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But this newest anthology, Gifts of Darkover, edited by Deborah J. Ross, didn't quite work the magic I've been accustomed to. Perhaps my recent reread of a large segment of the Darkover canon sensitised me, but a few of the stories felt "off. But still Some of these stories felt out of place to me. Certainly, most of these stories were ones I felt were true to the spirit of Darkover. Bigelow is the story of Taniquel, a young woman with laran and a desire to study Terran medicine to make her a better healer.

Paxson also deals with medical themes, as Terran training and Darkovan laran make it possible to immunise those at risk during an outbreak of plague. In "Stonefell Gift" by Marella Stone, a powerful but dangerous form of laran brings tragedy to an entire family. Set at the time of recontact, it positions the christoforos as preservers of Terran knowledge from the era of the first landing, presents the chieri is a light that is quite at odds with what is known of them, particularly the elements of their history revealed in The World Wreckers, and argues that laran and logic are mutually exclusive gifts.

While in Shainsa to negotiate a treaty, they find a young girl with a rare form of laran - and a heavy responsibility. Set at some point after recontact, it casts the descendant of Dan Barron and Marietta Storn from Winds of Darkover as a terrorist who harbours a deadly animosity toward the Comyn elite.

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In "Memory" by Shariann Lewitt, a young woman with the ability to preserve memories in crystals uses her gift to protect herself and her loved ones from a predator. In "A Problem of Punishment" by Barb Caffrey, a judge and a group of Renunciates join together to capture a bandit who orders his men to break the Compact.

In "Hidden Gifts" by Margaret L. Carter, a young nursemaid, the nedestra daugher of an Alton, uses the laran no one suspects she has to save the lives of her charge. Despite my dissatisfaction with some of these stories, I hope there will be more anthologies to come. I am always looking for the chance to revisit Darkover.

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Feb 03, Karen-Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy. Another anthology of mostly very good stories.

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No familiar characters this time. Mostly commoners with laran. Great story about wooly mammoths. One really really good story about the coming of Terrans and the librarian of Nevarsin. Jan 16, Lynda rated it liked it. Another fine set of short stories for the series. Feb 23, Raygina rated it it was ok. I really wanted to like it, but the recent Darkover books and short stories just don't meet the quality of the earlier ones. It's not bad, just not what I was hoping for.

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E, per favore, i terroristi con tanto di bombe anche su Darkover NO!! Stories of laran This anthology of stories about the world of failover was fun to read.

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I enjoyed the stories that emphasized the conflict between Terra and the seemingly medieval world they had rediscovered. Shoot, I enjoyed them all. View 1 comment. I did like this book overall. If I could rate every story, some would get higher ratings and some lower. That has not always been true in the various Darkover anthologies. Some years, I just love every story. So even though this was not one the very best, I am glad I read it.

I was given instruction internally in how to hold my hands and arms. Later I realized that these arm and hand positions are the same ones you see the priests using in the Catholic Mass. Clearly, these particular positions have something to do with divine energy. Unfortunately, these days most priests are just going through the motions and are no longer connected to that flow of Divine energy.


When I started having the visions and voices, I wondered if this was common. One day as I left the chapel after my meditation and prayer, I ran into a friar. Theresa of Avila. Theresa was a Carmelite nun in the s in Avila, Spain. Her writings are still a guide for developing spiritually through service and prayer, almost a blueprint for how prayer is a mystical union with God.

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I was excited to discover someone had written about the types of experiences I was having. I devoured all of her books and devoted a year to studying them.

Theresa yourself. A year or so later, I was laid up in bed with a back injury, during which time I had incredible adventures in the land of Spirit; I even had an encounter with the devil! My husband, Eric, took me to see a healer, which is when I had a gigantic spiritual opening. I spent that whole summer sitting in an oak tree, steeping myself in Spirit. Filter By:. Date Most Recent Oldest.

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