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This is the first of a series of plurilingual translations of unpublished texts by contemporary poets edited by the Compagnia. Lucid and intense, the novel is shaped as an investigation around love, war, the uncertain glory of youth, violence and, even more, as a search for God and the meaning of life. Written between and , subjected to censorship and several times amended, the work of Joan Sales is now a contemporary classic of Catalan literature.

Soon this poem was transferred to music and the song by Barbara Varinka Machavariani-Tsereteli was born. Today we can say that the poem by Georgian Prince Akaki Tsereteli as well as a song of the same title are the simbols of Georgia alongside with Georgian wine, Georgian dance and Georgian polyphony. Casa delle traduzioni Roma, Italia 2. If that were possible, we would all be speaking one language.

That, to me, is not an attractive proposition. There are many things I cannot translate exactly from one language to another, but that means that meanings and words are transformed — not lost — in that process. For several years, in Brazil, he carried on his political commitment along with his literary activities. After graduating in Law, he was among the founding fathers of the Brazilian Green Party and also member of the environmentalist movement Os Verdes.

When he moved to Italy, he settled down in Lucca where he run a narrative workshop as part of a Master in Creative Writing in a school he himself had founded and called Sagarana , along with a literary review of the same name, in www. In he published his poetry collection La grazia di casa mia and, in , his interview essay La macchina sognante , published posthumously.

Specimen has now combined a series of published and previously unpublished poems into a variety of first and second languages. Teatro Politeama Naples, Sulaiman S. Addonia is British, born in Eritrea to an Eritrean mother and an Ethiopian father. He currently lives in Brussels and has just finished his second novel. Il suo primo romanzo, Gli amanti del Mar Rosso. Attualmente vive a Bruxelles, dove ha appena terminato il suo secondo romanzo. In , when Agota Kristof was in her early twenties, she fled from Hungary with her four-month-old daughter.

As well as being separated from the country of her childhood she also left behind the notebooks which contained her first poems. The sorrow for the loss of those verses pushed the author to rewrite them as well as she could remember and perhaps to reinvent them. Over the years, Kristof composed other poems, both in Hungarian and in French, her new language, and shortly before dying expressed the wish to see all her poems collected in a book.

The themes of these compositions are those well known to the many and faithful readers of the novels and tales of Agota Kristof — dismay, loss, exile, the memory of love, waiting, desire — but here, in the spontaneity of poetry they seem to reach an even greater degree of intensity. Negli anni, Kristof compone altre poesie, sia in ungherese che in francese, la sua nuova lingua, e poco prima di morire esprime il desiderio di vedere raccolte tutte le sue poesie in un libro.

The conventional view of what this [literary translation] involves proposes that the translator or translators study the words on one page in one language and then render them into another language on another page. Many — perhaps most — translations follow this procedure and the results are worthy, but second-rate. Because true translation is not a binary affair between two languages but a triangular affair. The third point of the triangle being what lay behind the words of the original text before it was written.

True translation demands a return to the pre-verbal. One reads and rereads the words of the original text in order to penetrate through them to reach, to touch, the vision or experience that prompted them. How have these countries developed since then? With this in mind, Erika Fatland explores their recent and ancient history, their culture and landscapes.

In these countries, that used to be the furthest border of the Soviet Union, life follows another pace of time. In between the treasures of Samarkand and the bleakness of Soviet architecture, Erika Fatland moves with her openness towards the people and the landscapes around her. Ahmed Shafie is a writer, poet and translator living and working in Egypt. This piece was written while participating in the Iowa Writing Program , and read before a group of postgraduate students who were studying the works of the participants in the IWP.

Derek Walcott, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and one of the greatest poets of our time, passed away on March 17, Lo ricordiamo oggi, a un anno dalla scomparsa, con una poesia tratta dalla sua penultima raccolta, Egrette bianche , pubblicata da Adelphi nel Con il sostegno della Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia. Avec le soutien de la Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia. Tra i suoi libri: Tutte le poesie , Mondadori, Milano, Giorgio Orelli Airolo — Bellinzona was an Italian-speaking Swiss poet, literary critic and translator.

I came to these two very different poems quite separately, although through the same medium. I was struck, when I read the two elegies together, by their similarity of concern—love, loss, separation—and difference of attitude; indeed, it was as if the two texts summed up the difference between the romantic sentimentalism of Biedermeier and the cold-eyed, nearly cynical objectivity of the interwar period.

When they are not subject to unimaginable violence, the condemned tell one another stories about the city, shaded with love and humor, to pass the time. Gradually, the underground narrative turns into a narrative of the above-ground. Initially centered around people, the book comes to focus on the city itself. And we discover there is as much suffering and hope in the Istanbul above ground as there is in the cells underground.

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Una cella, quattro uomini, dieci giorni, una moltitudine di storie: un dottore, un barbiere, uno studente e un vecchio rivoluzionario sono incarcerati in una stanza angusta e gelata nei sotterranei di Istanbul. As far as it can understand the language. As soon as the life of the project crosses over the known languages, a spellbound editorial board will trust those who bring them the unreadable and the unknown.

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She traveled through the territory of Years of Solitude 50 years after its publication. This is her resulting essay. The most recent font format emerged at the beginning of the new millennium. Is it an essay, a memoir, fiction, poetry, reportage? Whatever we write, we are in it, and we better deal with that.

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  • Nessun gergo accademico o di traduttologia per lei, ma semplici e preziose reazioni ai versi di due suoi colleghi. In this article, Dana Grigorcea writes about her parents, who spent time in Baghdad and Tripoli when they were younger, independently of one another. Born in Bucharest in , Dana Grigorcea now lives in Zurich. This is the story of his life, ten years after the enigmatic disappearance of Haller, as told by himself.

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    I visited Guatemala earlier this year for a migratory procedure. I was offered an urgent job to teach Arabic language at the university, replacing a professor who was forced to suspend his teaching for the rest of the semester due to the occurrence of a force majeure. Avoiding our neighbors up north and the trouble it entails to visit them, and not knowing how long the procedure might take, I flew south to Guatemala City and reserved a room at the Hotel Spring, on 8th Street and 12th Avenue, Zona 1, for one week.

    I asked her about Guatemalan literature and what I should read, and she mentioned the name of Rodrigo Rey Rosa and suggested that I would enjoy reading him. My friend reproached Rodrigo for not having written her back after she had written to him in the past. Belize also shares a border with Mexico, he reminded me, and I remembered in amazement, followed by horror and then shame.

    Later we talked about a variety of things like Tangiers, his meeting with Muhammed Shukri in Tangiers, Bowles, indigenous literature, and violence. A tower whose technical prowess and hubris is attributed to the homogeneity of language and a jealous God who smote both human tower and homogeneity by creating linguistic multiplicity from an original unity: Humans who were one are made many and in the many are the seeds of misunderstanding conflict rage and diminution.

    Babel is the relay between the city in which the human was one and the name for humanity dispersed. But whose story is this—whose account of the linguistic origins of conflict and rage, ethics and morality? Chirstos Ikonomou writes in that borderless country of existence that may appear meaningless but is still punctuated by flashes of great beauty, tenderness, and the occasional sliver of hope.

    Ruska Jorjoliani lascia la Georgia a sette anni, in fuga dalla pulizia etnica del , e si trasferisce in Sicilia. Much of the creative-writing industry depends upon that misconception and the promise, implicit or explicit, that the acquisition of those skills is unconditionally achievable. Writing is a means of interaction with the world, and therefore it changes the writer. Writing, I believe, should be a matter not of execution but of transformation. Elle cite souvent cet auteur comme une de ses principales influences. Et aussi une forme de culot.

    Bonne lecture. The style of Russell Edson could be defined as follows: the description, in a simple and accurate language with a flat and reasonable tone, of impossible situations with often bewildering endings. His texts are accessible to any reader but not so easy to understand. You can run into a woman that turns her son into a floor lamp or a man that gets married to a shoe. But Edson is not a surrealist; his work has nothing to do with the process of automatic writing.

    His texts are some sort of poetic-philosophical miniatures. I first heard about Russell Edson in an interview I read where he was often mentioned by writer Lydia Davis as one of her major influences. Russell seems to have lived a peaceful and secluded life with his wife in Connecticut, where he died in A number of contemporary poets align themselves with him within the Anglo-Saxon world but outside of it — or at least in the Francophone world — he seems to be quite unknown. I got into this thing of translating with naivety and recklessness, and also pushed by some sort of audacity.

    I worked really hard on details. How could I return the plainness and fluency of a text that you might at first sight think had been written for a child and then, instead, reveals the precision of a Swiss watch as soon as you dissect it? Specimen is open to all alphabets, its contents will be in all languages, in original or translation. Most texts will be translated into at least one other language, in non-systematic ways. Je ne saurais en dire plus. Sommes-nous punis? Siamo vendicati? Siamo puniti? A cosa somiglia il Regno dei cieli?

    Questa testimonianza di prima mano fornisce risposte a gran parte degli interrogativi che ci poniamo da sempre. Susana writes about death in a way no journalist ever has and in a range of generic registers: travel notes, standard narrative, stream of consciousness, interviews, as well as what seem to be personal confessions. Poets the world over have always translated the work of fellow poets, even without knowing a single word of the language they were translating from.

    This situation, more relevant for poetry than any other genre, is widespread throughout the world. Otherwise, one would use a third, known language to translate from. Whatever the case, the source poet and the translator poet do share a language: the language of poetry. Babel has been promoting this way of translating, less common in Western Europe, with several projects. The outcome has been brilliant and the books keep circulating widely. The result of their joint work has been presented at Leukerbad Literature Festival in July , and subsequently at Babel Festival in Bellinzona.

    Here is a sample. I poeti di tutto il mondo hanno sempre tradotto altri poeti, anche senza conoscere una singola parola della lingua originale. In ogni caso, i due poeti condividono sempre una stessa lingua: la lingua della poesia. I risultati del loro lavoro sono stati presentati in eventi letterari nazionali e internazionali. Eccone un esempio. Pourquoi raconte-on des histoires depuis toujours? Pour contrer le temps? La peur? La sienne, seulement. La langue est une aventure en soi.

    Le dictionnaire est une escalade du sens. These texts were selected at moments of impotence in the face of recurrent events. The motive was rather simple: both of us were ardent readers of our respective national blogospheres and have been worriedly witnessing their collapse in front of our eyes.

    EX.1 "Editing and improving a translation"

    Printed in Mexico City in May of , the book contains 10 Mexican blog entries translated into Arabic and 10 Palestinian blog entries translated into Spanish. Ma naturalmente si rivelano fallimentari e pericolose, a causa della contaminazione di un virus da parte di un gruppo sovversivo. Volevo un romanzo la cui struttura rispecchiasse quella di una mente schizoide, in cui si scontrassero e sovrapponessero diversi testi e sottotesti, voci e contro-voci ermetici sutra buddhisti, teorie scientifiche e antropologiche, narrazione storica e narrazione mitologica, voci effettive e voci interiori.

    In cui i personaggi stessi potessero essere letti come i cocci di una mente sofferente. It is a world in which special devices, Maternal Units, are designed to raise children. Programmed for perfect love, Maternal Units were created to create happier adults. But of course they are faulty and dangerous because of being infected by a virus from a subversive group. Then again, human love, not only algorithmic love, cannot be perfect but is always transmitted with all the traumas, complexities and imperfections of the person who transmits it.

    I wanted a novel whose structure reflected that of a schizoid mind, in which several texts and subtexts, voices and counter-voices hermetic Buddhist sutras, scientific and anthropological theories, historical narrative and mythological narrative, actual voices and inner voices clash and superimpose. In which the characters themselves could be read like the cracks of a suffering mind. In which the soul, according to a Shinto view of reality, is not a prerogative of the human being, but is displaced by narrative, so that in the novel certain objects robots, other idols such as dolls are more humane than human beings Sada for example, the cruel director of the institute, or Yuki, the teacher who perceives her moods as computer calculations.

    It is a new, no longer anthropocentric realism that takes into account the whole reality. I found it interesting that ancient Buddhist identity theories today correspond to what is described and diagnosed as schizophrenia. The protagonist, Sumiko, is a non-character: she does not speak, barely moves, the traumas of other characters are reflected on her. According to her teachers at the institute she is autistic, most likely she is a Buddha who moved beyond the common level of human interaction. It is on this level that Sumiko and Yuki, her teacher, meet. Each reading of the book may correspond to a different interpretation path: one can follow the religious, neuro-psychiatric, historical paths, and so on.

    At each reading, Sumiko may be something else. It is up to the reader: a small unarmed but powerful Buddha, capable of gathering and reducing the pain of humanity. Specimen likes the web, but it likes being a book as well, so it will occasionally take the form of fine prints or digital publications on-demand.

    And as it likes voices, flesh and blood too, it will speak and read at events and festivals. Esistenza difficile e breve, minata da alcol, depressione e internamento psichiatrico. Posthumously recognized as one of the most important voices in twentieth century Brazilian literature, Lima Barreto led a brief and difficult existence, weakened by alcohol, depression and psychiatric institutionalization.

    In his writings, he depicts the world of the defeated of his city with a moving and original outlook, without sparing criticism against the Brazilian culture of his time. The version of the short story that is published and translated here is the most recent one, published in Contos Completos de Lima Barreto , Sao Paulo, Companhia das Letras, No es lo mismo Beethoven mal interpretado que bien ejecutado.

    Suscribo plenamente con Nabokov aquello de que toda lengua tiene un equivalente exacto en todo texto nacido de otra lengua. After being heavily wounded in he was discharged. Years later he published a collection of short stories describing his war experiences. Initially, even without an office space. During those years all Soviet media were heavily politicized, pushing communism propaganda and leaving almost no space for anything else. But in fact they were the most coveted pieces of information.

    But in Kakabadze was dismissed from his position as editor-in-chief after refusing to publish a major Kremlin resolution assessing the work of the Georgian Communist Party — not related to sports at all. It was only after the fall of the Soviet empire that the Mikheil Kakabadze Award for the Best Sportswriter of the year was established in Georgia.

    And I felt regret that his legacy was in journalism and not in fiction. Mikheil Kakabadze jr. He never got to know his grandfather. We publish the Italian, Gaelic and Spanish versions of an erotic short story by Joanna Walsh, The Princess and the Penis , a tale of sex without body, or body without love, dependence and obsession, that touches upon issues of female sexuality and desire with amused originality and coarse and piercing details. Book and ebook are published by readux.

    These 5 new poems by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Charles Simic have been written, and translated into Italian, expressly for La Milanesiana We would like to thank Charles Simic, Adelphi publishing house, and Elisabetta Sgarbi, founder and artistic director of La Milanesiana, for kindly granting us permission to publish the poems.

    Le cinque poesie inedite di Charles Simic qui proposte sono state scritte e tradotte appositamente per La Milanesiana Si ringraziano Charles Simic, la casa editrice Adelphi e Elisabetta Sgarbi, ideatrice e direttrice della Milanesiana, per averci gentilmente concesso di riprodurre le poesie. Specimen is interactive and customizable: you can change texture and background colour thanks to special slider features, choose the font size and the article layout, create relations among articles, receive notifications for your favourite topics and create your own magazine.

    For translators of Italian literature from any country to celebrate their body of work. Submissions will be accepted through September 15, Darin finden sich u. If it is true that we can think only by way of language, if, as Wittgenstein put it, every philosophical interrogation can be presented as an interrogation of the meaning of words, then translation is one of the eminent means by which man thinks his words.

    Culture is born out of exchanges and thrives on differences. The death of culture lies in self-centredness, self-sufficiency and isolation. La cultura nasce dagli scambi e cresce grazie alle differenze. Super families are collections of coordinated type families that cross type classifications, and are designed to work together in perfect harmony.

    It becomes much more difficult because the hardest thing in the world is simplicity. And the most fearful thing, too. You want to write a sentence as clean as a bone. That is the goal. What is a word? And a life? I think that, in the end, they are the same thing. As a word can have several dimensions, several nuances, such complexity, so does a person, and a life.

    The language is the mirror, the main metaphor. Because, after all, the meaning of a word, just like the meaning of a person, is something boundless, ineffable. Cage once told me of a lesson he learned from Arnold Schoenberg, who taught him counterpoint while he was still living in Los Angeles. Cage offered many solutions to a technical problem his teacher posed, but Schoenberg kept asking for yet another answer. Then he asked what the principle underlying all the solutions was. This happened in and it would be at least fifteen more years before I could answer his question.

    Now I would answer that the principle underlying all of our solutions is the question we ask. Cage aveva proposto varie soluzione a un problema tecnico postogli dal maestro, ma Schoenberg continuava a chiedergliene ancora una. Non lo sapevo. Nel parcheggio di un motel di Marfa al calare della notte, Giorgio Vasta e Ramak Fazel, il fotografo che lo accompagna per i deserti e le ghost town degli Stati Uniti, si trovano a discutere, mentre preparano un piatto di maccheroni su un fornello da campo, di antropofagia e del senso ultimo del viaggio.

    While cooking macaroni on a camp stove in the darkening parking lot of a motel in Marfa, Texas, Giorgio Vasta and photographer Ramak Fazel engage in a passionate discussion about anthropophagy and the ultimate meaning of travelling. Absolutely Nothing is the fifth volume of a travelogue series jointly published by Humboldt and Quodlibet. We would like to thank the author and publishers for kindly granting us permission to reproduce this excerpt. Un olvido animado por la vanidad, el temor de confesar procesos mentales que adivinamos peligrosamente comunes, el conato de mantener intacta y central una reserva incalculable de sombra, velan las tales escrituras directas.

    Bertrand Russell define un objeto externo como un sistema circular, irradiante, de impresiones posibles; lo mismo puede aseverarse de un texto, dadas las repercusiones incalculables de lo verbal. Un parcial y precioso documento de las vicisitudes que sufre queda en sus traducciones. No problem is more consubstantial to literature and its modest mystery as the one posed by translation. The forgetfulness induced by vanity, the fear of confessing mental processes that may be divined as dangerously commonplace, the endeavour to maintain, central and intact, an incalculable reserve of obscurity: all watch over the various forms of direct writing.

    Translation, in contrast, seems destined to illustrate aesthetic debate. The model to be imitated is a visible text, not an immeasurable labyrinth of former projects or a submission to the momentary temptation of fluency. Bertrand Russell defines an external object as a circular system radiating possible impressions; the same may be said about a text, given the incalculable repercussions of words.

    Translations are a partial and precious documentation of the changes the text suffers. Are not the many versions of the Iliad —from Chapman to Magnien—merely different perspectives on a mutable fact, a long experimental game of chance played with omissions and emphases? There is no essential necessity to change language; this intentional game of attention is possible within a single literature.

    To assume that all recombination of elements is necessarily inferior to its original form is to assume that draft nine is necessarily inferior to draft H—for there can be only drafts. From J. LOWELL I think it can only have integrity apart from the beliefs; that no political position, religious position, position of generosity, or what have you, can make a poem good. But these things will never per se make a poem. I say once because when I arrived to London, I decided to forget it i. I had to replace it from scratch, and perhaps without being conscious of it, with the language of another master.

    Perhaps, that is why I studied art and design: even if I failed at it, it was an attempt to communicate in images rather than words. In translating the story, I was also unearthing memories. For when I was searching for words, online or in dictionaries, and found a few alternative meanings, I found myself exclaiming: Ah! I remember this word. I remember that word. I felt enriched by both, the past and the present associations. My sensations and feelings about those words sometimes veered from their given meaning in the dictionary.

    Camere separate

    Arabic is a decorative language. I could needlessly have been lost in sea of adjectives and seduced by its lyrically derived words from mostly three root letters. I am struck by the child-like intensity of feeling I get upon reading an Arabic word aloud now. However, writing the stories in the limited English I have acquired over these odd years made me write very slowly, as the right words would not come easily. This failure to find the words to express my thoughts and the failure to write a sentence correctly after repeated attempts would often lead me to abandon my writing for long periods.

    Though time-consuming, this slowness gave me more time to think about what I was writing, until perhaps, my intentions had matured. This delay then would become a creative act. Writing in English, the thoughts lead my writing; were I to write in Arabic, the words would. I am half Eritrean, half Ethiopian. We escaped the war to Sudan when I was 3 or 4 years old. I speak Arabic as well as the Arabs and I speak English well enough in my own accent to communicate my ideas. Godersi la natura, sfuggendo dalle strade trafficate e le cit. News Tendenze Top articles. Che sia dal taglio maschile, stampato floreale o tinta unita, fa impazzire star dal calibro di Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Selena Gomez e Olivia Palermo.

    Aprile dolce dormire, gli uccelli a cantare e gli alberi a fiorire. Ma per quale motivo si fanno scherzi e ci si prende burla dei propri amici il primo gio. Milano News Tendenze Top articles. Milano apre le porte alla fotografia. Estate News Primavera Tendenze Top articles. Le giornate si allungano, le giacche si alleggeriscono e gli occhiali da sole diventano fedeli alleati della primavera in arrivo.

    A questo animale. Quando la. Per tale bisogno,. Se dico piumino dico Moncler.