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No pup should ever have to face that needle. Our goal would be to have a weekend of music, vendors, food, prizes and more where Corgis from all over the country could come to meet, discuss their pets, and give back to pups in need. We are asking everyone who believes in our mission to help bring Floppy Acres to life. We hope we can inspire others to start their own sanctuaries until every single breed has their own place to call home in their time of need. Pets bring out the best in us and our love for them is such a powerful thing. Over !

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To a pup that they had never met. Imagine what the world could do if we all chipped in? For the rescues who exhaust personal money to bring in Corgis into their homes, for the doctors who help for free to spay and neuter shelter animals, for everyone who has ever loved their pup more than life itself, Floppy Acres is for you. We want this to be a collaborative process with the Corgi and dog community. If you have suggestions, if you can provide help, donate materials, time, etc.

We need your help to make this a reality. Read Latest Update. Help spread the word! Update 3. Posted by Joey Rodriguez.

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Corgis have seen such a resurgence in our society the past decade or so, and this has had both a positive and negative effect. We see more of our favorite stumpy little fluffballs in the spotlight, more pup interaction with meetups, and more merchandise than even the Queen of England could handle. The downside is that, while this breed has entered our society as automatically cute and silly, there is simply more to owning a Corgi or any dog, than mere appearances. This has caused a lot of owners to abandon or surrender their Corgis, both Pembroke and Cardigan, to shelters across the country simply because the breed wasn't what they thought they were.

Corgis are herding dogs and most, if not all, of them need to have a purpose. Some nominate themselves as protectors, others as shepherds, some guide us when we're disabled, or comfort us with anxiety. Our two Corgis, Joon and Penny, whom we adopted four and one month ago, respectively, were both given up for adoption because they were "nipping at heels" and "being aggressive with food". Since the moment we adopted both, we have not seen that type of behavior.

Some owners don't realize that some dogs can be mean or intimidating to others, causing them to hoard food, or simply fight for survival. It's up to the owners to help correct this behavior, none of the blame should be placed on the animal, they are simply doing what their instincts have been telling them to do for the past 15, years. It's a shame that Corgis, and all dogs, are given up, or mistreated or beaten or neglected or just misunderstood. We hold Corgis close to our hearts, and make no mistake, Floppy Acres isn't the end of our plan, it's simply the beginning. By building Floppy Acres we hope to achieve a perfect model for similar sanctuaries across the world that will help specific breeds get back on their feet.

Will you help us make this dream come true? A dream, not just our own, but shared by millions across the globe. Help Floppy Acres become a reality, share and repost with friends, family members, fellow Corgi owners, and fellow animal owners.

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Together we can make a safe haven for those neglected or ill or abandoned to live happily and in peace. Update 2. The design has begun! Here is the first preliminary sketch for our Floppy Acres Welcome Center a work in progress. Help us build the first sanctuary for Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis and their mixes! Please consider sharing with your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who owns or loves Corgis! You can also support Floppy Acres by buying a Corgi Calling shirt at www. Thank you to everyone who has donated already, we really appreciate you supporting us and we hope to make all of you proud when, one day, Floppy Acres opens for all the Corgis of the world to see!

Update 1. Jennifer and I would like to thank all of our wonderful donors who have contributed to Floppy Acres so far! Knowing that we have support makes this crazy idea seem even more reachable! We have some exciting ideas and plans that we will be revealing soon about Floppy Acres! But for now, we'd like to let everyone know that running concurrently alongside our GoFundMe is our new T-Shirt Booster! Finding that special someone to share your life with is one of the most important choices you can make. Take your time and do it right to ensure lasting happiness for you, your partner and your Corgi.

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Close menu. Close cart. Be transparent about your status as a Corgi owner. Be considerate and ensure your Corgi is well-behaved. The days of herding and driving for the Corgi are practically gone though some owners have continued to train their Corgis to herd livestock. While it has been known for quite a while that there were two different types of the Welsh Corgi, it has only been the past 70 or so years that this has been made official.

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Prior to , there were considered one breed and the two breeds were often freely interbred. Today, both breeds of the Welsh Corgi are considered on the vulnerable list according to the English Kennel Club. The population of purebred Welsh Corgis has been declining in the UK, mostly due to the rising popularity of foreign breeds like the shih tsus, small toy breeds like the chihuahua, and crossbreeds like the labradoodles.

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A breed is put on the vulnerable list when less than purebred puppies are registered with the Kennel Club that year since a birthrate of puppies a year is needed to guarantee a large gene pool and a healthy population. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, more commonly known as the Corgi with the tail, is the older of the two Corgi breeds.

It is one of the earliest breeds in the British Isles, thought to have been in existence in Wales for over 3, years. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is descended from the Teckel family of dogs, the same family of dogs that produced the Dachshund.

The Cardigan Corgi was brought in its uniquely elongated form by the Celtic tribes who migrated to Cardiganshire, Wales from central Europe in about B. This early dog brought over by the Celtic tribes was a transitional form between the Teckel and the Spitz families. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi of today can be traced back to the old Bronant Corgi, with a slight infusion of the brindle herder blood. However, they can still be found throughout many homes in the United States and the United Kingdom as a close household pet.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is known as the younger of the two Corgi breeds and is commonly known as the Corgi without the tail. They are also the more popular of the two Corgi breeds. While the Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be traced back to to the time of King Henry I of England, it remains heavily debated as to exactly which breed of dogs they are descended from.