An Affair of Concoctions

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I like the interview with Rick Moody. You really "get us" and you translate that understanding vividly.

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I love the way you talk about Stanley's Kunitz giant dictionary as a relic from another age. We're glad to preserve such relics.

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The Arts and Literature in Somerville, Mass. Boston's leading co-publisher Click on title for more information. Click on pic for full article. I read it straight through last night and enjoyed it very much So many good ideas in one book. Johnson, and Pagan Kennedy.

About barley-based concoctions and hospitality: part I

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Expert in gently helping the novice into poetry and the poetry scene. Reasonable Rates.

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Available for editing. Call for more information. Or email: dougholder post. Outlaw Poetry Outlaw Poetry. Excellent work Doug!

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Mason and the autthor of "Or So It Seems. Doug Holder looks at the world through a similarly sharp and amused set of eyes Rich nuggets of humor and wry reflection throughout this collection. Edgar Hoover's secret love -- in this skillfull collection of short, free form poems.

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Jared Smith on the late small press icon Harry Smi About Me Doug Holder View my complete profile. Aphrodite was beautiful—an ancient equivalent of Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, or whoever else you find yourself drooling over when you should be working. Read More We all have our daddy issues.

As exciting as that sounds, though, castration is not a recommended way to resolve your issues. Conversation before castration!

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Aphrodite was adopted by none other than Zeus himself. To stop the gods from fighting over his daughter, Zeus arranged for her to marry Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes. Take that, daddy! But her feisty attitude backfired. In an age before contraception , all that sleeping around meant tons of kids. Goddesses could probably afford to hire nannies, and her children lived on to inspire many of our modern words. When he found out, Hephaestus cunningly waited for the two lovers to start the dirty deed and then trapped them, dragging their naked bodies to Mount Olympus the Ancient Greek version of family court to shame them in front of the other gods.

Instead of being outraged, though, the gods found the whole thing quite funny. Poor Hephaestus. Seriously, teaching children to share is only meant to go so far. The relationship between Piltdown and Maison is the heart of the story. If you are at all interested in the psychology of relationship, the pair will present you with plenty fodder for examination. An online connection leads Piltdown to attempt a real-world tete a tete, which becomes more a game of cat and mouse than functional meeting. Exactly what is his attachment to the idea of Maison? Throughout the book we are left to wonder whether the relationship is really as it appears.

Become entangled.