost fuel quickly and crashed. They boarded a life raft, and Jack resuscitated Desmond. When the Searcher found them, Jack sought Kate's help to convince the others to lie about everything since their crash. A week later, Jack departed with the others for the island of Sumba. He took part in a press conference, lying about how they survived the crash , claiming their plane crashed into the water and all of the passengers died instantly but the six, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid. However, Jack also claimed that Boone , Charlie and Libby also survived the crash, but had later died.

Some 6 months later, Jack held a wake for his father. There, Carole Littleton approached Jack and told him her daughter, Claire , had been on Jack's plane and was his half-sister. Carole then complimented Kate's baby, not realizing Aaron was her own grandson. Jack began drinking regularly. When he learned the police had arrested Hurley, he visited his old friend at the institute. Hurley accused Jack of checking whether he had revealed their secret. He insisted they return to the Island, though Jack disagreed, and apologized for not following Jack on the Island.

At Kate 's trial, Jack testified that only eight people survived the crash and that three died. He claimed that he had never met the marshal and denied loving Kate. He met Kate afterward and said he had lied, implying he loved her. Kate invited him to her house, but he turned the offer down. Kate gathered that this was because of Aaron and refused any further contact until Jack agreed to see the baby.

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Jack eventually came to terms with Kate raising his nephew, and they rekindled their romantic relationship. He moved into Kate's house and became a surrogate father to Aaron, but his insecurities forced him to compare himself to his own father. Jack maintained contact with Hurley and was called in when he stopped taking his medication. Hurley passed on a message from Charlie: "You're not supposed to raise him," and said someone would visit him soon.

Jack nonetheless proposed to Kate, who happily accepted. While working late, Jack saw his father, who spoke to him, and Jack asked another doctor for stress-relieving medication. He went home and was suspicious when he found Kate talking on the phone to someone he didn't know. Another time, he found their nanny staying late, and when Kate returned, he demanded answers.

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Kate admitted fulfilling Sawyer's secret request and objected to Jack's drinking around her son. Jack yelled back that she wasn't "even related to him," and Aaron appeared in the doorway. Jack left, thus ending their engagement on bad terms. John Locke repeatedly visited Jack under the alias Jeremy Bentham, and when he landed on Jack's operating table after an accident, Locke said Christian had told him to move the Island.

He began flying across the Pacific every weekend hoping it would crash, returning him to the Island or killing him. When he heard that Locke had killed himself, Jack tried calling Kate then almost leaped off an L. A doctor refused to let him operate on the passenger he had saved. When a pharmacist denied him painkillers, even when he forged a prescription from his father , the same doctor caught him trying to steal drugs. Jack finally managed to meet Kate outside the airport and she is taken aback by his physical appearance. He said they had to return to the Island. Kate refused and drove away.

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He attended Locke's funeral - no one else did - and later broke into the funeral home, where Ben appeared. Ben said that all of them, even dead Locke, had to return to the Island. They they took the coffin, then went to a hotel where Jack shaved his beard and Ben flushed Jack's pills. Later, Hurley contacted Jack, and his father brought Jack Sayid's unconscious body.

Jack successfully treated Sayid at St. Sebastian Hospital , though an administrator reminded him of his suspension. A kidnapper with Kate's address in his pocket also attacked Sayid, and when Jack told Kate, he learned a lawyer knew she wasn't Aaron's mother. Jack and Kate followed the lawyer to Carole Littleton 's motel, but Jack learned she hired the lawyer for an unrelated case. They drove next to meet Ben at the marina, where Jack failed to convince Kate to stay and listen. She told them to take Ajira Airways Flight to return to the Island.

She privately gave Jack Locke's suicide note and told him to give Locke's body something that had belonged to Christian. Jack obeyed by collecting Christian's shoes from his grandfather , who had been trying to escape his retirement home, and placing them on Locke's feet along with the note. On the eve of the flight, Kate slept with him, agreeing to go back to the Island. At the airport, Caesar offered him condolences over his loss, and in the plane, an attendant handed Jack the suicide note.

They took off, and Jack realized Frank Lapidus was piloting and said hello. Further on the journey, he read John Locke 's note, which read, "Jack, I wish you had believed me. Jack woke up in the Bamboo grove as he had when he first crashed on the island via Oceanic Flight He found Hurley and Kate at the waterfall , before they were discovered by Jin , who called Sawyer. Jack became a workman.

Horace accused Sayid , who had been locked up, for the fire. When Jack disagreed, it aroused Horace's suspicion. Sawyer tried to recruit Jack's help operating on young Ben , who had been shot. However, Jack refused, done with trying to fix things and now trusting in the Island. This angered Juliet, who resented his return, and Kate, who claimed to prefer "the old" Jack.

Jack covered Roger 's work, and defended Kate when Roger accused her. Early the next morning, Daniel Faraday showed up at Jack's house, claiming that Jack did not belong on the Island at all. Miles and Daniel then arrived, asking to visit the hostiles to find Daniel's mother. Daniel then explained his plan to detonate a bomb at the Swan , and he entered the Hostiles' camp, where Charles Widmore knocked out Jack with his rifle's butt. Jack later explained Daniel's plan to Eloise , and they swam to the underground tunnels where the bomb was hidden.

Sayid, who had joined them, extracted the bomb's core, and he and Jack entered Horace's house through a passage Richard created. Hurley picked them up in a van, and Jack tried to treat Sayid inside. They drove until they saw Sawyer , Juliet and Kate on the road, blocking the way.

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Sawyer and Jack argued in private about whether or not to detonate the bomb, then they fought intensely until Juliet separated them. The van drove to the Swan site, and Jack entered it alone with the bomb. Phil spotted him, and the van started attacking from afar. Jack shot one member, and he and the others successfully neutralized all present. Jack dropped the bomb into the Swan drilling shaft. Nothing initially happened, then a severe electromagnetic Incident pulled all metal objects into the shaft, including a tool box that knocked Jack out.

He awoke to find Kate pulling Sawyer away from the drilling shaft, which Juliet had just fallen down. Jack helped, and moments later, the bomb presumably detonated. In the aftermath of the blast, Sawyer blamed Jack for Juliet's death. In order to save the mortally wounded Sayid , Jack took him to the Temple , and when the Others failed to revive him in the spring, Jack vainly performed CPR.

Sayid resurrected hours later, and Dogen gave Jack a pill to feed him. Suspicious, Jack tried swallowing it himself to get Dogen to tell him what was in it, and Dogen stopped him, revealing it was poison. Jack left the Temple to travel to the lighthouse with Hurley, passing Kate and the caves along the way. They reached it, and Jack broke down the door. Inside, he saw a mirror that reflected his childhood home.

He smashed the mirrors in frustration. Suicidal but physically unable to kill himself, Richard asked Jack to light some dynamite and kill him.

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However, Jack's trip to the lighthouse had built his faith, so he lit a fuse and stayed in the ship, believing it would extinguish before it could kill him. It did. Ilana informed him and the others of their candidacies to replace Jacob. Jack briefly followed Ilana's plan to blow up the Ajira plane, but Hurley destroyed their only source of dynamite.

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Jack then traveled and met for the first time with the Man in Black , on Hurley's suggestion. During this visit, the Man in Black revealed that the earlier apparitions of Christian Shephard that Jack had seen on the Island were in fact the Man in Black. Jack also reunited with Claire , having discovered that they were siblings since their last meeting, and conspired with Sawyer to steal the Elizabeth , though after executing the plan, he revealed that he did not believe that they should leave the Island.

Eventually, Jack returned to the shore and met the Man in Black, who appeared to believe that Jack had taken his side. He decided, though, to help Sawyer keep the Man in Black off Widmore's submarine by pushing him into the water, but he decided to stay on the Island. Widmore's men attacked, forcing Jack to enter the sub. Once aboard, Jack realized that the Man in Black had placed C-4 in his backpack. He correctly concluded the Man in Black couldn't kill them, so as long as they left the bomb alone, they would be safe. Sawyer accidentally detonated it though, killing Sayid , Jin , and Sun.

Having survived the explosion, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley washed ashore and mourned the loss of their friends. They set off for the well where Desmond was imprisoned, but Jacob 's spirit intercepted them. He explained that one of them had to replace him, and Jack volunteered. After a short ceremony, he was "like" Jacob.

Jacob explained where to find the Source , which he had to protect from the Man in Black. Sawyer learned the Man in Black had found Desmond, and the two groups met on the way to a common destination - the Heart of the Island. Jack decided to help him lower Desmond into it, believing Desmond to be Jacob's secret weapon to kill the Man in Black. After Desmond removed a stone from the Source though, Jack realized the island was falling apart, just as the Man in Black had predicted.

He began to attack the Man in Black, who had escaped, but not before Jack managed to wound him. Jack followed him to the cliffs , where they fought in the rain. The Man in Black stabbed him in the side and the neck, but Kate shot him, and Jack kicked him off the cliff to his death.

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Kate asked Jack to let the island sink, but he replied her that he couldn't. Heartbroken, Kate tearfully asked Jack to promise her that she will see him again, but Jack can only sadly shake his head no. Jack and Kate shared a passionate goodbye kiss, and they each professed their love for one another. He wished Sawyer goodbye as well, and then returned to the source with Hurley and Ben.

After choosing Hurley as his replacement for protector , Jack descended into the Source, where put the cork back into The Heart of the Island and saved the Island from destruction by sinking into the ocean. After being teleported out of the Source , Jack slowly and painfully returned to the bamboo field where he first woke up after the crash of Oceanic Flight After seeing the Ajira plane fly away, he knows that he has fulfilled his purpose and ultimately his destiny.

Jack died with Vincent by his side, also similar to his awakening after Oceanic 's crash ensuring that he would not die alone. In the flash sideways , Christian still died drunk in Australia and still kept secrets from his son. The two enjoyed a better relationship though. Jack invented a son, David , whose dynamic with Jack mirrored his own with Christian, including fear and poor communication. Though Jack had rebuffed Christian's attempts at reconciliation, David accepted his.

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Jack also imagined Juliet as his ex-wife, and the two shared an amicable relationship quite unlike his and Sarah's. He brought with him into the afterlife the faith he'd gained during his final days. On Oceanic Flight , a flight attendant gave him a miniature vodka bottle to strengthen his drink. He chatted with a neighboring passenger , who reassured him when the plane hit turbulence, then went to the lavatory. He spotted a cut on his neck from where the Man in Black had stabbed him but didn't remember getting it.

He returned to his seat and seemed to recognize Desmond , who now sat there, but Desmond didn't recognize him. On his next lavatory trip, Kate stumbled into him and picked a pen from his pocket. Another passenger locked himself in the lavatory, and Jack responded to a PA call for a doctor.

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Once they'd broken open the door, Jack removed a heroin bag from his throat. Charlie woke, ungrateful, and told Jack that he was "supposed to die. When the plane landed, Charlie glared at Jack as police arrested him. Jack exited, making eye contact with John Locke as he was transferred to a wheelchair. The Oceanic service desk paged him and told him the airline had lost his father 's coffin, so he called his mother to postpone the funeral. He talked in the lost luggage office with Locke, who suggested that Christian's spirit was more important than the body's location.

Jack offered him a business card and a free surgical consult because though his condition appeared permanent, "nothing is irreversible. That weekend, Jack noticed a scar from where the Man in Black had stabbed his side. He called his mother, who rationalized the scar as an appendectomy Jack barely remembered and asked him over to search for Christian's will. Jack hung up and drove to David's school, apologizing for picking him up late.

Back at home, he noticed a book of David's and tried talking about it, but David left the room and rejected all further attempts at conversation. Jack went to his mother's house and searched for the will, pleasing her when he refused a drink. The will mentioned a stranger: Claire Littleton.

Returning home, Jack found David missing and called him repeatedly, apologizing for imaginary offenses. He listened to his son's answering machine and learned he was auditioning for an arts school. Jack stopped by, and David's piano skill moved him. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

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