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Although this type of data element is usually input by the designated agency, it may be transcribed by another organization. It is customary to distribute the agenda before the meeting begins, to allow attendees time to prepare. A hidden agenda is a goal or intention consciously or unconsciously concealed, usually to gain the advantage of surprise, a tactic that often backfires when unsuspecting persons discover that they have been manipulated.

See also : literary agent. Because aggregator database s can be very large, tracking their coverage is not an easy task for serial s librarian s. A task group of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging PCC is working on standards for analytic catalog record s for serial s title s available electronically from aggregator services. Recently, EBSCO has been building market share by offering higher up-front payments to secure exclusivity from the publishers of certain journals.

June 5, 2008

The effects of this competitive practice on libraries and the end-user are as yet unclear. In July , CONSER abandoned its earlier policy of creating a separate record for each aggregation, focusing instead on providing a single bibliographic description for an electronic serial issued in multiple aggregations. Although nothing in the record specifically indicates that it is aggregator -neutral, multiple URL s may be included in the record for packages containing the complete serial.

  • La spia dello zar (Italian Edition).
  • People Who Voted On This List (7).
  • Zinnoberrot (German Edition).

OCLC is engaged in converting existing bibliographic records for electronic serials to the new practice. AH See : a lternative h istory. AI See : a rtificial i ntelligence. AIMRAD An acronym for a bstract, i ntroduction, m aterials and methods, r esults, a nd d iscussion , the standard structure used in writing research article s for publication in scientific and medical journal s.

Some have argued that a "C" should be added to the end for "conclusions. Compare with blank. Most airbrushes are operated by means of a trigger or lever that controls the flow of paint through a small nozzle example. Demos can be seen in YouTube. To discourage the growth of mold , the Northeast Document Conservation Center recommends that the drying room be kept below 70 degrees F. If the edges are only slightly wet, a book may be stood on end and fanned open in the direction of a circulating air current electric fans are often used.

In an air-conditioned room maintained at constant relative humidity of percent and temperature in the range of degrees F. To minimize distortion of the edges, the volume should be placed flat under pressure just before drying is completed. Amount of radio airplay is measured and reported on chart s, to rank the popularity of new release s. Difficult and expensive to control, airborne pollutants affect the condition of book s by interacting with impurities in paper and with unfavorable climatic conditions to further degrade a book's components.

One obvious symptom is discoloration around the edges of the leaves. Some materials cellulose acetate , cellulose nitrate , polyurethane magnetic tape s, natural rubbers, silver, certain dyes, etc. Published in paperback , often with the title boldly embossed on the front cover , airport novel s are usually fairly long, but fast-paced and easy to read see these examples. They provide distraction from the boredom and inconvenience of travel. See also : potboiler. Minimum aisle width is 36 inches for fixed shelving in libraries open to the public in the United States.

Some types of compact shelving allow staff or users to shift movable ranges, usually along tracks in the floor, opening aisles as needed. See also : cross aisle and range aisle. An abbreviation of a lso k nown a s. See : allonym , eponym , pen name , and pseudonym. AL See : A merican L ibraries. In the planning stages since , the ALA-APA is a c 6 entity focused on postgraduate specialty certification , pay equity , and other activities aimed at improving the status of librarian s and other library employees.

ALA character set An informal name for the set of character s specified in MARC documentation for use in the MARC record , including the Latin alphabet , special character s, diacritics , 14 superscript characters, 14 subscript characters, and three Greek letter s. Publication s currently available from ALA Editions are listed in its trade catalog. Click here to connect to the homepage of ALA Editions. ALA Filing Rules A set of guidelines for determining the order in which entries are to be filed in a library catalog , originally published by the American Library Association in under the title A.

Rules for Filing Catalog Cards. Revised in to correspond with Anglo-American Cataloging Rules , the filing rule s were expanded and published under the current title in to cover any form of bibliographic display print , microform , digital , etc. ALA Graphics A marketing section of the American Library Association that sells poster s, bookplate s, bookmark s, T-shirts, and other graphic materials designed to promote libraries , literacy , and reading.

Inside Mosac's Almanac: Book2 'Imagine a Time Capsule'

Alan Smithee credit An official pseudonym , coined in for use in film credits by members of the Directors Guild of America DGA , who wished to dissociate themselves from the official release of a film. A director dissatisfied with the final cut was entitled to use the pseudonym only after convincing members of a Guild panel that he or she had been denied creative control over the film.

Use of the pseudonym was discontinued in See Wikipedi for a list of films with Smithee credits. Also spelled Allen Smithee and Alan Smythee. Click here to see an example by William Blake, courtesy of the University of Rochester. Also, a book containing a collection of picture s, with or without accompanying text. Click here to view a leaf from a 17th-century Ottoman album containing drawing s done in ink on paper , courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

See also : album amicorum and record album. Precursor of the modern autograph book , this type of volume originated in Germany in the 16th century and was fashionable among university students and scholars who traveled from place to place in the course of their careers. Some contain illustration s contributed by the signatories and occasionally more professional artwork commissioned in a manner similar to the illumination of preceding centuries.

Click here to view a page of illustration from a late 16th-century Dutch example, courtesy of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. The contribution s in the album amicorum of Egbert Philip van Visvliet make it one of the most extensive 18th-century examples Koninklijke Bibliotheek. To see other examples, try a keywords search on the term in Google Images. Synonymous with liber amicorum. Covers for phonograph record s usually consist of two layers of pasteboard , with graphic designs printed on the front and information about the recording on the back see this example. Synonymous with record jacket.

Although the process was capable of producing a high definition image, print quality often depended on the particular egg-white recipe used by the photographer and fading was a common problem. Click here to see examples Getty Museum. The format became popular in the s as a means of promoting artists whose work was release d primarily in album s, rather than single s. The first example was A Folk Music Sampler , initially released in by Elektra Records for radio stations, then reissued for retail sales.

The architect Sir Christopher Wren is credited with originating this style of seating in his design of the library at Trinity College, Cambridge, in Synonymous with cell. See also : carrel. Alcuin of York c. At the cathedral school in York, his abilities attracted the attention of its master Aelbert and of the Archbishop.

He made several trips to the continent with his master, whom he succeeded in when Aelbert became Archbishop. For the next 15 years, his efforts were devoted to instruction and enhancing the library at York. In , on a return trip from Rome, he met Charlemagne and was persuaded to head the Palace School at Aachen Aix-la-Chapelle , where he instructed royalty and members of the Frankish nobility and was responsible for organizing an educational system to revive and diffuse learning throughout the new realm.

He also undertook a complete revision of the Latin Vulgate to return the Bible as closely as possible to the 4th-century text of St. Alex Awards Established in under the sponsorship of the Margaret A. Edwards Trust, the Alex Award s are given annually to ten book s written for adults, which have special appeal to young adult s, ages 12 through Click here to learn more about the Alex Awards.

See also : Margaret A. Edwards Award and Michael L. At its peak, it contained over , manuscript s, mostly papyrus scroll s, some of which were translated into Greek from other language s. The collection was catalog ed in the "Pinakes" of Callimachus, which included the author 's name and a summary of the content of each item. The main library was part of a museum that functioned as an academy, attracting scholars from all parts of the Mediterranean world. Algorithms can be expressed in natural language for example, a culinary recipe or the instructions for assembling an item shipped in pieces , in a symbol ic language such as that used in mathematical logic, or in a computer program ming language.

One measure of proficiency in programming is the ability to create elegant algorithms that achieve the desired result in a minimum number of ingenious steps. See also : automatic indexing. Compare with macro. Alibris A commercial company that specializes in supplying rare , out of print , and hard-to-find book s to bookstore s, libraries , and retail customers through a worldwide network of bookseller s and distribution capabilities.

Click here to connect to the Alibris homepage. See also : Abebooks. Also, the setting of type in lines that are even at both right and left margin s. Compare in this sense with justification. Alkaline substances are also used in the deacidification of materials made from acid paper or board. The opposite of acidic. See also : alkaline reserve. Alkaline reserve is usually expressed as a percentage of paper weight. Synonymous with alkali reserve. For the sake of economy or to reduce swell , sections may be hand sewn two on.

Synonymous with all across and all on. In modern conservation binding , vellum or paper cases are sometimes used without adhesive. Also, a form of extended metaphor used primarily in work s of fiction and poetry , in which an event, idea, thing, or person stands for itself and simultaneously for something else.

Click here to learn more about allegory in the Middle Ages, courtesy of Wikipedia. See also : beast epic , dance of death , fable , morality play , and parable. Also refers to graphic work s in which truths or generalizations about human existence are represented by means of symbolic images, often of classical origin see this example by Sandro Botticelli. Allegory is a common theme in medieval manuscript illumination , as in this image of Fortuna turning a symbolic wheel from a 15th-century French version of Boccaccio's Fall of Princes Special Collections , Glasgow University Library, MS Hunter In England, the material is known in the binding trade as crocodile.

Click here to see a 20th-century alligator binding , courtesy of the Otto G. Richter Library , University of Miami, Florida. In most libraries and library system s, funds are allocated in accordance with an annual or biennial budget determined by the availability of funds. To see other examples, try a keywords search on the phrase "all over" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindings. Similarly, a note describing all the issue s of a periodical for which publication has ceased. In bookselling , a serial ly published work for which all issued parts are present. In a more general sense, any implied indication, indirect reference, or casual mention, as opposed to an explicit reference.

Almanacs can be general example : World Almanac and Book of Facts or related to a specific subject or academic discipline Almanac of American Politics. Information Please is an example of a modern online almanac. Also spelled almanack. The roman alphabet used in writing the English language contains 26 letter s 5 vowels and 21 consonants , each with an uppercase and lowercase form.

The roman alphabets used for other languages may contain fewer or additional letter s, with diacritical mark s used to indicate specific sounds. Compare with syllabary. See also : alphabetical , alphabetization , and exotics. Click here to see an early letterpress example, with woodcut s of animals; here to see some 19th-century American examples University of South Carolina ; and here to see a page from a 19th-century alphabet illustrated by Walter Crane.

Compare with counting book. See also : abecedary and horn book. Alphabetization can be letter-by-letter , ignoring punctuation and divisions between words, or word-by-word , with entries beginning with the same word alphabetized by the next word, and so on. The terms in this dictionary are listed alphabetically letter-by-letter. The access code s used in computer systems are often alphanumeric example : the username smith Also spelled alpha-numeric.

Synonymous with alphameric. Alpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings ANSCR A scheme for classify ing sound recording s of all types, based on a set of 23 major subject categories represented by letter s of the Latin alphabet example : M for popular music , with some categories subdivided and represented by double letters MJ for jazz.

To the alphabetic category is added a three- or four-letter code representing type of sub arrangement by title of work ; name of composer , performer , or author ; name of skill, language , or sound; etc. The third part of the classification number is composed of the first letter of each of the first three keywords in the title of the work or album , or a number if the work is known by form and numbered.

The fourth part is composed of a letter representing the name of an individual closely associated with the performance on the recording, followed by the last two digits of the commercial recording number: ES BEET 5 O 98 In the preceding example, ES indicates that the recorded work is orchestral and of symphonic form, BEET that it was composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven, 5 that it is his fifth symphony, and O 98 that the performance was conducted by Eugene Ormandy and that the last two digits of the Columbia record number are Compare with beta test.

See : a utograph l etter s igned. Postal Service. Compare with main selection. In library cataloging , any alternate titles are entered in the note area of the bibliographic record. Compare with alternative title. Synonymous with allohistory , alternate history , and uchronie. Alternative press publication s often address important social issues and publish innovative and experimental work s largely ignored or covered superficially in the mainstream press. Compare with subtitle. Coded as an attribute of the IMG tag in HTML , the alt tag provides an "alternate text" message for viewers who cannot see graphic s, an important component in the design of Web site s for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act , especially sites using graphic menu systems for navigation.

Flavell and the Web Design Group. In medieval book production, alum salts were also used to prepare animal skins for use in binding. Creamy white in color, alum- tawed skins are supple and more permanent than leather produced by tanning. A survey of U. Dartmouth College began its service in , making it one of the longest established programs.

Some academic libraries provide alumni access as part of a suite of services offered via a specially-designed alumni portal. Of the major database vendor s, only EBSCO and ProQuest currently offer alumni access to at least some of their databases for an additional fee. In his article The Need for a Re-evaluation of the Use of Alum in Book Conservation and the Book Arts published in the issue of The Book and Paper Group Annual , Tom Conroy questions the conclusion that use of alum in small amounts in binding and papermaking is detrimental to book conservation.

In a more general sense, any work created by a person who is not a full-time or professional practitioner in the medium or genre , often made for pleasure rather than financial reward, without reference to quality. Serving as a model for subsequent e-commerce, the company has expanded to become a popular online retailer of new book s, DVD s, videocassette s, music CD s, computer software , and other merchandise, usually at a discount.

Renamed in after the Amazon River, the company also hosts a wide network of used bookseller s offering copies of previously owned books, DVDs, videos, and CDs via mail order. Libraries sometimes use Amazon. Click here to learn more about the history of Amazon. See also : microclimate. Former Yale University conservator Jane Greenfield recommends that in libraries and archives visible radiation be kept below lux, and UV radiation below 75 lux because the damage it causes continues to a lesser extent even after the light source is removed The Care of Fine Books , Nick Lyons Books, Incandescent light is the least damaging, but it emits more heat and is more costly than fluorescent light, which is higher in UV radiation.

UV filters are available for fluorescent fixtures. As a general rule, the lights in a library should be turned off when not needed. See also : blue scale. Click here to see the inversions of Scott Kim. Other examples can be seen in John Langdon's Ambigram Gallery. Compare with palindrome. Although the ambrotype lacked the tonal range of the daguerreotype , the process required less exposure time and production was faster and less expensive.

The image is not laterally reversed, as in a daguerreotype, and can be viewed from any angle. Ambrotypes were usually preserved in a lined leather case under a stamped metal mat to conceal the uneven edges of the negative, and some were hand-colored click here to see an example. Due to the fragility of glass, the process was largely replaced by the tintype and paper print s by the mids. Click here to see more examples Getty Museum and here to learn more about the process. Synonymous with collodion positive. Click here to read past lists. Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award A literary award established in , presented annual ly for the best illustrated children's book published in Canada during the preceding year.

The illustrator must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and the text must be worthy of the illustrations. Click here to see a list of past award winner s. See also : Caldecott Medal and Greenaway Medal. Also, a change proposed or made in a bill or law, for example, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States, known as the Bill of Rights. See also : First Amendment.

Finding and opening a WW2 Time capsule

Americana A term used in the book trade and by collector s to refer to book s and other materials written about the Americas North, South, and Central America , not necessarily published in the Americas or written by author s from the Americas. Libraries that own extensive or valuable collection s of Americana often store them in special collections. See also the American Memory project of the Library of Congress. See also : American Antiquarian Society. American Antiquarian Society AAS An independent national research library founded in in Worcester, Massachusetts, to document the history of the American people from the colonial period through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The collection s of the AAS include book s, pamphlet s, newspaper s, periodical s, manuscript s, broadside s, juvenile literature , music, graphic arts, genealogy , and local history. The AAS publishes the semiannual Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society and is currently is in the midst of producing the five- volume work of collaborative scholarship, A History of the Book in America , jointly with Cambridge University Press. Click here to connect to the AAS homepage. American Association of Law Libraries AALL Founded in , AALL has a membership of librarian s and related information professionals who serve the legal profession in bar association s, courts, law schools, law societies, private law firms, businesses, and government.

AALL seeks to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the legal community and general public, fosters the profession of law librarianship , and provides leadership in the field of legal information. American Association of School Librarians AASL Founded in , AASL is a division of the American Library Association with a membership of elementary and secondary school library media specialist s and others interested in the improvement and extension of services for children and young adult s.

Click here to connect to the AASL homepage. American Association of University Professors AAUP A professional association founded in to represent college and university faculty , the AAUP is also open to administrators, graduate students, and the general public. The organization is dedicated to defending academic freedom and tenure , advocating collegial governance , developing policies to ensure due process in the workplace, lobbying government in the interests of higher education, and providing statistics and analysis of trends in academic employment.

Library faculty members at colleges and universities in the United States who are members of the AAUP may be covered by a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by their chapter. Click here to connect to the AAUP homepage. American Book Prices Current ABPC An annual compilation of auction records for book s, manuscript s, autograph s, map s, and broadside s sold mainly in North America and the United Kingdom UK , the standard tool used by dealers, appraisers, auction houses, scholars, and tax authorities. Volume , covering September to August , is the last volume issue d in print.

Click here to connect to the ABPC homepage. Its mission is to meet the needs of its members through advocacy, education, research , and the dissemination of information. The ABA actively supports fee speech, literacy , and programs that encourage children to read. The organization also publishes an annual handbook for book buyers and maintains the BookWeb.

American Film Institute AFI Established in at the recommendation of a Stanford Research Institute report funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and with initial funding from the NEA, the Motion Picture Association of America , and the Ford Foundation , AFI is a nonprofit organization devoted to 1 training the next generation of filmmakers, 2 presenting the moving image in its many forms to a national and international public, 3 preserving the motion picture heritage of the United States, and 4 redefining the moving image in the digital era.

AFI sponsors an extensive nonprofit exhibition program of over 3, film events throughout the year and gives an annual Life Achievement Award to an outstanding performer or director. Click here to connect to the AFI homepage. See also : British Film Institute. American Folklife Center Created by Congress in , the American Folklife Center is an agency within the Library of Congress dedicated to preserving and presenting the American folk tradition.

It incorporates the Archive of Folk Culture, established in as a repository of American folk music. Click here to connect to the homepage of the American Folklife Center. American Indian Library Association AILA Founded in , AILA is an affiliate of the American Library Association with a membership of individuals and institutions committed to promoting the development, maintenance, and improvement of library services and collection s for Native Americans, particularly cultural and information resources needed on reservations and in communities of Native Americans and Native Alaskans.

Click here to connect to the AILA homepage. See also : tribal library. Founded in , AIC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on conservation, seeks to advance the practice of conservation, and promotes the importance of preserving cultural property by facilitating the exchange of knowledge , research , and publication s.

Its membership includes practicing conservators, conservation scientists, educators, administrators, collections care professionals, technicians, and students; archivist s, curator s, and other museum and library professionals; and architects and art historians. Click here to connect to the AIC homepage. American Institute of Graphic Arts AIGA Founded in in New York, AIGA is a nonprofit organization that fosters excellence in graphic design as an academic discipline , communication medium , business tool, and cultural force by providing a forum for graphic designers, art directors, illustrator s, and craftsmen involved in printing and allied graphic arts to exchange ideas and information , participate in research and critical analysis, and enhance education and ethical practice.

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Click here to connect to the AIGA homepage. Compare with briticize. American Libraries AL A professional magazine for librarian s published since by the American Library Association , AL provides news and announcements, analysis of trends, feature article s, job posting s, and advertising by library-related businesses in 11 issue s per year.

Click here to connect to the online version of AL. For review s of book s and other categories of materials collected by libraries , see Booklist , also published by the ALA. American Library Association ALA The leading professional association of public and academic libraries and librarian s in the United States, the ALA was founded in Philadelphia in October by a group of library leaders 90 men and 13 women that included Melvil Dewey.

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An " association of associations," the ALA is organized in divisions, each with its own officers, budget, and programs, and is closely tied to over 50 state and regional chapter s. The Association also sponsors round table s on specific issues and topics and is affiliate d with other independent library-related organizations. Its imprint is ALA Editions.

The most widely read periodical s published by the ALA are the professional journal American Libraries and the review publication Booklist. Click here to see a complete list of periodicals published by the various branches of the ALA. Click here to connect to the ALA homepage. ALD also includes separate sections listing library network s and consortia , library system s, libraries for persons with special needs, and state and federal library agencies.

It also contains an alphabetical ly arranged Personnel Index of all the individuals named in the entries for libraries, library systems, and library consortia, with contact information. ISSN : X. American Literary Translators Association ALTA Founded in , ALTA provides essential services to literary translator s from all language s and serves as a professional forum for the exchange of ideas on the art and craft of literary translation.

From its headquarters at the Center for Translation Studies at the University of Texas, Dallas, ALTA also seeks to enhance the quality and status of literary translation and to improve the market for its publication. The organization is currently supported by members, occasional grant s from the National Endowment for the Arts , and the University of Texas, Dallas. Click here to connect to the ALTA homepage. See also : American Translators Association. American National Standards Institute ANSI A nonprofit national clearinghouse founded in to facilitate standardization by voluntary consensus in the United States in both the public and private sectors and to coordinate and administer standards of all types.

ANSI membership includes over 1, companies, organizations, government agencies , and other institutions. Click here to connect to the ANSI homepage. American Printing History Association APHA Founded in , APHA encourages study and research in printing history and related arts and skills, including calligraphy , type founding, papermaking , bookbinding , illustration , and publishing.

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Click here to connect to the APHA homepage. The reviews are usually to words long, written by scholars, librarian s, and library educators who are asked to examine new works as they are published and provide well- documented critical comments, both positive and negative.

All reviews are signed. ARBA is usually shelved in the reference section of large academic and public libraries. In ARBAonline , reviews are provided in a searchable database that is available on subscription. Americans for Libraries Council ALC A newly established nonprofit organization that advocates for libraries at the national level and develops and promotes programs aimed at realizing the potential of libraries in the 21st century.

Comprised of business, civic, educational, philanthropic, and library leaders, ALC is committed to developing a national agenda to: 1 focus attention on libraries as national assets essential for a healthy economy and vital democracy, 2 provide effective models for library services and library support, 3 establish a new base of financial support for library preservation and innovation, and 4 increase advocacy for libraries in the corporate, philanthropic, and civic sectors. Click here to connect to the ALC homepage. American Sign Language ASL A nonverbal system of communication used by people with impaired hearing, which relies on gestures and motions of the hands, arms, head, and facial muscles to convey meaning.

Its members are professional indexers, librarian s, editor s, publisher s, and organizations that employ indexers. Click here to connect to the ASI homepage. American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ASCAP Established in , ASCAP is a membership association of over , American composer s, songwriter s, lyricist s, and music publisher s of every kind of music, dedicated to protecting the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for nondramatic public performance s of their copyright ed work s.

Through agreements with international affiliate s, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide. Members share candid data on writing rates, publishing contracts, editor s, agent s, and more; non-members benefit from the ASJA's annual writers conference and mentoring. ASJA also represents the professional interests of freelancers, including their legal right to control and profit from uses of their work in all media.

Click here to connect to the ASJA homepage. Open to professionals with at least four years experience in the picture field, ASPP provides a forum for the open exchange of information on industry ethics and standards , business practices, and new technology. The organization also provides opportunities for professional networking ; seeks to inform and educate those interested in photography and visual communications; promotes a Code of Fair Practice for picture research , usage, and handling ; and offers knowledge and support to persons interested in choosing a career as a picture professional.

Click here to connect to the ASPP homepage. Americans with Disabilities Act ADA Legislation passed by Congress in guaranteeing right of access to public facilities and resources to persons with physical disabilities and prohibiting discrimination against them in employment.

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The ADA has had a profound effect on the delivery of library services in the United States, from architect ural planning ramps, elevators, automatic door-openers, signage in Braille , etc. See also : adaptive technology. American Theological Library Association ATLA Founded in , ATLA is an affiliate of the American Library Association with an ecumenical membership that includes theological librarian s, persons interested in theological librarianship , and theological institutions dedicated to providing programs, products, and services in support of theological and religious studies libraries and librarians.

Click here to connect to the ATLA homepage. The primary goals of ATA are to foster and support the professional development of translators and interpreters and to promote the translation and interpreting professions. Click here to connect to the ATA homepage. See also : American Literary Translators Association. AMH See : a utomated m aterials h andling. Although it is not required, the amicus is usually an attorney. Permission must be obtained from the court but is usually given if the parties consent.

Such appearances occur most frequently at the appellate level in cases involving civil rights and issues of public interest, by formal brief or, in rare cases, oral argument. Plural: amici curiae. In libraries such materials are usually housed in special collections. Click here to see examples of "Holmesiana" materials related to the fiction al character Sherlock Holmes , courtesy of the Lilly Library , Indiana University. See also : local collection and regional book. An acronym so old that few people recall what its letters stand for examples : radar for "radio detection and ranging" and laser for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".

In cartography , red is normally used for the right component and green or blue for the left. Although the image appears to be out of register when seen with the naked eye, a three-dimensional effect is produced by viewing it through a pair of eyeglasses equipped with filters of corresponding colors. Click here to see a cartographic example courtesy of Carleton College. To see other examples, try a keyword search on the term in Google Images. The basic rule of anagramming is that all the letters must be used once and only once, as in "cone" made from the letters of the word "once.

In technology, analog devices are designed to monitor conditions such as sound, movement, or temperature and convert the resulting measurements into electrical signals or mechanical patterns representing the fluctuations of the actual phenomenon, for example, sounds recorded on a phonograph record. Analog data is encoded in signals that are continuous over a range or interval of values, for example, data transmitted over a telephone line that must be converted by a modem into the discrete values of digital code in order to be processed by a digital computer.

Synonymous with critical bibliography. Analytical bibliography has three main branches: Historical bibliography - the history of books and their methods of production Textual bibliography - the relationship between the text as conceived by the author and the text in published form Descriptive bibliography - detailed account of the physical characteristics of books. Analytical entries are made under the author , title , and subject of the part and include a reference to the title of the work containing the part.

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Because preparation of analytical entries is time-consuming, the level of bibliographic description provided in a catalog depends on the administrative policy of the library and its assessment of local needs. Synonymous with analytics. See also : analytical note. The aspect ratio width to height is reduced to 1.

In projection, a complementary anamorphic lens expands the image back to its original proportions. Other studio s followed suit, using different names, usually ending in scope. Panavision is a 35mm anamorphic lens system developed as an improvement on earlier versions. An anamorphic print is a copy of a motion picture in which each 35mm frame contains a widescreen image compressed to fit the smaller space.

In AACR2 , the fact that a print is anamorphic is indicated as a special projection characteristic in the physical description area of the bibliographic record. According to the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials II , anamorphosis was popular in print s and drawing s of the 17th and 18th centuries and in photograph s of the 19th century. Click here to learn more about anamorphosis. Click here to see an ancillary map showing detail of the Frijoles Canyon area of Bandelier National Monument and here to see three examples on a map of Acadia National Park, Maine, both courtesy of the Library of Congress.

In library cataloging , any map appearing on a cartographic item that is not selected for description in the title statement , statement of responsibility , physical description area , etc. Synonymous with marginal map. Compare with map continuation. See also : location map. AND See : logical product. Love Counts on the Inside by Doron Braunshtein Dear Meir,I am writing this letter to you knowing clearly that you will never read it, for the simple reason that I will not send it to you.

At least not in words, because understand, My Love, words are never what we imagined. So many times we imagined heaven on earth, while in reality we were awarded a multifaceted and eternal hell. Trump by Donny Dotard Beneath the Hairpiece is a blank page statement piece about the dotard administration. Much like the mind of the president, this book contains absolutely nothing. Almost pages of nothing to be exact! Don't get this blank page statement book because you want to read a masterpiece: Get this book because you want to make a statement A trio of tales where alien visitors help themselves to the planet's females.

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Why put lowly trash like him in charge? Do you think that happened without good reason? When has a Poorac ever before had such an honour? The evidence suggests it is. Coson nearly argues, but changes his mind. Yes, indeed, the dark piece of metal, fashioned into a blade is still sharp, despite its great age. You know I mean the rectangular slab.

We all saw the face in it and the symbols. Do you get that Coson? The face there is human. We compared it to archive pictures. Humans are long extinct, but they bring our religion into focus. So leave Lyrica alone, or else! Leave them both alone. Coson lowers his head and backs off, dissatisfied. Why should I have to serve a Poorac? It built around ancient characters destined for the Cradle World long ago, characters such as Belan, Tyeainne, Derba, and now perhaps many others.

Coson keeps his thoughts private. By fastidious pursuit of Canel methodology our species turned back from extinction and Burracanel times began, if our myths hold water. Quiktalk Transfer. The howling wind almost blows him off the cliff. Thirty-three years old and afraid of a phantom dog. I must pull myself together! He skirts boulders; remnants from the last landslip; not that the landslips worry Belan. His ongen orbital niche for genetics knows this path, and its landslide patterns, as well as he knows the back of his hand. Eyes averted from cold blasts he comes face to face with a huge mirror-screen on the cliff.

Underwater laser light measures clearance depth below each passing boat and sends it to the screen; this is valuable information for the helmsmen. Today there are no boats in this bight; instead his narrowed eyelids squint back at him, a glint of hazel in high-resolution set within a buffeted, half-shaved, chiselled face. He clenches his teeth. A movement startles him. He spins round breathing sharply before whistling relief. The hungry bird picks at bloodied, matted fodder beside the precipice.

Caught by a sudden squall, Belan sidesteps from the cliff face path, and manages to plant his feet against the gust before he loses balance completely. Breaking waves, way below, batter everything they meet, apart from a stony beach dotted with boats. The screen drifts from the cliff behind Belan on strings of colour to float above the sea. Belan knows the colours keep the path safe from the pounding waves, but has no idea how. In answer to his question, a familiar voice in his head sets his teeth on edge. Because of Mauree; you should never have married her. Why would they bother?

Yes, my beauties. A low howl nearby wipes the smile from his face. How many times have you turned to find the wind echoing against the cliff to play tricks with the imagination? Why would I have a sword here? He grabs a stone instead and hurls it at his drooling attacker, dead on target. The stone soars toward the sea before it drops. Another low howl reveals the dog as a dust devil whipped up from soft sand.

At breakfast the canine shadow had prowled his lane; a black phantom on four legs; even Mauree seemed nervy of it, and she has never feared a dog. They kept their silence all the same, seldom speaking together these days. What a wretched creature this imaginary dog is. He shakes his head and ploughs on.

Perhaps the boat yard and a hot cup of beverum will help. Sailess Sails might have remembered your antics in their yards, as a youngster. Belan quickens his stride to purge this alien thought, but another gust catches him off guard blowing him sideways where he loses his footing on loose stones. He stumbles, but leans back to wedge his shoulder under an overhang. Stable now, he confronts the chill wind with a deep breath of salt scented air. A shadow catches the corner of his eye—canine; large. It disappears when he turns to it. Beyond and below, the beach comes into view; boats line its shingle bank top, his work project among them—a white open cutter.

The boat stands between two huddles of untidy buildings. The voice in his head chatters again. Pretend you hate this yard all you like, but you need it. You have no other release from Mauree. He doggedly ignores the intrusive voice; calculating high winds with inconsistent squalls helps to do this. Each gust feeds currents of air to trouble the waters, before ascending the cliff to batter him. The whole channel churns in frothy wild circles around pinnacles of tall, sharp-pointed rocks protruding from the water—close to the cliff or out to sea, where they whip the high winds into violent eddies.

He grabs a stunted tree to steady himself and survey the tempest. Around the coast, just out of sight, Hurley endures the same weather—with so much ease; Hurley boatyard has a proper force field, not a mere field barrier. They can afford it. At double speed he battles the wind amid screeching seagulls as a shadow solidifies alongside him. The dog takes form! admin