Revenge on Route 66 (A Tracy Eaton Mystery Book 4)

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She has no choice but to go on the lam, but this time, the Mother Road provides no escape. Kris Neri keeps the action rolling with a tight plot, a cast of loveable loonies and a nostalgic tour of Americana. Forget the scenery -- there are murders to investigate!

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Buckle up! Want a good time on Route 66? Read this book. Dahlke, All Mystery Newsletter. I can just picture the thirty-five-year-old Tracy, daughter of two Hollywood actors, crying "Waaaaahhhh" when things don't go her way. None made it out alive. Samantha was aware the odds were against her when she accepted the miss.. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. Every city has organized crime. But only River City has a Russian gangster like Valeriy.

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She and her colleagues must unite and work together.. Soft-boiled Albuquerque P.

Bubba Mabry is way short on cash when pimp Sultan Sweeney, late of New Orleans, strolls into his office. Sultan is working the old Route 66, Central Avenue, and somebody's killing his teen-age whores on "The Cruise". The cops won't tell Sultan anything, so Bubba's his boy. Bubba's list of suspects includes a reverend, a councilman, even a cop or two.

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The killer could even be a deadly competitor who is also in the "l.. River City is plagued by a serial rapist.

Revenge on Route 66 (A Tracy Eaton Mystery Book 4)

When a series of mis-steps and near misses push the rapist even further, every.. The daughter, her siblings and the company board members want Gloria out of the way. Someone decides murder is more efficient. With his new position as Albuquerque Gazette sports editor, Drew Gavin hopes life will slow down. Then a late night phone call brings Drew to the side of his reporter and friend, Curtis White, who has awoken in a strange bed beside a beautiful cheerleader.

The problem is the cheerleader is dead, and a pompom blossoms from her mouth like some deadly flower. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories.

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