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Moral letters to Lucilius/Letter 22

I have snapshots of myself on the moon that will always remind me of that strange and fascinating place. Regarding your questions of space exploration in 50 years: all of the rationales reduce to one simple truth: we will walk on Mars in the spirit and wonder that sets our species apart.

It's up to you now. Speeches of Note. The Speeches of Note book will celebrate oratory old and new, taking care not just to highlight the speeches that we know and admire but also to shine a light on those speeches which, despite their brilliance, have until now been largely ignored in these collections through no fault of their own.

Some, for compelling reasons, were never actually read aloud. Speeches of all flavours will feature--enlightening, gripping, comforting, disturbing, cheering, emboldening--and the majority accompanied either by a photograph of the speaker or the speech being made, a gorgeous illustration, or even, where possible, a facsimile of the original speech itself.

Letters Live

Each entry will feature an introduction that will offer the context necessary for the speech to be fully appreciated. Anthologies of speeches have been published before; however, none have contained a selection quite like Speeches of Note. To watch me speaking very badly about the book, and to get your name in the back of the special edition, visit Unbound.

As always, suggestions are very much welcome--the easiest way to do so is via the Speeches of Note submission page. Much love and thanks, Shaun. Older Posts. Letters of Note. The hyper-intelligent often suffer from boredom, isolation, and depression — and so genius may not be the gift we perceive it to be Hemingway, war correspondent. Nathan Glazer was the rare social scientist who was as indifferent to grand theorizing as he was to ideological consistency Harper Lee was always writing — letters, casino reviews, bar ballads.

When they finally arrive, they will seem to some a disappointment. Ian McEwan explains What has sent the market for translations into decline? Pinocchio , beyond mendacity. The moral of the folktale, dark and complex, concerns the value of education under authoritarianism The rise of Pushkinography. Academics have flocked to the author, at the rate of three books published per day. Is there anything new to say? The first appearance of the word Orwellian?

Mary McCarthy used it to describe the fashion magazine Flair The Regency years in Britain — — involved more than spotlessly dressed dandies, lascivious rakes, and Elizabeth Bennet look-alikes Thompson suffered an endless series of heroic defeats but refused grubby compromises and went down guns blazing John Williams put a lot of himself into his most famous protagonist, William Stoner, a lackluster professor and difficult man Peacock tongue and fried dormice, brain-stuffed sausages, caviar-stuffed crayfish, liters of wine poured by naked waiters: The Romans took gluttony seriously Art criticism is art.

It makes meaning out of the seemingly indecipherable, elucidating existential stakes.

Letters Live | Wilderness Festival 1st - 4th August

No one does this better than Peter Schjeldahl Meet the oddballs, underdogs, and outcasts of British philosophy The dissents of Wendell Berry. His dislikes include weather forecasts, unsmelly bathrooms, ballroom dancing, and the moon landing The history of psychiatry is the history of our beliefs about our own minds. Breakthrough and disappointment, dogmas and counter-dogmas It cannot be the fate of the book to become tweetlike. The book must stand above. A case study in what happens when it doesn't How Islam shaped Western thought. The relationship led to a flowering of political philosophy, thought experiment, and polemic I now understand my sexuality.

The problem with eternity : it is undesirable and incoherent; it kills meaning and collapses value.

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Can this realization be liberating? Being Einstein meant people asking your opinion even about stupid things. For Adrienne Rich, the great philosopher of secrets , the wish to keep and share them goes to the heart of intimacy, and why we value art The click-swipe-and-rate economy has devastated journalism, art, literature, and entertainment. Now it's coming for the academy The lesson of Naomi Wolf Art in an age of self-exposure.

Gone is the withholding of secrets — novelists now put self-consciousness front and center The idea that thinkers should distinguish private from public views is associated with Leo Strauss and the right. Now it's ascendant on the left Should writers still make things up?

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With more fact-based fiction , purely fictional fiction faces a new reality She had Sartre for conversation; he, only drunks and gamblers. Inside the short-lived long-distance relationship of Nelson Algren and Simone de Beauvoir Leslie Epstein has spent 40 years in the same wooden chair in the same lopsided room teaching fiction.

The job is changing Slaughterhouse Five at Does it help us understand them? New books reinterpret Homeric poems toward feminist ends. But in advancing a 21st-century politics, do they rob readers of ethical ambiguities? Make philosophy great again. The field has been reduced to bland Continental and analytic variants — a trend that must be reversed Humor is often lost in translation , especially if it's being translated from German.

Yes, the jokes are ponderous. But they're funny, too The myth of advice. Successful people want to be helpful. But their advice sounds empty and canned — because it is The cultural contradictions of Daniel Bell.

He never could quite reconcile the Jewish conservative and the Yiddish radical within him Carr and the fate of facts. Wit, mockery, joking, buffoonery: The oldest monastic rule we know of forbade joking. Laughter has long had a dangerously democratic quality