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Wooden paths and shuttle buses help visitors get around. A streak of blue and pink in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is home to thousands of pink flamingoes that flock here to feed on the lake's algae. Take a matatu kilometers northwest of Nairobi, or a plane to the Naishi airstrip. Australia's favorite giant sandstone mass is meters high and more than nine kilometers in circumference. It's a sacred and spiritual site for its custodians, the aboriginal Anangu, so climbing the rock is considered disrespectful to them.

It can also be dangerous. Flights are available from most major cities to Ayers Rock airport. This isolated oasis has natural springs and fertile land, providing access to spectacular stretches of Sahara desert. It's a great spot for star gazing from your tent in the sand, but bring your bathing suit for a dip in its hot and cold natural pools. A hour drive west of Cairo. Public buses take much longer. Desert safaris can be arranged in Siwa. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall , Iceland. Waterfall connoisseurs agree it's not size that counts. The biggest and the highest may be impressive, but when it comes to cascading water, Iceland's Seljalandsfoss has style.

The sight of the Seljalandsa River dropping 62 meters down the sheer cliff face has made it a must-see Iceland attraction.

There's a path that goes behind the cascade, so bring your waterproof camera. On Road 1, it's kilometers southeast of Reykjavik. Perito Moreno Glacier , Patagonia, Argentina. This kilometer glacier in Patagonia's Los Glaciares National Park not to be confused with the Perito Moreno National Park grows and contracts, often forming a natural ice dam on the "elbow" of Lago Argentino.

The force of the trapped water causes a spectacular rupture every four to five years. Even when the ice isn't exploding, the sight of the glacier's blue peaks is a lifetime attraction. The alternative is a very long bus journey. It's known as the jewel of the Rockies for its deep crystalline waters that mirror pine forests, soaring mountains and endless sky. Drive or take a direct bus kilometers west from Calgary to Banff. Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia , Tuscany, Italy. Steaming hot spring water comes out of the ground at Niagara Falls it ain't, but the cascading thermal springs at Saturnia are a lot of fun.

Soak in the natural sulfurous mineral water and just maybe cure ailments from rheumatism to muscle ache. About 10 kilometers north of the small Tuscan town of Manciano, northeast of Orbetello. William Bay , Western Australia. Yes, these rocks do look a little like elephants.

But only a little.

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A five-hour drive south of Perth, William Bay in Denmark, Western Australia, has turquoise waters that lap around white sands and the Elephant Rocks, which shelter an area of rock pools and granite terraces called Green's Pool. The calm waters are perfect for snorkeling, while the more adventurous have the Great Southern Ocean on the other side. Fifteen kilometers west of the town of Denmark. The Jeju caves have towers of petrified lava, while the Cheju-do cliffs have tube-like formations similar to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. Jeju Island is kilometers off the southern coast of South Korea.

Exocoetidae (Flying Fish)

It's accessible by boat from Busan or air from Gimpo airport in Seoul. The highest waterfall in the world, the water at Angel Falls travels meters, which includes a free fall drop of meters. It cascades over one of the biggest table-top mountains in the Canaima National Park in southern Venezuela, known to the local Pemon people as Devil's Mountain. Most of the water evaporates as mist before reaching the bottom.

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Angel Falls is in remote jungle near the Canaima airstrip, which can be reached by plane from Ciudad Guayana or Ciudad Bolivar. Local Pemon people work as guides. Lauterbrunnen Valley , Switzerland. Deep in the Swiss Alps the Lauterbrunnen Valley, or Lauterbrunnental, is a deep cleft cut in the topography running between steep limestone precipices. The waterfalls that dot the rift often disappear into wisps of spray before hitting bottom, and include Staubbach Falls, one of Europe's highest unbroken waterfalls at meters.

Get to Lauterbrunnen, the village in the valley, by narrow-gauge train from Interlaken Ost station in the Bernese Highlands.

1. The Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Cliffs of Moher , Ireland. South of the village of Doolin in County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher rise meters above the Atlantic Ocean and stretch for eight kilometers. They are one of Ireland's biggest natural tourist attractions, but they also attract Atlantic puffins, razorbills and other wild birds.

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The Cliffs of Moher are an kilometer drive southwest of Galway. Skaftafell National Park , Iceland. Formed over millions of years by volcanic eruptions, rivers and glaciers, the Skaftafell National Park in southern Iceland has a variety of striking landscapes.

These include an overhanging wall of geometric black basalt rocks on the Svartifoss waterfall, which inspired the architecture of Reykjavik's National Theatre, and the majestic Skaftafellsjokull glacier that seems to have frozen in mid-flow. Drive Road 1 for kilometers east of Reykjavik. Buses from Reykjavik run to the park in summer.

Self-guided hikes of Skaftafell are outlined on the official website. At an altitude of 3, meters above sea level, Lake Titicaca is one of the largest lakes in South America by volume. It is also the highest commercially navigated lake in the world and is home to indigenous people including the Aymara and the Quechua. Its vast expanse of water is often cloaked in light mist and has inspired numerous local legends. Wadden Sea , Germany and the Netherlands. It's also home to migratory birds.

Go there and you'll feel a million miles from anywhere else on earth and about as small as one of the clams at your feet. This kilometer stretch of coast lies between the towns of Den Helder in the Netherlands and Niebull in Germany. After trains and caves, here's another way to get underground. You can cruise down the river in a canoe. Watch out for the Palawan stink badger, an adorable little skunk that lives in the area. The underground river is 76 kilometers northwest of Puerto Princesa city on the western coast of Palawan.

Best beaches and islands in the Philippines. Plitvice Lakes , Croatia. This series of shallow lakes in the heart of Croatia are a nature lover's paradise, with clear waters pooled in between rocky canyons and dramatic waterfalls gushing over cliff edges. Wooden walkways make access to Plitvice Lakes for visitors. Swimming is forbidden inside the national park, but there are places for a dip outside, such as Korana Village. Look out for freshwater fish and brown bears in the surrounding hills.

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The park is a two-hour drive north of Zadar. There are also good bus services. Guided tours for groups are available on request -- see website. More water than you'll bathe in, drink and flush in your lifetime. The Zambeze River cascades over a cliff stretching more 1. With its highest-ever recorded flow rate of 12, cubic meters per second, a lot of water makes the meter drop into the Zambeze's gorges. Swimmers can take a dip in Devil's Pool when water levels aren't too high -- it's right on the edge of the waterfall.

Check safety notices first. A rock climber ascends a cliff face in Repovesi National Park in southern Finland, only to find that a tree has beaten him to it. Lake Pielinen, in Koli National Park, in the eastern part of the country, is dotted with islands and surrounded by forested hills.

Such beautiful scenes are typical of Finland, which is 70 percent forest and contains , lakes. Fire forms a natural agent of change in forest ecosystems and is therefore used in habitat restoration programmes. While compiling material for her book, Karvinen met and interviewed more than people who know the parks well, including national park rangers, scientists and local residents with colourful stories to tell. But she also loves to explore the wilds alone. Even in the wildest places, I never feel lonely or unsafe. She has nevertheless endured some narrow scrapes during her trips.

In Teijo National Park she sank up to her thighs in a bog while shooting rare marsh flowers. In Koli, a huge snow-covered spruce tree suddenly came crashing to the ground just a couple of metres from where she was capturing a snowy scene, fortunately leaving her unharmed. Locals built the attraction themselves with sorghum, as well as peach and plum trees, in less than eight months. The design is known as a giant bagua — a diagram with eight sides that symbolizes an ancient Chinese energy map. The supermoon was a result of a lunar eclipse that coincided with the closest full moon to Earth.

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