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He was getting annoyed.

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This was in There was no Wikipedia or any convenient way to prove I was right. So we quietly gave in because we were making him mad. We were right though, you can Wikipedia it.

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  6. Another time were discussing bands we thought were great and I mentioned Black Oak Arkansas. His reaction to that was to put his hands around my neck and pretend to strangle me. I was wondering if I was on the right path or should I change anything. Part of me felt like I should be in the suburbs wearing a fluffy blue University of Kentucky sweater and working a regular job.

    As usual, I turned to my friend and mentor Lemmy for advice.

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    8. I cornered him backstage in Los Angeles. He offered me some cocaine that someone had given him he hated coke and only did speed and I told him about what I was going through. He told me to come to his dressing room after the show. I knew he always liked the music we made, but I also knew he hated religion.

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      Hedging your bets, eh? He said he could give me one without listening to it. Lemmy was something of a constant comedian with an amazing English wit. It was quite impressive and really unexpected.

      Metallica - Mama Said [Official Music Video]

      I got to introduce David and Lemmy to each other backstage at the Troubadour twenty years ago. I was the only in the room besides those three, so I was the only one who witnessed this. He was a genius in that area and we talked a lot about history, especially ancient European history. I once asked him if was interested in American history.

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      The very first time we ever played with Motorhead in Austin, Texas, I happened to wander backstage to see, in person, the man himself. There was Lem, all in black, backstage hiding from the Texas sun. Lem was always more than you thought he was. I had the honor of getting to hitch a ride on the Motorhead bus on their last European summer tour. Nashville Pussy had just finished our festival run and I wanted to bum around Europe for a while and they offered to take me along.

      This was the first time I've ever been on the road without having a gig or reason to be there other than the pleasure of each other's company. Lem was already ailing a little and was quite sequestered from the many well wishers and sycophants at these big festival.

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      But at one Swiss festival I found just myself, Dave Grohl and Lemmy sitting backstage in complete silence, smoking cigarettes and listening with rapt attention to the latest unreleased Motorhead album. They hadn't decided on which covers would be released yet. We all just sat, smiling at each other, listening to one song after another, nodding our approval and amazement with yet another great Motorhead album. Tears ran down my cheek when "Heroes" came on. I couldn't believe they'd covered one of my favorite songs.

      David Bowie was still very much alive when they'd recorded it, so it was left off the album itself, but at that moment it was like Motorhead had recorded that song just for me. Lem was chuffed as always he lived to listen to Motorhead! Home Gear Factor.

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      Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Back To Top. She's gonna be my Molly Maid! Clean me up and you'll have it made! There's metal in your nose, so you're metal enough for me! I just met a woman with some style She says "piercing's punk" but it's metal all the while Well!

      "MAMA"ste Crew {Heavy Metal}

      She's gonna be my Betty Boop! A metal chick has always got the scoop C'mon now Baldy, make a punker out of me! It's not anything at all! Give it up before you fall! I need a girl like you! I need metal through and through! I need a woman like you! I need a heavy metal mama!

      Its tassels make it look great. I mean it, really If it's not cool now, it should be Later, in a huge bedroom Or, as they say in Canadian, "bedrooOOm", the following tragedy occures This is so cool -Yeah this is my place This is the best punk-rock place