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RSS Feed. Submit Search. Home Staff About. Close Menu. Lone Survivor Movie Review. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute Please Ignore. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Polls Archive. Navigate Left. Navigate Right. Terrier Times. Bush and even has a good word to say for Don Rumsfeld. Apparently he ne Marcus Luttrell is a believer. Apparently he never stops to think that we back home, the tax payers that have to foot the bill for this stupid war, have the right to know what is going on within our military.

To tell the truth I skipped over most of the first half because it was a drag reading about his early life in Texas, Yes, we know your from Texas you don't have to beat us over the head with it, and SEAL training. Get an editor. Never does he question the reason for his war against these Afghani people.

He thinks; 'Mine is not to question why, mine is but to do and die. His friends died and he suffered because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reason. I did not buy this book it was lent to me by a friend. USMC veteran. The words to describe my feelings towards this book are very hard to express. Though, other than my grandfathers who both served in WWII, I have no immediate family members who are in the military, but I was raised to love my country and respect and honor those who protect it.

I've always held these values very close to my heart. With that part said my pride and respect for Marcus Luttrell and his fellow SEALs can never be expressed with mere words. Lone Survivor is not my normal reading genre. In fact other than the common reading of things like The Diary of Anne Frank as a kid and maybe Confessions by Madonna, I've had had little to no interest in any kind of biography or Non-fiction books, ever. My friend gave me Lone Survivor, and because she had suffered through reading the fluffy romance books I've given her in the past I gave it a shot.

It smacked me in the face, hard. Like a lot, and I hesitate to say most Americans, I live in my own little world. And I expect to be able to form my own opinions on those things. I don't fight for these rights, they are mine by birth and nationality. I go to work, I pay taxes, I deserve these things. But with all my naivety, way deep down in there somewhere, I know there is or was a soldier somewhere on a line, with a gun and fear in his heart who gave his life so I could live in my blissful ignorance. All this book did was smack me upside the head and say "remember!

There are brave men and women who defend your sacred rights that you take advantage of every day! They aren't even like other military men. They are a special force of individuals who train through torturous conditions, put their lives on the line every day just so I can do something as simple as drive to work in a gas guzzling SUV and complain that my taxes are too high.

The events that were described in Lone Survivor were those which occurred to Marcus Luttrell from his teenage years through the horrific Redwing mission. He describes in detail the loss of his friends who were blown apart right in front of him, the help that he received in the most unlikely of places by a village located in the heart of his enemy's lair and the aftermath of this horrific event. It is a story of ultimate heroism and survival. What kind of person could survive not only physically but emotionally through the hell in which Marcus came through?

These men are built tough, trained to be tougher and actually volunteer to go through an exercise labeled "Hell Week". They are warriors in the ultimate sense of the word, and we should be proud they are there to kick someone's ass when we need them to. It takes men like this to defend us. They have to be tough, sometimes they have to be ruthless, they have to be extraordinarily intelligent, but above all they have to be self confident.

Marcus Luttrell conveyed all of these attributes in his book. What it takes to be a SEAL and the lengths our military warriors are willing to go to to keep us all safe. Marcus's book is out there for information. A way for him to inform his fellow Americans that there are still heros on the front lines protecting us and our way of life. Sometimes this takes a strong hand.

And we can't always drift through life in a la la land filled with fluffy clouds, rainbows and worrying about the greenhouse effect. Sometimes it takes blood, sweat and tears to maintain our freedom. And just because it isn't your own blood, or the blood of your loved one that is spilling, doesn't mean it isn't happening and we don't have to fight hard for it.

I thank him for telling his and his fellow soldiers story of ultimate sacrifice and heroism. I am grateful to them all for the little world I live in that they fight for me to maintain. Mar 17, Boymc rated it did not like it. Jingoistic, patronising, arrogant, self-serving, delusional. That'd sum this book up. Be best for foreign relations if this book had never left US shores His attitude towards the Afghanis is abhorrent. Quite shocking. I don't know if he thinks it makes him "cool" or "hard". But he manages to come off as an utter tool.

I read military books like they're going out of fashion, and usually am able to relate. This man is a pig. He is utterly incapable of dealing with humans. I sincerely hope he gro Jingoistic, patronising, arrogant, self-serving, delusional. I sincerely hope he grows up, and learns something from his experiences. If not, then the American military has a lot to answer for continuing to arming these blundering idiots. He certainly adds "special" to "Special Forces". His moaning and whining about the various "problems" as he sees them becomes extremely irksome. Interspaced with his in-depth descriptions of his muscle size and density.

His answers to these perceived problems are probably best not mentioned. Their child like simplicity is stunning. And yet, he seems quite serious in putting them forward? Lone survivor? Jan 27, Joe Ferraro rated it really liked it Shelves: finished-and-reviewed. A lot of people say and agree that this book was horrible. They think that Luttrell may have been through a lot in is brave, however his writing skills are not the best.

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I agree, but I knew this before I started reading. I read this book to understand what Marcus went through and the experience of being a seal.

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He did an amazing job at that and that is what he should have done. He built up the plot in multiple ways by describing the scenarios he was in very well as well as describing how he felt A lot of people say and agree that this book was horrible. He built up the plot in multiple ways by describing the scenarios he was in very well as well as describing how he felt. Males would typically like this book more, however plenty of females that like sad, touching stories would like this too. Dec 20, Michael rated it it was amazing.

I also didn't realize how much the team's fear of a vicious liberal media made in this tragedy. I wish that our fighting men and women didn't have to fear our own people. We are at war and need to be able to operate freely and be trusted to make the right decisions. Granted, there need to be rules and limitations, but because these men feared what would happen to them wh I had heard that Marcus Luttrell was the Lone Survivor of his SEAL team, but I had no idea of how miraculous his survival was. Granted, there need to be rules and limitations, but because these men feared what would happen to them when they got home, they released prisoners that gave away their position and got them killed.

What a tragedy. I hope this amazing man's story will help change in at least some way the way we treat our wonderful brothers and sisters who sacrifice so much for us. May 29, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle-books. We must be related somehow, which was honestly the primary reason I wanted to read this. I wondered who he was, how he thought, and how his experiences have shaped his life. Now I know. And that is as much as I will ever want to know about him. Roughly pages are dedicated to Operation Redwing, the death of his friends, and how the liberals were responsible.

There is one, teeny, tiny moment when we can see that he feels responsible for the deaths of his friends this is when he decides to let some local goatherds go free instead of killing them. He believes that the goatherds communicated their position to the Taliban, resulting in the tragedy that followed. Jan 30, Maren rated it it was amazing. This is one of the most riveting books I've ever read.

I loved this book because Marcus shows us how he was destined to be a Navy Seal from his boyhood. He, along with his twin brother, survived the brutal training the Navy puts these guys through to weed out the weak. He and his team are put in the difficult t This is one of the most riveting books I've ever read. He and his team are put in the difficult terrain of the Afghanistan hills on a mission.

They all had a bad feeling about it, which was not typical. Marcus describes in detail what is was like to watch his "brothers" valiantly and bravely fight to the end. Although you know as you read it that Marcus, the author, survives, you just can't believe he's going to. The drama unfolding at his home in Texas provides a deeply spiritual aspect to the story as he tells of his family, friends, fellow SEALS, and strangers, who gather at his parents' ranch for days after being told he was missing in action.

There is a round the clock prayer vigil that is so moving and left me having an even greater knowledge that prayers offered up to heaven are indeed heard. This has to be one of the all-time great survival stories. Five days later, the lone survivor,Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell emerged battered,bruised and broken after being sheltered by village locals. This is his story.

I was drawn in immediately as the author gave his personal background and that of his teammates. SEAL training in all it's gritty detail is also given plenty of ink. Beyond the extreme physical requirements is the mental and emotional stamina that is required. The details of the mission and the deaths of his teammates was gut wrenching, so hard for me to read. And while he was taken in by a local village, his travails were far from over.

Again, being the only survivor, this is his story, his perspective. I have read many reviews of this young soldier's story. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. His detractors are as numerous as his supporters. And there some things about his story that I take issue with. But this is his story, his memories of a horrific experience.

He is the one who to this day lives with the screams of his team mate echoing in his brain. It is his reality to relive that experience over and over and over, to forever question his actions. I am so glad I read this book. Enough said. Feb 17, Rex Fuller rated it it was amazing. Didn't expect to think so highly of this. And the edition I saw has a few technical errors e. Once the team is inserted, the co-authors deliver a raw, detailed, picture of the men's courage in a nasty, no-win fight.

Two things that will stay with me are, what Luttrell still hears every day from the battle and wh Didn't expect to think so highly of this. Two things that will stay with me are, what Luttrell still hears every day from the battle and what went on at his home while he was missing. If unapologetic American military pride and patriotism make you uneasy, don't bother reading it. If you do like it, this can be a favorite. Jun 04, Vivek rated it liked it. Marcus Luttrell triumphed over quite an ordeal, and it would be hard not to be moved by it. He suffers through all kinds of hell but survives, and the book is made all the more interesting by the fact that it really happened and that similar challenges are faced by some of our soldiers right now.

The actual mission is only half the book however - the other half is about Luttrell's own background, and a significant portion of this is used to describe his training on the path to become a Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell triumphed over quite an ordeal, and it would be hard not to be moved by it. The actual mission is only half the book however - the other half is about Luttrell's own background, and a significant portion of this is used to describe his training on the path to become a Navy SEAL, which the reader comes to appreciate as immensely important for those that are in the profession.

Luttrell is a soldier, not a novelist, and although the prose would never win a Pulitzer prize, the deficiencies in writing are made up for in its authenticity. The author is telling this story in his own words and the way he wants to. This means that it is filled throughout with his views, many of which I personally feel are overly simplistic - he places a huge amount of blame on "liberals" and whines about how the media's attempt to keep our military accountable makes their job unreasonably hard. Marcus would probably loop me in with this large group that he despises if we ever met, but the book helped me understand where he's coming from, although you won't find me viewing our common Texan President with the blind admiration he does anytime soon.

In one typically ranting passage against the left, he belittles the importance of the incident at Abu Ghraib: "Was there ever a greater uproar than the one that broke out over Abu Ghraib? In the bigger scheme of things, in the contect of all the death and destruction that Muslim extremists have visited upon this world, a bunch of Iraqi prisoners being humiliated does not ring my personal alarm bell. And that is in part because we hold them to much higher standards than the enemy. Should we simply stoop down to their level, blindly doing what it takes to ensure victory without measuring the price we pay to get there?

If we won in such a manner, with no regard to how immoral the means, I believe we'd wonder how the hell we got there, and end up losing more than we could hope to gain. In another revealing passage, he almost admits as much, resigning himself to the fact that wars shouldn't be fought if you want a fair outcome: "The truth is, any government that thinks war is somehow fair and subject to rules like a baseball game probably should not get into one. Because nothings fair in war, and occasionally the wrong people get killed.

That ought to be up to us, the military. And if the liberal media and political community cannot accept that sometimes the wrong people get killed in war, then I can only suggest they first grow up and then serve a short stint up in the Hindu Kush. But we can't throw democratic ideals out the window because it makes a very tough job harder on people that voluntarily sign up for it knowing what they are getting into.

Overall, this was a good book. The story is incredible, if not incredibly well told. And although I often found the political commentary scattered throughout tiresome, it ends up adding to the value of the book, showing how someone attempts to make sense of tragedy. For those interested in the plight of our current soldiers, I would very highly recommend Nathan Fick 's One bullet away: the making of a marine officer , about a Marine who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is free of political opinions, I found it to be a balanced account of what that life is like a Marine recruiter concurred with this assesment. May 07, Ashlee Suddarth rated it it was amazing. The book commences by telling the story of a young man who grew up to be a navy SEAL and the basic training that he endured. It amazes me that humans can actually make it through that type of strenuous training. While the second half takes you through a disturbing battle that in many ways makes the SEAL selection and training process appear so difficult and so effective.

Reading this fills me with humility and gratitude for the sacrifice that all the members of our armed services make on our behalf, but especially for the men of the SEAL teams. All I can say is that I am very glad they are on our side. They are the strongest of the strong physically and mentally. Although three of the men died--they will be remembered for their heroic sacrifice for their country.

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This is truly a book that will draw you in and will be a hard one to put down. Anyone who doubts the armed forces should pick this book up and take a look. It opened my eyes to the other side of the story--what these brave souls do everyday. You will be amazed. Shelves: military. I do not have the words to adequatley describe how much this book moved me. I am not usually a person to pick up this sort of book, but is was recommended to me by multiple people so I decided to give it a go, and am so glad that I did.

You hear stories about people like this on the news, but nothing they say can really do the man or situation he was put in justice. I laughted and cried and threw the book down a few times in frustration for the situation that this country puts American soldiers I do not have the words to adequatley describe how much this book moved me.

I laughted and cried and threw the book down a few times in frustration for the situation that this country puts American soldiers in. I am very pro-military but I cannot imagine fighting for a government that allows it's soldiers to fight only after they have been shot at first.

These men put their lives on the line every day for a country that repays them by questioning what they have to do in order to fulfill their orders and return saftley to their country and famlies. Soldiers should not have to ask permission to protect themselves, and this very situation cost many of them their lives. This is a fantastic book and should become reccomended reading for all people who call themselves patriots of the USA. View 1 comment. Oct 05, Abigail rated it it was amazing Shelves: military , 5-star-books , own-books-read , movies , i-cried , general-market-non-fiction , auto-biography.

I have no words to describe how impactful and amazing this book is. Books like these are what change a person's life. Men like Marcus are the kind of men that make me proud to be an American. Men like Axe, Mickey, Danny, Shane, and all the other men that both died in this book and have died in our Armed Forces are what make me proud to me an American.

There is no way that you can possibly read this book and hate it. Sure was there a lot of swearing and violence sure, but if you can't handle that I have no words to describe how impactful and amazing this book is. Sure was there a lot of swearing and violence sure, but if you can't handle that then you shouldn't have picked up this book in the first place. If you get angry with what Marcus was saying about the Liberals then you shouldn't have picked up this book.

NOT only was this an autobiography about someone who had to LIVE through this, Marcus also had some good points about how terrible our media and news is here in America! Sure did God have a reason and a plan for all of these things to happen, yes absolutely! BUT we, as an American people, can stop this from happening again is we change laws. In war we can't save everyone.

In war there are going to be innocent lives lost. Look at September 11th, Are you really telling me that because an "innocent" Arabian farmer is shot that we are going to accuse our men and women in the military of murder?

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These terriosts brought this war upon themselves. Are we really that hypercritical of a nation?! We have legalized adoration and euthanasia YET our armed forces cannot shot anyone who doesn't shot at them first!! How does this add up?! For pete's sake, Marcus was saying that camel drivers don't even carry guns around because they know that our men won't shot them because then they could be put in jail for murder. Because heaven forbid we actually save the lives of our military instead of letting them all get shot and killed. As Marcus was saying, this entire predicament could possibly have passed over and not have happened if these dumb laws were laws.

Marcus, Axe, Danny, and Mickey were all "afraid" of the press that they let the goat herders go and then they went and told the Taliban were they were. Do you know how many lives we could have saved if these laws, weren't laws?? Anyway, enough of me ranting. I honestly could rant about this all day If violence and swearing doesn't bother you, then you should read this book!! Sep 15, Ann rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , books-about-the-middle-east , memoir-autobiography , military , non-fiction.

This is such a difficult book to review. I have read so many comments on negative reviews blasting reviewers for criticizing the book, suggesting the reviewer is anti-American or doesn't support our troops. I have read reviews that say, "Luttrell's story of survival is amazing, and for that alone, this book should get 5 stars.

Yes, his story is incredible, amazing, and should be heard. At the same time, the writing is not great, the tone is pure arrogance, and the rants about the li This is such a difficult book to review. At the same time, the writing is not great, the tone is pure arrogance, and the rants about the liberal media and politics just detract from the story. Goodreads reviews are meant to review the BOOK, not the story. Giele have helped sustain the book as a best seller.

Luttrell, 31, first started thinking of writing a book because he was frustrated by media accounts of the battle. So he talked to his Navy superiors, hired a lawyer and searched for a writer. His lawyer connected him with a literary agent, Ed Victor, who had a client, Mr. Robinson, an Englishman who had written several novels about Navy Seals. Victor called Mr. Robinson agreed, and early last spring he flew to meet Mr.

Luttrell, who was on leave at the ranch. The two hit it off, and after Mr. Robinson wrote a few pages that Mr. Luttrell liked, they agreed to work together. The pair met four more times, for a little more than a week each time, at Mr. View all New York Times newsletters. Between visits Mr.

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Robinson, who never used a taped recorder, typed chapters on his computer, adding researched material and filling in facts that Mr. The core of the book —the battle and the rescue — relied entirely on Mr. Luttrell said he would occasionally nudge Mr. Robinson toward accuracy. Luttrell recalled. Robinson said he eventually got to be a better mimic and ended up producing a ,word manuscript in less than four months. Perhaps it was the uncanny connection between Mr.