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Because of this constant messiness and moving things around, you can expect your tank to get murky relatively quickly, so we would always recommend a very high quality filtration system if you want to house Cichlid fish. A good Hang On Back filter should suffice, but if your budget permits, we would always recommend a good quality Canister Filter such as the Fluval Series. While this particular species of fish is generally very timid, they can become extremely aggressive when they want to be, especially when they are breeding.

Convict Cichlids are a territorial fish, and will attack fish of any size to protect their property. When breeding, a pair of Convicts will live up to their name by terrorising the rest of the tank mates, without hesitation. If you are adamant that you want to keep these fish in our community tank, then make sure the rest of your fish are ones which are fast enough to evade any danger if the Cichlids ever decide to get a little nasty.

Fish such as barbs and mollies.

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Convict Cichlids are far from fussy eaters. They will eat pretty much anything you throw in the tank, but obviously, the goal is to raise your fish as healthy as possible, so here are our recommendations for the optimal Convict Cichlid Diet. The bulk of their diet should come from a high-quality fish flake or pellet.

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The majority of brands will work well, but we highly recommend that you choose a food that is specifically made for Cichlids, such as the New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula. To supplement the high-quality fish food, we would also recommend a regular feeding of both live and frozen foods such as blood worms, Tubifex worms, brine shrimp and Daphnia.

We go through a tub every few weeks. Fresh is obviously optimal, and it would be a great treat for your Cichlids but obviously, not everyone has access to live foods, so frozen will do just fine. In the wild, Convict Cichlids tend to enjoy munching on small insects and larvae, so if you can throw a few live insects into the mix, or a few mosquito larvae, they will be sure to appreciate it.

These fish are incredibly easy to breed, and they breed very often, so if you are ready to start breeding them, expect a batch of at least 20 — 30 little convicts within the space of a few weeks. Convict Cichlids can spawn from a very young age, and they do not require a suitable breeding mate. Any male Convict will breed with any female Convict. No funny dancing, no chasing around the tank. Reproductive behaviour of free-ranging convict cichlids, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum.

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Reproductive behaviour of free-ranging convict cichlids, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum | SpringerLink

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Serial monogamy benefits both sexes in the biparental convict cichlid

Field observations of parental behavior of the Texas cichlid Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum. Keenleyside, M. Bigamy and mate choice in the biparental cichlid fish Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum. Parental care. From: Roderick I bought 2 but removed them after 2 days. They made a disaster in my peaceful aquarium, chased angel fish , pleco and even one another.

I don't recommend this fish in a community tank. From: Adam R. Convicts were some of the first fish I ever kept. They are very good parents, which if allowed, will keep breeding and breeding. It is best to separate the females from the males because you will have hundreds of babies and no where for them.

They can be aggressive, so keep them with other fish of similar size and temperament. Females have more color.

They have an orange tint with neons blues and yellows. Great fish, just make sure the other fish can handle their aggression. From: Dave Okay, I know this fish has a long wrap-sheet filled with incidents of aggression and bad behavior, but I have had one in a community tank, yes a community tank, for about two years now, and I have not had a problem.

My convict is generally pretty easy going, and even a bit shy, but he is no fighter. My girlfriend described him as a wimp. Every web-site I have seen I have looked at them since introducing my convict the tank says he should be a bad influence in the tank, so this leads to my question: is he just an abnormal wimp like my girlfriend and I think, or is it common to see a convict be so docile around fish of a similar size?

Hi Dave - you don't mention the aquarium size in your post. It could be that your cichlid is comfortable in it's surroundings and doesn't feel threatened.

You would most likely see more aggression if you introduced another convict of the opposite sex. Many cichlids can become quite aggressive with tank mates while spawning. From: Withheld Definitely not recommended for a peaceful community tank. I made the mistake of not researching them and put two in my 55 gallon. After the first day they started beating up my gouramis and angelfish while uprooting plants.

Fish Room Update #31 Dovii, Convict Cichlids, Tropheus duboisi, Firemouth Cichlid, Curviceps

I took them back the very next day. Its too bad because they really are nice cool looking fish. From: Hawaii Our Convicts are in Community Tanks and get along with each other one tank is 35 gallons and the other is 20 gallons.