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This everyday example was readily accessible to his audience. Effective teachers begin with a truth to communicate and then brainstorm about objects in the everyday lives of their students--objects that can represent those concepts. A teacher brings a bag of common school supplies. This may include pencils, scissors, notebooks and other items. The teacher takes a marker and begins to write his name on each item while explaining to the children that it is important to label their supplies to show ownership.

In similar fashion, according to Ephesians , God labels those who belong to him by giving them the Holy Spirit to dwell in their hearts. A teacher brings a pencil with an eraser or even a pencil and very large pink eraser.

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He writes various sins, such as "lying" or "cheating," on the paper. Then he takes the eraser and rubs out the words while discussing how God's grace will erase our sins. This can illustrate God's forgiveness and the truth of Psalm , which speaks of God having removed our sin from us. The teacher wears a stuffed back pack to represent the burdens that we sometimes carry. He puts rocks, bricks or other heavy objects into the backpack to make it harder to endure.

He asks a child volunteer to bear this burden. This lesson can illustrate the truth of Galatians , which tells Christians to bear one another's burdens.

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The teacher invites another child to help remove some of the load or to otherwise help the load. He encourages the kids to talk about how they can share the "burden.

The teacher brings a box of crayons. He tells a story of how each color represents a different personality, such as "blue" being a sad crayon, "red" being an angry crayon, and "yellow" being a happy crayon. Have son or daughters asking for a certain need of theirs. Then give them the complete opposite. Teaching that God would not do this to anyone of us.

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This trick will make it look like you can read kids' minds! However, you can then talk about how only God can really read our minds. This is a super fun idea to teach on how amazing the Bible is by using a very fun introduction of creating a "mad libs" Bible story. It is funny, but has a teaching point on how God's Word came to be and what it means to be "inspired" by God.

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Imagine you are all alone and lost in the woods and a giant monster is chasing you and you trip We do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is our helper in times of need. Use this object lesson to communicate this important truth to children! I've been doing this for over 20 years and it works every time! Help your kids understand gifts and the impact they make when you receive them at the right time. You start with little weights and move up to big weights. The same is true in our spiritual life.

Help kids get a better understand of why God sets boundaries for us and how he tries to keep us safe in this exciting object lesson. A very fun lesson on what Mercy and Grace really are. A student does not receive the super soaker treatment he deserves. Kids Church Lessons written by the Kidologist! Find creative ideas, curriculum, helpful resources, personal coaching, online training and so much more! Members get special discounts, exclusive content and free resources for their ministry.

Object Lessons Zone Getting children to understand spiritual truth is like threading a needle Showing 1 - 50 of results.

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Need Curriculum? Join Today and Save! Join Today! Amazing Easy Prediction Magic Trick! This is a classic easy magic trick where you can predict a choice that a child makes. Baptism Illustration year olds will see how baptism is a picture of what happens when we become Christians — our sins are washed away when we trust Christ for forgiveness. Can we trust our senses? Much in this world is unreliable, even our own senses can fool us.

But God's Word IS reliable. Discovering Your Gifts God has given us all many different gifts, talents and abilities. Do you believe? We can believe in Jesus and what He did for us even though we can't see or feel Him. Easter Egg Puzzle of Life Jesus is the solution to the puzzle of life, illustrated by an Easter egg puzzle. Facing Trials and Troubles Children particularly enjoy any lessons involving fire, water or balloons. Getting into Character.

Jesus Like Vanilla Ingredients needed to live a christian life more like Jesus. Musical Glasses We are all given gifts and talents from the Lord that we are to use in the Church Body.

Play Doh Heart As we sin, we corrupt and break up our hearts, but when we ask God to forgive us he puts us back together and even makes our hearts new. Sin Grows Rapidly Learning that little sins build until they tie you up. The Black Dot God can change what we see as a "black dot" in our life into something beautiful!

The Seriousness of Sin There are no "little" or "big" sins in God's eyes. Ask God to help you control your behavior. Trinity object lesson. What do you want on your Tombstone? Working Together Is A Blast! A Book of Books Show kids that the Bible is many books combined.

A Letter From a Friend Puppet gets a letter from a friend, is excited, but doesn't open it.