Self-Consistant Electrodynamics

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About high-energy emission, our aim is to compare our predictions of pulsar light curves with X-ray and gamma-ray observations. These data show indeed a phase lag between photon arrival time in both energy bands difficult to reconcile with current models. This should help us to constrain the pulsed emission mechanisms. A detailed study of the multi-wavelength light-curves related to this emission is under way.

Fitting the polarization angle evolution in the radio domain represents another important aspect to decipher the magnetic field geometry and the to localize the emission sites in the low energy band. The too simplistic image of a rotating dipole located right at the centre of the perfectly spheric star is too naive and must be abandoned. Deviations from this picture a numerous.

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For example, we actually study the consequences of an off-centred dipole onto the pulsed emission and the structure of the wind. The star, due to its rotation and due to the anisotropic pressure exerted by the magnetic field, will deform and deviate from a perfect sphere. We will deduce the presence of such deformations in the multi-wavelength data. On a longer timescale, our expertise will also serve to investigate the magnetosphere of black holes and their jets. Indeed, the tools at hand could be easily applied to such kind of problematic.

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Our results have been communicated to the high-energy astrophysics and plasma physics communities through refereed publications in world leading journals of astrophysics and plasma physics. We also regularly participate actively to international conferenc.

Self-Consistent Electrodynamics

Among the diversity of stellar populations observed in our galaxy, neutron stars remain the most enigmatic compact objects known so far. End product of stellar evolution, they concentrate a large amount of matter of the order the solar mass in a region of only a few kilometres in radius. Their density in the inner core therefore easily exceeds the nuclear density. In this project, we focus on a subclass of neutron stars known as pulsars.

Deriving the Maxwell Lagrangian - Maxwell Equations - Electrodynamics

They emit pulsed radiation in the whole electromagnetic spectrum from radio, infra-red, through optical up to X-rays and gamma-rays. The overall complexity of these neutron stars is often underestimated. Indeed, the four fundamental interactions - strong, weak, gravitational and electromagnetic - are closely correlated in these stars in a strong field regime because of the presence of significant space-time curvature and very high magnetic fields. The quantitative interplay between these forces is not yet understood. Despite little progress made since their discovery more than forty years ago, pulsars are excellent laboratories for nuclear and particle physicists as well.

They bring us to the limit of our current knowledge, a place where strong gravity meets quantum mechanics in an extremely entangled way.

Moreover, pulsars have already shown their ability to test general relativity in the strong field regime to a precision unreachable at Earth by indirect observations of gravitational waves. QED applies to all electromagnetic phenomena associated with charged fundamental particles such as electrons and positrons, and the associated phenomena such as pair production, electron-positron annihilation, Compton scattering, etc.

It was used to precisely model some quantum phenomena which had no classical analogs, such as the Lamb shift and the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron.


QED was the first successful quantum field theory, incorporating such ideas as particle creation and annihilation into a self-consistent framework. It is represented by a series of Feynman diagrams , the most basic of which is With time proceeding upward in the diagram, this diagram describes the electron interaction in which two electrons enter, exchange a photon, and then emerge.

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[v1] Classical Electrodynamics of Extended Bodies of Charge

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