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Reported Problems. Problem index :. Report a problem. Problem: Cemetery office has no record of this person Cemetery office confirmed that this burial is unmarked I searched the entire cemetery and could not find the grave I searched the stated plot or section and could not find the grave This burial is on private property or is otherwise inaccessible Other problem. Report Problem. I was trying to stay positive, looking for answers, and looking for help.

Soup again? I hated every minute of it. This is where I suppose I kept asking the angels for help - to make today a good day. To help me through this - to give me strength and to always ask for energy. Then I found the cards and offered friends readings. It was nerve wrecking as in what I was hearing, did it really make sense? Again I kept asking for help and guidance. As time went by I became confident knowing that I would hear what I am meant to hear and that I was doing my best!

Things started to change, people where phoning, looking readings and I always remember to always say positive words and that all bads things would come good. Before I start a reading I always say this I am not telling you what to do in life, but guiding you.

Therese the little flower beside me while I do the readings. I always ask St. Therese the little flower to show her power three times which is God has never failed me yet! Every day I give thanks especially for hot water, roof over our heads and food on the table. To me I own nothing but I have it all!..

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All Rights Reserved Michelle Rooney Michelle Rooney - My Visitors. Michael the Archangel as a sign of respect and honor. Christianity believes that angels and demons fallen angels are separated according to their loyalty and obedience to God. The first angels were tested on their loyalty and obedience, and those who failed, like Lucifer, were cast into hell.

In hell, the angels became demons with Lucifer whose name means bearer of light , who later became known as the devil also called the prince of darkness. The Bible names only three specific angels — Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. The three biblical archangels are treated as true angelic beings.

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