Taken by the Farmhand: A Gay First Time Story

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So they came up with the idea of a female scent elixir. But right from the start … I knew that if we were ever successful there was a much better use for that elixir … so when we finally completed it … I used my venom mixture to convince all of my co-workers that it was a complete failure and I took the elixir and moved here. But the funny thing was … I think it must have been gay … because right from the start, it always wanted to have sex with me.

We had sex together all the time. And then I got to thinking … if I could train more dogs to be like Herman … I could give them to my friends. For when I mentioned it to my friends, they said I was sick and that there was no way they would want something like that. Word spread fast about my … fetish, and soon no one would talk to me.

The Farmhand - 1. Chapter 1

I had a very lonely childhood. I knew then and there, I had found my calling … I would train dogs to be sex partners. Good sex partners. Then one by one all the pieces fell into place and here I am. What started with dogs has now turned into … " He paused, stared at Doc Johnson for a few seconds and then asked. He had obviously been dying to tell this story to someone for a long time … and he loved that Doc was such a good listener.

But none of them realized what kind of job they would really be doing. All of them are under my control because of the Zombie Juice … and all have become slaves to doggy dicks.

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Are you the one? He told them it was a false alarm.

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Then he said that he and the Doc were hungry and were going for something to eat. That gives us more than enough time to work on him. Funny how policemen take orders so well. Bring out the dog that just finished its training and prepare our guest for entry. They then sprinkled the officer with the female dog scent elixir. He knew the policeman was hung but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. When it finally reached its fully erect state, Doc gasped a little.

He had seen videos of men with 12 inch dicks but he had never seen one in person. Now he had. Just then a German shepherd was brought in and led to the officer. All of the technicians had turned to their boss and were obviously waiting for some kind of command. As it happens you will come to the realization that it is the most amazing feeling in the world and soon you will be begging me to let it happen again and again.

When that goes, the victim is mine. Would he still remain in your control? But enough with your questions … why are you staring at his huge cock when you should be staring at me? Come on … I am so turned on I want to make you cum. Doc Johnson was so confused he thought his head would explode. He had just watched someone he found very attractive shoot his big load out of his huge dick. He was now being given an expert blowjob by a man who was evil … and very sexy. And worst of all … he was dying to know what an elephant was doing at this farm … his curiosity had been really piqued.

As he let his body take him away on a cloud of ecstasy … his thoughts of escape and helping the policeman were slowly fading away. He had to find out as much as he could, he told himself, to help stop this man. He had sold his veterinary practice and was in love. Sure, his new boyfriend Greg the evil vet was the mastermind behind this shady business, and yet he was perfect. What were the old Miller farm hands being forced to do? What was taking place in all of the other buildings on the farm? Greg kept reminding him that he was only allowed to enter the Dog Building, because it was the safest one … the others were dangerous.

Fucking MIke the sexy farm hand! - Sex Stories - avijihybihyl.ga

He had originally thought to find a way of escape … a way to freedom … but now he was so comfortable in his bed, thinking of the great sex he and Greg just had, that all those kinds of thoughts keep being blown away like the wind. Sometimes Doc got fucked, sometimes he did the fucking.

Sometimes Doc worked his magic with his mouth, sometimes Greg showed how good his mouth was too. So why would Doc Johnson ever want to give this up? Damn his parents for teaching him right from wrong! His dick twitched a bit as he thought about how sexy the scene had been. As he walked into the building … he once again heard a man moaning and a dog barking. He was wearing a business suit with only his ass exposed. Doc Johnson just smiled. Maybe next time. The vet looked around and then said. Since the boss had some experience with dogs … and the elixir that had been developed while he was with the CIA was for dogs, this became the dog training centre … also known as The Dog Building.

Sure, he understood using the female scent to trick male dogs into becoming fucking machines, but how could male dogs be tricked into allowing themselves be fucked. We charge a lot more for those dogs, even though there are quite a few gay dogs … or I guess more appropriately, bi-sexual dogs … out there than people think.

My Gay Experience With a Straight Guy

They never taught us that in veterinary school. He realized, by the blank looks on their faces, that all of the men being tied to the chairs were the old farm hands. And Greg had been wrong, a lot of them were extremely cute. Sure, most of them were hairless, but all of them had nice bodies, nice muscles, nice asses … nice everything, except maybe big dicks. The Doc sat in total fascination, as a construction worker got fucked by a boxer, a collie sucked off a firefighter and a doberman fucked a cowboy senseless. Collies could be trained to suck and not bite. Boxers loved to fuck and fuck and fuck.

Bernards like to fuck but a lot of them really liked to be fucked as well. Terriers and beagles were good at sucking. Dalmatians were very versatile. Great Danes actually lived up to their name. Dobermans had a tendency to fuck without stopping and Schnauzers liked to cuddle after sex.

The list went on and on and Doc read as much as he could. At the end of the day he was hornier than hell and curious beyond belief. And where did the farm hands sleep? A query from Burt woke Doc Johnson from his ponderings. Why do you even dress them at all? And a lot of the costumes look almost identical with only some slight variation. And the answer is quite simple, but it took us a long time to find a solution.

But, when complaints started coming in from customers who preferred NOT to be naked, we had to change the training.

My Handsome Farm Hand

We did all that for our customers. He had always hated gay men who straight-bashed. He felt it made them no better than the rednecks who had terrified him his whole life. But unlike the technicians, they had been forced by a drug to do things that they probably objected to … forced to do something that was against their very nature. And that was wrong and he knew it. But what could he do against all of those technicians.

He was just a single man against so many. If he did his head would explode. He had been forced to quit his job, telling everyone at the precinct that he had been hired to be a security guard at the Old Miller Ranch. Right now he was under the influence of Zombie Juice which caused him to have no thoughts at all … or did it? For some strange reason, something was starting to happen to the officer.

They say that some people start to build up an immunity to certain drugs very quickly. There are some people who have an immediate adverse reaction to new drugs. Now, every time he was injected with the juice, he got a very terrible headache which lasted for a day. If his captors had been watching him carefully, they might have seen the change and increased his dosage. But since this had never happened to any of the farmhands, none of the technicians were the wiser.

The sex they were having that night was missing something. It was still great … some of the best sex he had had in his life … but Greg knew that Doc was preoccupied … his mind was elsewhere. His dick was still rock hard … his body still quivered every time Greg touched any part of him. So Greg decided to do what any other self respecting gay man would do … he went down on Doc with such fervor that he knew Doc would come and then maybe Doc would be back with him.

He was so happy Doc had entered his life. For so long he had wanted someone to share everything with … someone to talk things over with … someone to have incredible sex with. As Doc released his first shot of cum Greg began to shoot his load as well. They both continued shooting until their balls were empty and they both collapsed on the bed. I hear you spent the entire day in the Dog Building. He had been working out the details of a very complicated escape plan and as far as he could see it … it might just work. But it all hinged on one thing … and it had to do with Greg.

So if Greg got suspicious it would all be ruined. Doc knew that the next few minutes could either make or break his escape plan … so he knew he better start to act the part of an interested lover … something he was used to doing. How come we never thought of that.

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  • I just want us to sleep. The next day started out the same as the previous one. He told them his idea and how much Greg had liked it and the whole team got very excited. As they discussed and argued and put forward possible combinations … Doc slowly slipped out of the building. Since hatching his little plan the night before, Doc knew he had to do some investigating. He walked around the building next to the Dog Building looking for some way to get up to the second floor from the outside.

    This building was the barn of the old Miller place but now … with all the bales of hay stacked up to the roof … it looked like a storage building for hay. He had noticed the day before that the door to the hayloft had been left open and if he could just find a way to climb up to it, then he could see what they were doing in that building. He finally found a spot near one corner that almost looked like stairs … hay stairs … but still stairs.

    The only thing he was worried about was whether it would hold his weight. He looked around to make sure no one was watching and then turned and started to climb. The bales were actually tied together very solidly and he was soon entering the hayloft. The sounds that greeted his ears were quite shocking. One, of course, was a man moaning like there was no tomorrow. But the other … the other was that of a horse … a horse whinnying and grunting.

    When he got a little farther into the building, he was surprised to see that very little had changed. He had come to the Miller farm many years ago, when he was an assistant vet, and had helped deliver a colt in this very building. There were no protective windows, no computers, no technicians … not as far as he could see.

    But there was something very interesting. There was a harness contraption that was holding the horse a bit in the air. Doc crawled along the hayloft until he was at the edge so he could get a better look. And when he did his dick jumped into hard drive. In the barn below, with all the haystacks and tractors and tools, was a cowboy being fucked by a horse. He had grown up and been turned on all his life with people who wore jeans and a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat … his neighbors … his friends … his relatives.

    And he had always loved animals. But he never realized how much he had always wanted to see something like this. It was like a fantasy come true … but a fantasy he never really knew he had. He was so aroused that he pulled out his dick and started to jerk off. His dick got harder and harder as the cowboy moaned louder and louder. Suddenly the horse shuddered and the cowboy screamed … and Doc shot a huge load all over the hay. Doc assumed the cowboy had never gotten such a big load up his ass before. Out of nowhere, or so it seemed, a large group of technicians suddenly surrounded the horse and the man.

    But then he saw the next farmhand … the next cowboy more like … the one they called the superstar. He had an amazing ass, and a nice hairy chest the plaid shirt had been left unbuttoned and nice, big muscular arms. Doc knew right then and there he had to stay and watch what was going to happen. They brought in a beautiful black stallion and strapped it in the harness. As they were doing that, two men with video cameras set up their tripods and were getting ready to tape the upcoming scene.

    Doc wanted to scream … to do something to stop them … but deep down he was so excited … so turned on, that no words came out of his mouth. The main technician looked at the two cameramen and they nodded. At first the horse seemed a bit annoyed by what the cop was doing, but suddenly the horse-dick got harder and harder and harder until it was fully extended.

    That was when the cowboy wrapped his mouth around the horse-dick and started to give what looked like an amazing blowjob. He also pulled out his own hard, incher and started to jerk it nice and slowly. The officer, in the last week, had become an expert at giving head and at jerking himself off in such a way that the camera was getting a great view. Without even touching himself, Doc had done the same and his pants were starting to show a large wet stain.

    It all seemed very surreal to Doc, like a dream come to life. The hunky cop, dressed as a cowboy, with horse-cum dripping down all over his face was standing there with his huge cock hanging out and dripping as well.

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    It was such a powerful image that Doc felt like he was having an out of body experience. Doc was exhausted and was about to fall asleep but knew he would get in a lot of trouble if he was caught where he was. So he forced himself to get up and quickly got back down to the ground outside what was obviously the Horse Building. He walked quickly back to the farmhouse. He stripped off his clothes, had a nice long hot shower and then jumped into bed. He slept a little better this time, even though visions of farmhands, dressed as cowboys, kept asking him to help them, before they stripped off their cowboy clothes and turned into policemen.

    His sleep, that afternoon, was fitful … but something he needed.. For his escape plan to work, he needed to know what each building contained and he really needed to know where the farmhands and his policeman were sleeping. He was going to work on his lover to convince him to take him on a tour. If he played his cards right, Doc was sure he would be able to execute his plan in the near future … he had to keep up hope. He was no longer in a haze and he was disgusted by what he had been made to do. And a little turned on as well. He tried to push these thoughts out of his mind and concentrate on forming an escape plan.

    All he could think about was sucking horse-dick and getting fucked by dogs. Was he paralyzed with fear by what might happen? Was he afraid of getting caught? Then what was it? He was in love and lust. But there was something else that was stopping him from ending it all … from trying to escape … from trying to help the poor zombie farm hands. Greg was there also, overseeing it … he wanted it to be perfect and he had a tendency to ask for almost everything to be done again and again, until he was completely satisfied. Greg felt the dog part of the video had to be great … to show off their specialty.

    But this meant that the poor cop had been fucked and sucked day after day … each day wearing different costumes … each day being attended to by different dogs. The whole thing was driving the good doctor crazy.

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    The joy and arousal he got from watching his policeman friend dress as a firefighter to have sex with a dalmatian was unbelievable … then as a construction worker to have sex with a guard dog … then as a shepherd to have sex with a sheepdog was titillating beyond belief. But the day had finally arrived after many, many days of cajoling, and pestering, and pleading that the good doctor was going to be given a full tour of all of the buildings. So Burt had agreed to show Doc around and explain how everything was done. It was the place where all of the dogs were kept.

    The kennel was in the half of the building behind the testing lab and was kept clean and nice and it looked like the trainers were always playing or working with one or two of the dogs. Doc was quite impressed. The next building was the Horse Building. Burt showed Doc a wall in the barn that ended up being a false wall where all of the technicians could watch and take notes behind what looked like some farm equipment. Now Doc understood where they had all suddenly appeared from while he had been watching from above, the other day.

    The part of the barn in the back, dedicated to the care and feeding of the horses resembled a large stables and seemed quite nice. The next stop on the tour was the Bull Building and it looked similar to the Horse Building, but by what Doc saw, the farmhands here were being forced to wear a lot of leather chaps, gloves, cowboy hats when they dressed as cowboys. Doc noticed that the harness for the bulls was much more elaborate than the one used for the horses … it needed to be … it had to hold a lot more weight, thought Doc. The bull-trainee was fucking Moose like crazy and Moose was grunting to beat the band.

    The name of the next building baffled Doc since he was sure most of them would just run away before anyone could make them have sex. But the inside of the Cat Building was a bit odd as well … it was made to look exactly like a typical downtown apartment including a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. He assumed that cats, being so finicky, would only let someone fuck them in a place they found familiar. They watched a bit as a cat was being trained to lick a life-size, lifelike dildo.

    And once the males are trained to allow accept being at the receiving end of intercourse, they seem to be in heat much more than even female cats. Doc was shocked to find he was standing on what looked liked an African savannah with a mountain range in the back and a jungle off to the side.

    Now that they had seen a few buildings, the good doctor was very surprised. Greg was just giving people what they wanted. It was mostly snakes being taught to wrap themselves around fake cocks and squeeze and let go. The other main group of animals in the Reptile Building were alligators and crocodiles. Doc tried to imagine who would order either type of animal and who could tell the difference!

    But then a smiling face and a shock of blonde hair came to mind … the Crocodile guy from TV! If he were gay, I bet he would wrestle crocs naked … rolling around in some muddy water, thought the good doctor. It would make a great spectator sport. Doc had always found any guy who hunts and has a down under accent, to be very hot. Burt startled Doc out of his dream by insisting they move on.

    When the doctor heard the name of the next building, his dick jumped a little. From the outside he knew this was a very large building, but inside … it looked like they were … outside. A totally authentic looking forest was before him but it seemed to be in two parts. One resembled a North American forest and the other an Amazon rainforest. It looked like they had arrived just in time to watch the filming of another segment of the promotional video.

    But Doc knew he must be wrong since the zombie juice wiped out all memories. The beautiful shiny black coat of the grizzly bear … the beautiful body of the officer … made for a very arousing scene. Not to feel left out, Doc soon pulled out his dick like almost all of the technicians who were watching the filming of the video. Then Doc suddenly heard monkey sounds coming from the Amazon rainforest side but he could not see any of them or any farmhands. He decided that they must need more privacy than the bears, as he wiped up.

    Burt motioned to Doc to be quiet and to follow him into the rainforest. They crept slowly and quietly as they got closer and closer to the monkey sounds. Suddenly, before them was an amazing and arousing sight. There was yet another farmhand, dressed like Tarzan, in a skimpy loin cloth, who was being handled by not 1 but 4 chimpanzees. They were both sucking and squeezing and rubbing their furry arms against the hardening nipple in front of them … which seemed to be giving the farm hand a lot of pleasure.

    Burt watched a bit more of the scene and suddenly was cumming in a big way … but silently. The next stop on the tour was the Bird Building. It occurred to Doc that there was no way that there could be any sexual contact between man and bird, so he was very shocked to see the inside of this building. Again a fake forest had been constructed in the interior, with many low trees all of them full of nests.

    There were a lot of naked farmhands sticking their erect penises into holes in the sides of each nest where a big fat bird was nesting. The vet could only assume that the birds thought the dicks were like eggs and would sit on them and keep them warm. As they rounded the end of the forest, Doc was really surprised to see the type of birds that were being trained here. The two birds he saw before him were very tall and were both being hugged and caressed by more farm hands. The emu seemed to like it but the ostrich seemed a bit jumpy. As they continued on to the next building, Doc wondered why they had kept avoiding the building positioned directly in the middle of all of the other eight buildings.

    Fucking MIke the sexy farm hand!

    He figured Burt might be saving it for last. For your safety, we have to go up these stairs so we will enter the building high above the animals. They climbed and climbed the many stairs leading up to a door that Burt opened slowly. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 2. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Billy, a small town boy, gets his first job after high school working full time on a nearby farm. To his surprise, the supposedly straight young man finds himself getting infatuated with another worker on the farm - the blonde, muscular Jamie.

    Confused by his desires, he resigns himself to the fact that his fantasies can never be realized. That is, until one day when Jamie leads him into an abandoned barn and changes everything. This is a short story of about 5, words that features explicit sexual content. Excerpt: I finished dinner and retired to my room to read for an hour before officially hitting the hay. Just before I was about to call it a night, I heard a knock on my door. My sister came in with a piece of paper in her hands.

    I wanted to be the one to give him a secret note from me, not from her. But he had been with women in the past.