The Energy Pyramid:Twenty Steps to Enlightenment

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And children really love the magical qualities of the pyramids. Some people find me through their own online searching, often looking for EMF protection—but then a whole other world opens up for them. And there are also about twenty-five stores that now that carry my pyramids. Energy medicine practitioners, bodyworkers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, intuitives and psychics, therapists and coaches—and others. Trainers and other fitness-focused people who want support with regeneration and pain-relief.

I have housewives and househusbands inquiring because they have heard about the need to minimize wifi radiation. Some veterinarians have them in their offices. I have a friend who is an airline pilot who flies with his pyramid. And I have other friends that fly with theirs to reduce the impact of the radiation. So it is all walks of life, and I am really grateful. If I help one person, it really does make it all worthwhile. Michelle: People sleep better with the pyramids. But where the pyramid is placed at night is a very individual thing. There is a very psychic and energetically sensitive man I know who loves his pyramid, including how it affects his sleep.

But the energy was too strong to have in his bedroom at night, so he moved it to another room—still benefiting from it but with the buffer zone that he needed. Other people like to sleep with their pyramid very close to their beds. There is such a variety of ways the pyramids can be used.

A friend of mine rests the pyramid on top of his glass of water for a few minutes and swears that the water tastes better every time. The pyramids are tools to help us hold a more harmonic space. To put it in practical terms, a screwdriver is helpful if you need a screwdriver. A hammer is helpful when you need to pound in a nail. The pyramids are helpful tools when you want to alleviate the EMFs from cellphones, wifi towers, and the like. From the feedback I receive from people, as well as my own experience, cats, dogs, and other pets are also drawn to the pyramids and like hanging around them.

What influences the artisanship? Michelle: I knew that if I was going to do this, they had to be beautiful. Making the pyramids in a beautiful form was my way of honoring the crystals. I feel like I am working in partnership with the crystal kingdom, and the crystal kingdom is working in partnership with the planet herself.

The crystals and the planet are absolutely interwoven. One of the ways I honor the crystals is by clearing and charging them with the intent of the highest outcome before I begin making the pyramids, like I described earlier. I believe this activates a kind of divine essence within the crystal.

And for those who believe in the interconnectedness and aliveness of all things…. All the crystals that I use, on some level, agree to be of service in this use. And they all know that one day the resin will break down and they will be free. Michelle: Yes! I remember attending an event in Central Park years ago when the Dalai Lama was visiting. You could feel the peace and the higher energy radiating from someone who was operating at a higher frequency and how it actually brought everything up. Orgonite—the pyramids—emit harmonic and uplifting frequencies as well.

High frequencies actually lift the lower frequencies up without lowering at all. There are simple yet profound applications. For example, for people who want to use the pyramids for healing work on themselves or others, one extremely powerful method of use is to take four pyramids even the smalls ones and place one in each of the four corners: north, south, east, and west to create a space you can sit or stand within.

If you have a cell phone with a compass, you can use that to determine your true directions. Plus, the limited exposure to the sun is another chance to charge the pyramids. Either indoors or outdoors, when you stand in the middle of the pyramids, you are going to feel the higher frequencies.

Vendors | 6th Annual Fall Enlightened Soul Expo

And it creates a strong healing environment for doing energy work of any kind. Of course, you can also do a variation on this with three pyramids to form a triangle. Michelle: I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mother who was not only open to but really involved in metaphysics, and she still is. She is definitely the most influential person when it comes to creating an environment where curiosity, expanded awareness, and life-affirming solutions are welcomed. In addition to my mom, there are actually several amazing people who have influenced and inspired my work in a variety of ways—Gabriel Goldrain, William Linville, Dr.

Each one of them has contributed to expanding my conscious understanding of the seen and unseen in a deeper way. I am looking forward to studying with Maria Wheatley next. She also happens to be a big fan of the pyramids. Maria is a second-generation dowser and authority on the geodetic system of earth energies and reference points used to map the earth. Michelle: I make pendants, which are primarily sold in stores, and there is some information on my website about them.

And I also make charging plates that are not yet featured on my site. At this point, they are a custom-order only item that has been word-of-mouth so far. The charging plates are pretty cool. They emit a softer but still very healing energy. I put it on top of my water pitcher, or place the pitcher on top of it, between twenty minutes to an hour to help structure the water.

You can put your grocery bags right on the plate for ten minutes or so after coming home from the store and just amp up the frequency of your food. One woman put the plate under her bed after a surgery, and she experienced a quick and full recovery. I have no way of knowing if the plate contributed to her fast healing, but it might have helped a little. There is one other story that made my heart leap when I found out about it. I sent one of my first charging plates to Alma, the owner of a store in Sandpoint, Idaho. I needed feedback on the effectiveness of the charging plates, and so I asked Alma if she would experiment.

She invited seven people to the store to explore the potential rejuvenation capabilities, with everyone sitting in chairs in a circle and taking turns putting their bare feet on the plate. One of the women in the group had diabetes and little to no feeling in her feet. Within the first 15 minutes, she sensed something in her feet, and so she asked Alma if she could come back again the next day. I received a testimonial from Alma about this lovely woman saying that she could feel her shoes for the first time in 18 years.

I do take special orders. Because it is the very same thought force that creates war. Remember that. It is the human mind that creates all these bombs, all these wars. If you still want a war, fight it against undesirable thinking, not against a nation of people. And to fight such a war, you have to send out beautiful thoughts. Make every thought a powerful anti missile. Sit quietly and send out powerful peaceful thoughts. I'm not joking - it is possible. Even one minute spent in peace is valuable. Don't think, "When our brothers are dying, how can we sit quietly and think of peace?

Know that. Don't ever think that by raising your hand or throwing a bomb or shouting something you can help the situation. Do it in a nonviolent way. Don't hurt anybody, don't hate anybody. As long as you have hatred in your mind, you are unfit to talk of peace. An excerpt from the book, 'Beyond Words'.

Here is Tamil Siddar Bhogar. Bhogar attained and when he left the body it is said that he journeyed on the Astral Plane to China and took over the body of Lao Tsu in transmigration. Bhogar was Lao Tsu!! Read him here!! Click Here! Yes it's taken me a while but here goes: When I went to see Satchi and Devi I really did not know what to expect. I wanted some help with meditation and a bit of a guiding hand. Satchi and Devi are a wealth of information - they helped me in ways which I cannot explain and had an instinctive knowledge of exactly what I needed.

Apart from being a lovely, relaxing holiday Frigiliana is absolutely beautiful and the nearby beaches are excellent I learnt about how the pollution in our food affects not only our bodies but our minds. I have tried to stick to their recommendations - no meat, organic food and in three weeks have lost 10lbs! The one-to-one attention you are given means that this is an entirely personal experience. Satchi and Devi have helped me mentally, physically and spiritually in ways that have made me see new direction and possibilities - which is exactly what I was looking for. Everyone should be given a chance to have an experience like this -whatever it is that you're hoping to achieve.

Satchi and Devi have helped me to help myself but have also given me a sprinkle of their magic to push me in the right direction. Whether you're spiritually minded or not Energy Enhancement can help you. I will always be grateful to Satchi and Devi. The Poems guided meditation is Like an Antahkarana Staff of Sugar Cane because its Taste is Sweetness of Sweetness - the energy nectar amrita ambrosia of the one god with 10, names. The fate of the people who use the Antahkarana to connect with the realms of the Chakras above the head the realm of the Ascended Masters and purify the chakras below the base is to become Enlightened and then become an Ascended Master..

It is your choice, Your freedom of choice. But the Only Legitimate Choice is to do the right thing!! This is your Soul Path, your Dharma. It is Sweet Indeed!! English rendering by Layne Little. Pallavi refrain :. What wondrous visions! Kannihal stanzas :. There was a street in it. How can I describe it? It turned into a blue sapphire.

These turned to gold. Of boundless measure! They were coming! It was then that I saw it. Without hesitating, I went inside. Where there were five Shaktis. I reached the jeweled doorway. I looked out with love. My Mother! Only God knows! The Energy Enhancement Course involved learning how to connect with the Universal Energy some would call it the Life Force, Spiritual Energy or God and being able to tap into this powerful energy.

By having a direct connection with the Infinite Energy you begin clearing and activating your chakras the 7 power centres in your body and those chakras above the physical ones and start removing blockages from your physical and your psychic bodies aura. These blockages normally prevent people from growing spiritually and living a more harmonious and peaceful life.

The Energy Enhancement Course has helped me to strengthen physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually whilst building my psychic muscles to encourage stronger intuitive skills to develop. As I realized how wonderful and life transforming this course is, I got inspired to make this course available to others in London. I have therefore invited Satchiji and his wife Devi to conduct a 4 week evening and weekend course in May in London.

Both Satchiji and Devi are beautiful and inspiring souls, passionately committed to helping people grow spiritually and accelerating each students progress towards enlightenment. They allow the students to grow at their own pace, whilst passing on profound knowledge and techniques in a light hearted and joyful manner. Both of them have extensive knowledge, possess strong perceptive powers and bathe people around them in the strong Buddhafield of energy that surrounds them.

They have both made my stay in Argentina a delightful and a memorable one. Honey Kalaria Full Testimonial. Remember the Labour of Hercules involving the Hydra. As Hercules chopped off one head with his sword another 3 grew back in its place. As Hercules chopped off the head, he cauterised it with the Sacred Fire, and thus the heads grew no more. This is the secret of meditation taught in Energy Enhancement, but for the fire, you have to wait a few Initiations! The Hydra symbolises the mind. I'm sure I'll be able to go much longer with practice.

The next part of the video described how to align the spine so that it is square to the earth.

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This was very energizing. The breathing technique given was not unlike techniques that I've used before. So it wasn't a major breakthrough for me. However, with the above two changes I think any breathing technique would be greatly enhanced. Craig Adamson. Energy Enhancement Meditation -.

Initiation 1. The human mind is filled with wandering thoughts and desires like a mad monkey it leaps from tree to branch and distracts the mind from the higher energies from chakras above the head. And what the mind contains is madness.

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These blockage thoughtform program sub-personalities are fixed, obsessed, filled with desire which become stale and poisonous. They Kill!! These mind created thoughtforms are the ones which cause the endless Chitta Chatter Chitta is Sanskrit meaning, Mind and distraction from Purpose.

These thoughtform Energy blockages create and maintain connections which drain energy and strength from the lower chakras. So, when we say mind is the disease, we mean that the full and sick desire filled mind is the disease. An empty mind is a perceptive instrument and meditation is a fast for the mind because it drives out all the Unwanted thoughts and blockages and creates enlightenment. The purpose of the empty mind faculty is to contain the psychic powers of perception and to listen to the energies of the higher chakras above the head which work at a higher and faster frequency, To listen to the quantum shift in energy from the chakras above the head.

The chakras above the head eventually at their highest point connect with Atman, God, Allah, Nirvana - any of the 10, names of the one Highest Energy. When you create an empty mind then automatically you get in touch with the Mind of God!! Only an empty mind can contact the energies of God! And, when all the blockages are removed, then you can become a candidate for Enlightenment! Energy Enhancement easily transmutes all negative energy without going anywhere near the emotions and memory!! The Buddhafield of energy, in which evolutionary progress can quickly be made, and Kundalini Energy are absolutely necessary to any course of Meditation.

The inflow of Spiritual Energy or Kundalini Energy is well known in all Spiritual Circles as being expected in all genuine Courses with teachers who have advanced experience with Enlightened Masters yet some people just cannot get their heads around it and they do not trust it as this concept destroys their idea of a "Normal" world. They start to fear the unknown!! The wind of Kundalini blowing through you usually leaves smoke and ashes in its wake.

Normally, when Kundalini energy starts to flow through the interiorly held negativities it starts to destroy and release the Trauma and trauma within. Energy Enhancement does not work at the level of memory. The student of Energy Enhancement knows how necessary is the transmutation of all the old energies on the path of evolution, progress and inner freedom.

The Energy transmutation of Energy Enhancement produces inner peace, clarity, openness and truth. The Energy Enhancement student's "NO" to all the past negative energy held inside springs from an unequivocal "YES" to themselves and to their life! The necessity for positive and easy change is comparable to the drastic move by Jesus Christ when he drove the moneylenders out of the Temple , and to the work of Hercules when he drove the River Styx through the Augean Stables, thus easily cleaning out thousands of years of horse shit in one day! The wand of the Princess of discs stretches from heaven to earth and symbolises the Antakarana, an ancient symbol of Kundalini Yoga, which represents the tower, rainbow bridge of energy which flows through all your chakras from heaven to earth, when all energy blockages preventing that flow have been transmuted through the techniques of Energy Enhancement.

By learning how to bring the Spiritual Energies of the Center of the Universe, the highest and purest form of light, into this Earth which is the darkest and most negative of all elements, it becomes possible to raise the energy level of the Energy Enhancement student and the Earth itself.

This advance into new territory has the ability to unify to integrate the mother, the father and all the internal children into one energetic, soul infused and peaceful being. Thus bringing together spirit and matter.

The removal of energy blockages has created something new which can channel the light onto the Earth and cosmic idea-impulses, thoughtforms, become visible to everyone and permeate everything with their divine quality. The Teacher who does not learn from his students does not teach. The rest of the class were sat in a circle on the floor meditating with Master Satchidanand. It was my turn to receive an initiation from Devi so I was sat on a chair at the back of the meditation room with my eyes closed and hands together in a prayer like fashion.

However this was not the scene to which I closed my eyes. Satchi and the students had transformed into beings of intense white light. I think that I was being given a glimpse of their true nature, a peek at the world the way the enlightened see it. The meditation room had opened and expanded. I felt we were outdoors in a place of great space, holiness and energetic purity maybe a forest or mountain top. Then I became aware of the presence of others. A group of beings approached from my right and turned to face me one by one. I felt immense happiness and peace at their presence, they had an aura of intense holiness and purity - great Saints and Sages.

As they faced me and bowed one by one I felt a feeling of unworthiness but the thought came immediately "worthiness is not necessary, by the grace of God infinite love and light is offered to each of us every moment all we need do is accept it". I felt that they were very pleased with my practice and had appeared to me to let me know. I think it is important to say that I was in no way unique.

Most of the other students this year and last year had experiences of meeting beings of light, ascended masters and angels - EE has that effect! Come and experience it for yourself you won't be disappointed. You can see how effective Psychology is by looking at Woody Allen. I connected with her base chakra and her inner child showed me all her chakras and blockages one by one. A very interesting experience. First the Base chakra, one fear and security blockage which I removed very quickly.

Then the second, a Trauma filled relationship blockage which I also removed. Then all the chakras solar plexus, heart etc, feeling the general dirtyness of the psychic body usually cleaned with T he Grounding of Negative Energies but no major blockages. Then the head, two blockages, one a person who had just died, very deep and negative. I removed the first blockage but the other one was more difficult and stayed with me, absorbed by my psychic body, for a day before I sent it on. She felt the movement of energy blockages in the head and in the body as my mind and energy was working on her and told me that she normally got a lot of headaches.

She was interested in my exposition of Energy Enhancement as all the while I was working on these blockages I was also talking to her. Such openings show an educated psychic body, one with talent. Not everyone who comes to the Guru has similar experiences. Some also get more. She and I felt that with training she also might be able to help her clients in a similar way.

So, she is coming back tomorrow to try out the process, to get her first Initiation in Energy Enhancement. I Want that which will only benefit the Universe. I Want Only Happiness peace and joy. Learn how to align your spine and neck with the energies of the universe. When we do this we automatically align our energy systems with Kundalini Energy! The shape of a yale key is the Key of the Gaol of the Naqsbandhis or the cave of Plato and is taken from the figure below. When we get our spines into alignment in the Energy Enhancement Initiation of Meditation, then we immediately get the experience of Kundalini Energy.

The above animation requires Shockwave plug ins. If no picture occurs after a few minutes then download shockwave plugs FREE. Just click the button below. Learn how to Connect! As we learn how to connect with external energy centers so we become filled with Super Energy!! Whether by watching the talks or enjoying the Sacred Dance where Art is defined as contact with the Energies of God and Devi channels the energies of the Soul.. A good student will always draw the energies of God.

When the lady touched the robe of Christ and was healed, Jesus said, " It was her faith which healed her". Learn how to become a good student with Energy Enhancement. Stop the Mind, Stop the World. Samadhi is attained by throwing out all the energy blockages in the mind. By moving the position of my posture slightly I could feel the flow of energy from the center of the earth into the center of the universe.

Satchi explained that what I was feeling was Kundalini Energy. If I followed it, he said, It would lead me to Enlightenment. Then the Energy Enhancement Course is for you. If you want to Master Meditation Energy, to get more Energy and to handle it better, this course is for You! If you want to Speed Up the Meditative Process , rather than sitting with no result. Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques are the quickest and easiest methods of evolution available, leading to Ultimate Happiness. The chakras above the head connect with Atman , God, Allah, Nirvana - any of the 10, names of the one Highest Energy.

An empty, purified mind is one filled with Super Energy; a perceptive instrument for Intuition and Wisdom. Energy Enhancement is a unique system to exponentially increase your energy by mastering the Mind, accessing inner peace, improving health, Mastering Relationships , creating synchronicity and luck, and improving your success. Increase the Speed of the normal Mind. To Enable Your Evolution!! The most advanced Course of Meditation providing the most results on the path of enlightenment!!

Taste and try..

Edgar Cayce

Usually people get the 4 Initiation Course before coming on the live course.. Thankfully most of them travel to see us after Currency Conversion at www. Meditation plus Alignment with Universal Energy and Shaktipat 2. The start of the Kundalini Kriyas and Energy Circulation!! The Projection into the Antahkarana and Access to the Soul!! Supercharge your Energy with the Power Towers!! Psychic Protection with the pyramids!!

Level 2 Eliminate Energy Blockages!! Energy Enhancement is the Synthesis of all Religion. It will help you attain the Essence of Your Religion. Here you have the full list of Energy Enhancement products and their Prices, from our incredible books at Amazon. Thailand April - May Here below we have a link to our course if you agree to work for us and humanity to free people of their energy blockages- You will recieve one initiation after 3 Months and then every 3 months plus many other books, videos and Yoga and meditation tips and the best meditation course in the world..

It is not Free.. We expect work - at least 5 - say which ones - of the items to choose from - in return for the course Check it out. Initiation 2. Gain Energy! The Circular Yin Yang Symbol of Chinese Alchemical Taoism makes sense once you understand that the black dot represents the lead of the dirty Base chakra and the white dot represents the pure crown chakra.

These Meridians, energy flows, circulate down the front of the body and up the spine through all the major Chakras. This is the "Microcosmic Orbit" of Energy Enhancement. The Circular Broach in the costume of the Zen Master on the left. Zen is the Hybrid of Buddhism and Taoism. It represents the "Microcosmic Orbit" of Energy Enhancement. The Christian Fishes. The Astrological Sign of Pisces. The Zen Buddhist Circle. The Chinese Taoist, Circular Doorways. The Circular Sacred Thread traditionally worn around the body, over the shoulder and around the genitals, by the Hindu Brahmins who are Brahmacharya, celibate and working under the tutelage of a Guru.

When the circulation of the energies, the Kundalini Kriyas - the Microcosmic Orbit, the Macrocosmic Orbit, The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit, starts to function then the higher attachment of the Soul and higher starts to control all lower attachments. The outside of the wheel represents the spiral flows of energy around the axis of the wheel which represents a flow of energy between heaven and earth - the Antahkarana.

The Reiki "Choku Rei Symbol" This represents the Antahkarana flow of energy between heaven and earth - the upright line, and the spiral of spiritual energy which surrounds it as magnetism spiral around a ray of light in the direction of the "left hand rule" of physics. The Hindu Swastika, Clockwise. Like the Choku Rei Symbol and the Prayer Wheel the swastika represents the spiral flows of energy around a central stem.

Clockwise represents energy coming towards you. Devi Dhyani, "A Simple teacher of Dance" - Quote by Gurdjieff, like Jalaluddin Rumi and his whirling dervishes utilises this spiritual truth by turning clockwise to send all negative energy into the center of the universe and clean the crown chakra. The Hindu Swastika, Anti-Clockwise.

Anti-Clockwise or as they say in Magic, "Widdershins" represents energy going away from you. Devi Dhyani, "A Simple teacher of Dance" - Quote by Gurdjieff, like Jalaluddin Rumi and his whirling dervishes utilises this spiritual truth by turning anticlockwise to send all negative energy into the center of the earth and clean the base chakra. I discovered Energy Enhancement through a dance workshop.

Devi did some initiation to different dance including Indian dance. She was wonderful and sweet as she always is. We also did some chanting and practised a bit of meditation. Because of the high level of energy emanating from Devi and Satchi it enhanced my own energy and for the first time I felt it flowing pretty strongly between my hands!! Even if I have read about it, I never had the chance to feel it for real. Satchi explained to me how the energy works in the body.

How your own physical and mental strength depends upon the level of energy that you hold within yourself. He also told me that your ability to build it up or to increase it will increase your intellectual possibility as well as keeping a healthy body much longer…. Learn about the inner meditational meaning of these symbols on the Energy Enhancement Course or by reading the Energy Enhancement E-Book available online at. The problem is that over the years we lose our inner energy due to bad experiences that happen to us in life. Negative thoughts forms are also responsible for its lack.

The solution to all these problems is learning Energy Enhancement! So I had to go onto the course!!! I have learned so much in this course that there is no way that I could sum it up in few lines! However I can tell you about an experience that I had during my first week. This proved me and may be to you as well, that meditation is very active process using the energy of the earth and those from the universe. I was sitting in the lotus position, applying some of the basic Energy Enhancement techniques, and suddenly I felt my whole body getting warmer and warmer. My hands started to shake a little bit and I was feeling slightly dizzy.

As I was still concentrating on the technique a heat from within started to make my whole body sweat.

The Healing Water Treatment

Although it was a cool September day I was getting so warm that I could feel the drops of sweat coming down the back of my spine, from my head onto the my neck. Once the meditation over I had to get change and have a shower because even my clothes were all damp. I can guarantee to you that I am not a person to get very warm even in the hottest summer day in Spain! This was a very interesting experience for me and it proved to me another time the effectiveness of Energy Enhancement Meditation. This technique cleans all the Chakras. Helping all parts of the mind including the Unconscious, to become more calm and still.

To remove the stones in the path of the watercourse. To remove blockages to the flow of your energy. It teaches how to cleanse the psychic body so that our psyche becomes sensitive and our energy more powerful. An Energy Enhancement guided meditation to increase sensitivity to energies, which is given in the next Initiation of the techniques of Energy Enhancement- "The Grounding of Negative Energies. Energy Enhancement! Bookmark this page - add it to your Favourites Now!! Click Below to go to Energy Circulation!

The Grounding of Negative Energies! Kundalini Energy! The Fifth Labour of Hercules! The Lord of the Rings! The Matrix! The Gladiator! Star Wars! Or read more below Amongst those conditioned patterns which transmit the war virus you will find the following,.

The justification of past mistakes,. When I arrived here, was very hard for me, but luckily Satchy and Devi helped me a lot and removed many of my blockages so that I can really think with my head! The first 2 days I was feeling very strange and uncomfortable inside of me. Half of myself wanted to improve and half wanted to stay like that, in a low energy level state, didn't want to grow neither change. During these days I realized how the strategies control people and how they were controlling myself. Sometimes you are confused, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and these don't have to be like that!!!

I didn't know. Energy Enhancement Level 2 teaches you how to manage your emotions, it gives you a strong emotinonal IQ. I feel so happy to meet Satchy and Devi, they are high spiritual teachers that can see deeply inside you, behind the mask that everybody has. They can see your soul, your real self!! If you need help you'll get it from them. The Fifth labour of Hercules. All ancient myths refer to hidden levels of meditation. Throughout history, simple stories and symbols containing many levels of meaning have usually not been destroyed by the prevalent Religion as have been the competing religions temples and texts.

In the past, psychologists have only worked on one painful experience at a time by providing a meaningful theory by Freud or Jung and then examining the problem. Through understanding the problem, it is released and the client adjusted back into society in his proper place. He may still be neurotic because only one problem has been solved. The same with ancient lives. We may travel back to, see and fix one life problem in one of our past lives, but what about the other thousands of life-times, each with their own traumas, deaths and problems. Energy Enhancement Techniques teaches how to remove All of the traumas, deaths and problems as simple negative energy.

You do not have to see the problems. They are simply grounded as Negative energy. Learn how to simply The Crown Chakra wanting to combine with the Base Chakra. Shiva combining with Shakti. A Human Being becoming Enlightened.

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He needed to ask her father's permission. When he did, her father was pleased to marry his daughter to the son of Zeus, but first he must perform 12 tasks. The 12 labours of Hercules. The fifth task was to clean out the Kings stables - The Augean stables. Hercules said, "No Problem," but when he saw the stables, he realised what a mountainous task he had taken on. There were thousands of horses and they had been creating manure for hundreds of years. Just like we, ourselves, create and absorb Trauma and Karma over thousands of lifetimes. At first, he tried to dig the manure, examining every turd.

Just like the psychologists and past life therapists of today. But after one month he had got nowhere. He had only cleared a small hole in a mountain of shit. After much thought, he then projected to change the course of the river Styx, the river we cross when we die, through the stables. When he did this, the stables were quickly cleaned as the river washed all the manure away. Deep Rivers of Energy lie hidden deep within us. As we learn to access and then to use them.

So, All our History. The whole mountain can gradually be moved and our History painting which has been painted brushful by brushful, day by day, can be returned to the clean white sheet we were when we were born. We are full of a lot of "History". Our Energy Enhancement can truly remove this Personal History so that all painful memories can be dissipated and our energies can then start to flow in their natural courses, once again.

It is not enough to pick up one piece of shit and examine it and say "Ah yes, this was the Trauma I absorbed when my father died. Or in that lifetime when I continued on such a stupid path. We need to be able to transmute it all! The Labyrinth, is cut into the stone floor of Chartres Cathedral. There was a plate in the middle of the Labyrinth there before the French revolution showing The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. The Minotaur like the Sphinx and the Centaur shows the dual Nature of man.

It represents the man without a heart, the savage animal red in tooth and claw. The Law of the Jungle. Kill or be killed. The person only interested in himself to the detriment of everyone around him. The psychopathic personality who only wants for himself and who will do anything, even kill, those who stand against him. Many people admire Julius Caesar yet when Julius Caesar came to France it contained six million people. After taking it over he had killed one million and one million had been sold off into slavery. Similarly with Pol Pot of Cambodia, who killed 2 million people.

Mao Tse Tung of China killed off 35 millions during the cultural revolution in the name of holding onto power, and so for many other similar psychopaths. In order to open the heart we need to heal the Minotaur within all of us. It is called Energy Enhancement Opening of the Heart. Removing the Blockages of the heart and this is the function of the Second Initiation of Energy Enhancement. Part of the Initiation is explaining the function of the Golden thread which allowed Theseus to find his way safely out of the Labyrinth created by Daedelus a genius of a man whose mind was "made of metal and wheels".

Follow the golden thread, it will lead you to safety. The Golden thread is the Golden Circulation of the Energy Here's another testimonial, Thomas Kline. My name is Thomas Kline and I am 21 years of age. I am now at my 3rd degree black belt, and I knew that I needed to add on to my art, looking mainly towards the Spiritual aspect. I must say I really got what I had bargained for! I had tried practicing meditation and yoga here and there before, but never knew what was really out there to experience.

After learning just the first stage of Energy Enhancement, I immediately felt the energy rushing through me! It truly was quite an experience! An enlightened being is sometimes given the title Paramahamsa. This refers to an ancient Hindu myth of when the world was young, the whole of the surface was covered with water. The mischievous Gods mixed milk and poison in the water and stirred it all together.

Paramahamsa was the name meaning the Great White Swan. This enormous Swan, is said to have had the ability to put its beak deep down into the water and draw out pure milk. It had the capacity to discriminate and draw in only the milk, which is the reason it remained white, and reject the poison water. Not only that, a Paramahamsa, an enlightened being, has the capacity of changing water into wine, poison into milk, Yin into Yang, black into white. Aham also means the self. Para means higher. A Paramahamsa is one who is in constant contact with the higher self and this is only possible when the lower self is being constantly cleaned through transmutation of the negative energies of the body… aches and pains, emotional body… anger, depression and fear, and the mental body..

He can only do this by learning the psychic powers of the digestion, the transmutation of energy. Energy Enhancement Master Satchidanand. It Quickens the Meditative process, makes it faster, because now, Enlightenment is not enough! This Yin Yang drawing symbolises the process whereby we too can do the same. It shows how to keep free of negative influences and energies by transmuting them The secret of the Philosophers Stone is given in Energy Enhancement Initiation Three within our energy systems.

Once you understand that this Yin Yang symbolises the circulation of Energies around the body. Once you understand that the Yin Yang Symbol contains the two polarities, the dots which symbolise in simple energy circulation, the Base and Crown Chakras and in advanced circulation of the Supra galactic Orbit the dots symbolise Heaven and earth, the dots symbolise the Central Spiritual Sun - "Brighter than 10, Suns it Shines Alone" and Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the earth.

Between the two dots is an energy circulation, the circle which symbolises the Antahkarana connection between Heaven and earth so it also symbolises the Holy Trinity! The Function of a Paramahamsa. The Function of an Enlightened being. Also the Labour of Hercules involving the Hydra. As Hercules chopped off one head with his sword another 2 grew back in its place. Its heads the many thoughts we have which need to be dissipated. The Dragon always Symbolises Kundalini Energy. It is the most gentle and effective tool for all those who want to increase their energy, their evolution, their genius.

The original Aristotelians were the intelligence-services arm of the Babylonian oligarchies jointly controlling the court of Philip of Macedon and the contemporary Persian - Iranian court of that time. Their objectives were to stop technological and scientific progress, and to create zero-growth synthetic mythologies as the simple beliefs of the ignorant masses. These efforts they regarded as the means to establish permanent world-rule by a landlord-based oligarchy, deemphasizing cities in favor of the countryside, and maintaining "Malthusian" zero-growth, antitechnology policies against scientific progress.

Aristotle, teacher of Alexander the Great, was eventually responsible for poisoning him. The intelligence-services arm have not altered that method or purpose to the present day. The revolution in music made by J. We are talking here of the successful evolution of the human race, the life or death of the Human Race, and the achievement of Enlightenment for every person. The Plasma Torches formed in the Fusion Reactors created now by table top Lasers which can create sufficient energy to start any fusion reaction, can now be used in industrial processes to de-salinate sea water, purify any ores, transmute ores from one element to another to create any element at will.

These so-called matter converters are the industry of the future abundance of human society which will give Free Energy and cheap products, housing, water, education for the benefit of Humanity if we demand it. Don't hesitate - go for it!! The Energy Enhancement programme encapsulates and expands all of these systems, it is complete and no questions are left unanswered.

King Kong. King Kong symbolises the Ego. As we ascend the Empire State building of the Antahkarana to the soul, then the ego must die and slip away. As it says in the Movie as a Sufi saying - And the Prophet said, 'And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead. Only the knowledge of the true self, the Soul, can overcome the selfish, competitive Ego, red in tooth and claw.

D in Nizamuddin in Delhi. The blockages which cut us off from our souls are burnt to ashes through the practise of meditation and the higher practices of meditation called Energy Enhancement. Well first of all, what makes a good movie? And what makes an Incredibly Profitable and Successful Movie? Because usually, the two go together, unless the bad guys against evolution successfully oppose. Energy Enhancement and the Lord of the Rings.

Cate Blanchett as Galadriel ,. To my mind, no-one has brought up the similarity between existentialists and Psychopaths. An existentialist is a person cut off from their soul conscience and from their heart sympathy, living in a flat, intellectual drab wasteland devoid of meaning. And it is only the heart and the soul which give life meaning and significance, not the intellect. Why are there psychopaths? And the answer is contained in the chakra multi-processor model of the human being together with the concept of Energy Blockages which block and cut off some chakra functions like soul conscience which conquers selfish desire and heart sympathy which allows you to imagine yourself in another persons place, Gurdjieffian external consideration, whilst sometimes leaving courage and the intellect intact.

The Science of Impression by Ascended Master Djwan Khul with commentary by Satchidanand The entire subject of telepathic communication can be approached under a more subjective designation or name, but one which is interpretive of the more universal and prior stage than that of direct telepathic reception. The occultist ever approaches the subject connected with the evolutionary process from the angle of the whole and then the part, from the periphery to the center, from the universal to the particular.

The Energy Pyramid

Among Themselves, the Masters do not deal with telepathy as a science warranting consideration, endeavor and importation; They are concerned primarily with the Science of Impression. I note that these impressions are thought forms which are picked up during the process of meditation from chakras above the Logos.

They are what I call, "Intelligent Energy" or "Chit Shakti" in that they do not give the idea in the form of writing of voice. They seem to give a thoughtform so that when you are in it you know it so you just talk or write about it as if you are writing it down by divine inspiration, yet it is true and when you test it out it works!! This type of impression is totally different from the telepathy which occurs between student and Master. You communicate. You get told what to do. You do it!!

The first stage of correct telepathic reception is ever the registering of an impression; it is generally vague at the beginning, but as a thought, idea, purpose or intention of the sending agent concretizes, it slips into the second stage which appears as a definite thought-form; finally, that thought-form makes its impact upon the consciousness of the brain in the location lying just behind the ajna center and consequently in the area of the pituitary body. It can appear also in the region of the solar plexus center.

This They do on the levels of the abstract mind, of the intuition, or of manas and buddhi. The science is as yet without a vocabulary. It is not limited at any stage by thought-forms but it is limited by word forms; and it is therefore a difficult problem for me to pass on any information anent this subtle mode of communication of which telepathy is in fact but an exoteric externalization. Impression, as an art to be mastered both from the angle of the impressing agent and of the impressed recipient, is definitely related to the world of ideas.

As far as our planetary Life is concerned, there are certain great sources of impression and one or two of them might here be noted; you will thus gain some idea of the subtlety of the whole subject, of its close relation to energy impacts and of its group reception as differentiated from individual reception, as is the case in any telepathic rapport.

The recipients of this impression are the highest Members of the Great Council, presided over by the Lord of the World. So subtle is this [43] impression that these Great Lives can only receive it with accuracy when in full joint conference of the entire Council, and also after due preparation. From one or other of the constellations which are at any particular time astrologically en rapport with our planet. This impression can only be received by the Great Council when sitting in conclave with a majority of its Members present.

This, I would have you note, does not entail the attendance of the entire Council. This impression is received by the three Buddhas of Activity for distribution to the Hierarchy. This makes its entrance via the Lord of the World and three of His Council Who are chosen by Him at any specific time to act as recipients.

There are other entering impressions, but to them I do not refer, as any reference would be meaningless to you. Certain great Lives Who, at specific times and according to cyclic rhythm, or in times of emergency, are swung into this type of activity. For instance, one such time would be the Full Moon period, which is a time of reception by the Hierarchy as well as by Humanity; an instance of the second type of activity would be the Wesak Festival, or those acute crises when intervention is required from sources far higher than those with which the recipient is usually en rapport.

Such a crisis is fast approaching. The first type of impression is rhythmic, recurrent and therefore cumulative in its intended effects. The second type of impression is the result of invocation and evocation and is dependent upon both the recipient and the agent. That great group of divine Contemplatives who are trained to act as an intermediate receptive group between Shamballa and the Hierarchy. They are called, in the East, the divine Nirmanakayas.

I only mention Their occult name so that you may learn to recognize Them when you meet reference to Them. The Buddha at the time when the Wesak Festival is celebrated. Let me here interpolate a remark which may prove helpful and illuminating. We are dealing as you will undoubtedly have noted with the reception of impression by groups or by aggregations of groups composed of living Beings Who have Their own agents of distribution or impression.

The entire evolutionary history of our planet is one of reception and of distribution, of a taking in and of a giving out. This is the breaking of the Law which has placed humanity in the position of guilt. The war is the dire penalty which humanity has had to pay for this great sin of separateness. Impressions from the Hierarchy have been received, distorted, misapplied and misinterpreted, and the task of the New Group of World Servers is to offset this evil.

These Servers are to humanity what the Buddhas of Activity are to Shamballa, and the group of divine Contemplatives the Nirmanakayas are to the Hierarchy. In other words, it is the Hierarchy, impelled to action [46] by Shamballa, or the Will-to-Good, externalizing itself as goodwill. We now carry this conception of divine impression down to the level of the human consciousness. The impression of Humanity by: The Hierarchy, through the stimulating of ideas. These demonstrate through a steadily growing and enlightened public opinion. The influence of the Ashrams of the Masters as they affect the aspirants of the world, the humanitarians and the idealists.

These impressing agencies, being seven in number, constitute seven different streams of impressing energy which affect the seven ray types. The united Ashrams, forming the great Ashram of the Christ, affect humanity as a whole; this great united Ashram works solely through the New Group of World Servers whose members are on all rays, of all grades of development, and who work in all the various departments of human living and enterprise. The activity of the New Group of World Servers about which I have already written in my various pamphlets; therefore repetition is not necessary.

A Treatise on White Magic, When the free flow of divine energy, of divine interplay and of spiritual purpose is re-established Through the removal of Energy Blockages - Satchidanand , then evil will disappear and the will-to-good will become factual goodwill upon the outer physical plane. In the statements given above in connection with the three great planetary centers you have the basis for the new and coming Approach to Divinity which will be known under the expression: Invocative and Evocative religion.

It is this new Science of Impression which forms the subjective basis and the uniting element which binds together the entire realm of knowledge, of science and of religion. This Science of Impression is the mode of life of the subjective world which lies between the world of external happenings the world of appearances and of exoteric manifestation and the inner world of reality. This is a point which should be most carefully taken into the calculations of the occult investigators. Impressions are received and registered; they form the basis of reflection for those aspirants who are sensitive enough to their impact and wise enough to record carefully in consciousness their emanating source.

After due practice, this period of brooding upon the registered [48] impression is followed by another period wherein the impression begins to take form as an idea; from that point it follows the familiar course of translation from an idea into a presented ideal; it then comes under the invocative appeal of the more concrete-minded until it finally precipitates itself into outer manifestation and takes form. You will see, therefore, that what I am doing is to take the student a step further into the world of reception and perception and point him to the more subtle contacts which lie behind those concepts which are regarded as definitely nebulous and to which we give the name of intuitions.

When, however, the Science of Impression has been correctly apprehended and has been brought down to the level of an educational objective, it will be found to be closely linked to the emerging teaching anent invocation and evocation and will be expanded to include not only right human relations to the superhuman kingdoms, but right human relations with the subhuman kingdoms also.

It will lead to a great shift of the human consciousness off the levels of emotional and physical life where the bulk of humanity is focused on to the levels of mental perception. You will understand, consequently, the reason why the Knowers of the world have ever referred to the dual action of the mind as it is sensitive to the higher impressions and active in the mental creation of the needed thought-forms.

The mind, rightly trained, will seize upon the fugitive impression, subject it to the concretizing effect of mental activity, produce the required form, and this, when correctly created and oriented, will finally lead to the externalizing of the registered impression, as it took form in an intuition and eventually found its place upon the mental plane. You will see also why disciples and world workers have to function as MINDS, as receptive and perceptive intelligences and as creators in mental matter. It is all related to this Science of Impression with which we have been dealing.

In the early stages and until the third initiation, the Science of Impression is concerned with the establishing of a sensitivity an invocative sensitivity between the Spiritual Triad temporarily expressing itself through the abstract mind and the soul or the Son of Mind and the concrete mind.

In the above I have given you an interesting and brief elucidation of the technique to be applied to the energizing of the centers in the human body. It is also true, as an outgrowth of this idea, of all the three planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. The name Science of Impression is that given to the process whereby the establishment of the required relationship in all these units of life takes place. The Technique of Invocation and Evocation is the name given to the mode or method whereby the desired relationship is brought about. The three aspects of the Technique of Invocation and Evocation with which the average disciple should concern himself are those of the building of the antahkarana, the correct use of the lower mind in its two higher functions the holding of the mind steady in the light and the creation of the desired thought-forms , and the process of precipitation whereby the impression is enabled eventually to take tangible form.

In the above exegesis I have given you much food for thought in connection with telepathic possibilities; it all fits into the theme of world service as it is to be applied in the expansion of the human consciousness on a large scale. This is one of the major tasks of the New Group of World Servers. The Antahkarana or Axis Mundi is the Psychic Tower of Connection between Heaven and Earth along which are strung all the Infinity of Chakras which end in God, of which you contain seven within your body. In great measure, The Macrocosmic Orbit, The Energy Enhancement Supra Galactic Orbit, it ascends from earth to heaven, descends again toward earth, and receives the force, The Energies of External Chakras, of the things above and below.

Here we are concerned not only with the amount of Energy, but also with the quality, the height of the vibration of the energy which alone determines the height of our Evolution. Energy Enhancement Synthesis of Light teaches 28 ancient and effective techniques to enable you to achieve control of your mind, an enhanced IQ, control over all your negative emotions, anger, fear, depression on the path of the ultimate Samadhi and enlightenment itself.

Energy Enhancement techniques have catapulted people years in their meditational experience in weeks. Some 5 years, some jump 10 times further! A life of Nothing!! Born with Nothing! Everything Stolen from You! Dying of Cancer with Nothing!! The Art Card challenges us to look inward. The process of integration no longer needs outside influences. You must look within yourself to find the hidden treasure.

This Art card is giving instructions on how to Integrate. How to take the separated parts of the Selfish Competitive Ego. How to Transmute them. How to Purify them. How to create One-ness out of them. The connection between fire and water, light and dark, male and female, death and rebirth is an inner process. The integration of opposites is the first step to all-encompassing unity. Opposing forces are combined into a new form of being. Because it is only the blockages which prevent the completion of the process of The Unity of Enlightenment. The Chakra in the Center of the Earth is the Source of all Kundalini Shakti - the fountain of energy which entering into the body through the Base Chakra purifies the other chakras of all their impurities.

As the energies of the central Spiritual Sun fall into the Earth Chakra in the center of the earth so any negativity which is caught up in that energy as it passes through your chakras is burnt up in the nuclear fires in the center of the earth. These Symbols also appear in all other religions on this planet thus unifying all religion on this planet at the level of energy. See the Sufi Alhambra and the Shiva Lingam. The dress is the colour of Green, from the Green man, The Fool, - the total creativity of the Earth as the green trees spring eternally from the bosom of the earth as Kundalini Shakti fountains from the earths center.

This is the "Rectificando" of VITRIOL the rectification of the energy first it symbolises purification - rectify, and then rectificando symbolises that the energy changes direction as the negative energies burn up so they erupt from the center of the earth into your base chakra.

Kundalini Shakti. We need to keep our spines square to the tangent of the circle of the Earth at this point, Squaring the Circle" to align with the energies "dropping as the gentle dew from heaven upon its place beneath" - Shakespeare or Sheiks Pir and then returning to the center of the universe - the Soul Chakra, Rectified. This is the "Reciprocal Maintenance" of Gurdjieff. Combined with the inner meaning of VITRIOL - The Earth Chakra, it shows the necessity of seeing all creativity coming from the nuclear generator in the Center of the earth which has kept this earth warm and living for 4 Billions of years.

Grounding is Energy Enhancement Level 1, Initiation 3. admin