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At the end of the post, check out the link to a student reflection , about games and using them in the classroom. Each person must repeat the names and actions, which will create a crazy dance by the end of the line! This is a fun, active game to get the students up and running around! Everyone sits on a chair arranged in a circle, except for one person in the middle. Their goal is to get a seat! This is a super-easy game that gets students moving and laughing. Students move around the room in various ways, depending on what the teacher calls out.

For example: walking, hopping, jumping, sneaking, creeping, skipping, sliding, etc. The possibilities go on and on. This variation encourages conversation. Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer, and stage combatant from London, Ontario, Canada. Participants are equally divided between three fruits such as apples, oranges and pineapples. When the middle person calls out a fruit e. Before coming to you, children are to ask three of their peers to assist them!

For this to work it needs to be consistent. Post a sign with the as a reminder Yes, it does work. Children become a more cohesive unit, independent, and self esteem soars as they learn from and help each other! With consistency- it soon would become part of program routine. Barb Banner and Image by KidActivities. This game can be played with two, four, six or eight players at a time.

This is an important exercise in that no one can do it alone — it shows that problems can be solved ONLY by interacting with each other! Game Stand in a circle holding hands. One person is in the middle. That person in the middle calls in some one—one at a time. The goal is to see how many people you can fit in the middle- without breaking hands. You can create your own Guinness Book of Records! The topic is why someone should hire them. After they work on these, the students present their commercials in front of the group. Another variation is for a group of five to create a commercial for each one— and then present this in front of the group.

Getting To Know You

Ask children to think of different ways people can be kind to others. Write their ideas on each finger of the hand drawing. It can be completed as described or cut out, mounted and decorated. Can also be put on wall or bulletin board. Listen to the music for awhile. Start to draw with one crayon or marker each.

What are your favorite icebreakers for the first day of class?

With hands moving freely, an abstract design will most likely develop. When complete, color in the spaces if you wish. The instructor calls out a situation such as losing your favorite toy or winning an important game.

200 Questions to get to know someone

Each child makes the corresponding face or body movement for that emotional experience. Source: preschoolwhiz. Once all the students have found their counterparts, have them return to their seats. You can stop now or continue discussing it as a group. Each candy would represent a characteristic.

Make a list of food item and the trait it represents Example:. The children then chose what characteristics they believe themselves to have and put them on the necklace. As a group the can share why they put on certain things. Be as creative as possible. Have TWO parallel, straight, equal lines of youth, and have them hold each others hand.

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Have someone at the front of the lines watching, and have someone at the back of the lines watching also. Place a small item in the middle of the two front people, and place it just within their reach. Have these two people place their free hand on their knee.

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  5. The back person who is watching must give a number to the last two in the line. This carries on like a chain reaction, till the front person feels there hand being squeezed. Once they feel that, they can reach for the object in front of them. The team to grab the object first wins! Have them paint them.

    Have each team form a straight line that is shoulder to shoulder. Older students learn more difficult subjects, are more familiar with the school building and staff, and are just plain bigger than kindergarteners. One 5th-grade class decided to bridge the distance by writing and presenting each younger student with a book. During this project, the 5th graders made connections with other students as well. Many were unfamiliar with the computer lab, so students who use the lab daily instructed them.

    This project grew positive relationships not only between classes but also between parents and the school. The parents were impressed that the school community was so strong and supportive. Need: Paper, markers, tape Everyone gets a piece of paper taped to their back. Make sure their name is at the top of the paper.

    Each person is given a marker. Each person in the group must walk around the room and write a compliment or positive remark about that person on their back….. When everyone has written something positive on each others back, everyone returns to their seat. With a smaller group, everyone exchanges papers without looking at their own.

    Adjust for a larger group. What a great self-esteem booster. But this is a great activity to do with kids who have been in a group for a while.

    This games helps overcome shyness, builds reasoning skills and cooperation…. Does it have hooves? Does it live in cold climate? They can only ask one or two questions of each individual person. If necessary help kids circulate around the room and interact with one another. If they guess correctly they have the picture removed from their back but still circulate to help others. Mix the apples up and ask the students to come back and find their apple.

    Ask how they knew which apple was theirs they will indicate things like color, size, shape, special features. Ask what this has to do with people.

    Getting to know you icebreaker games

    Make a list of how people are different. Discuss why this is important. Make a list of how people are the same. The lists may be done in cooperative groups and then shared with the large group. Tying it All Together : Summarize the importance of individual differences and similarities in people. Suggest that one way in which all people are similar is that they all have a star inside them something special that makes them shine, that they especially like about themselves , just like each apple has a star inside it.

    Let each child see the star inside their apple. While the students eat the apple, allow them to share something about their star, their strengths, their individuality. Papers should be in groups of five, and each group represents a family , for example, the Smiths. So the first Smith paper would be Mr.

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    Smith, the second Mrs. Smith, and the third Brother Smith and so on. Each family should have a different last name but the same characters i. They should try to make as many exchanges as possible, and they should not be looking at which papers they are receiving. The players must find the other members in their family. When they have found them, they must sit in order from dad to baby in a line on the floor. The last family to sit down may be eliminated if you choose to do so.

    This can be used when you need to group up kids, sit them down…have a meeting, explain something, etc. To Start:. Hi Barb!


    Just wanted to let you know how the jelly roll went. I separated them around 10 in each group— and they did a great job at it! Before they started we had each group pick which end of the line would make the center of the cinnamon roll, so they knew which way to turn. All the children were very excited because we never really do group or team activities like this. Then we tried having all the children do it together in one big roll. It was a lot of fun for everyone and they were all really pumped! Thanks for this great team building exercise!

    As far as using it for breaking children into groups, I definitely think it would be a good way to do that in a bigger program. Our program is so small that we never really break into groups, but if we did, we would use this method. Lia-Baldwin Elementary School.

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